Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Show & Share in Hershey -Day 1

We had such great show & share after lunch during my classes in Hershey –these quilters KNOW I love to see what they've been up to, either on quilts from previous classes they have taken with me, or projects they've worked on from books or mysteries –we all found ourselves re-energized and ready to create and sew after viewing the lovely quilts these ladies made.

I may be good with faces, and remembering where people are from, but I am completely bad with names and I can’t help it when I had over 100 students during the course of the show, so they will just have to forgive me –there is not time to document and take notes while snapping pictures as furiously as I could so we could get sewing again!

These photos are a compilation of all the show and share from Day 1.  There are so many wonderful quilts it will take me a few posts to share them all.

Isn’t this Smith Mountain Morning great?  I taught this here last year,  and we had such a great time.  The two sweet gals here are from Maryland, and they were insane enough to take classes with me again this year!

Smith Mountain Morning is found in Scraps & Shirttails II HERE.

Hershey_PA2013 093

Amish Crab Apples!

Another Marylander!  She used Amish solids to recreate Crab Apples from Adventures with Leaders & Enders, another class taught here in Hershey. I love how her checkerboard tree tops and border just sparkle!  A really great quilt with a lot of eye-appeal!

Hershey_PA2013 095

Pineapple Blossom variation….this is so graphic!

The gold and brown fabrics just radiate –and her use of one fabric as the sashings gives a window pane effect.  Pineapple Blossom is found under the free patterns tab at the top of the blog.  Have you made one?

Hershey_PA2013 087

Tumalo Trail!  GREAT colors!  Also found in Scraps & Shirttails II.

Hershey_PA2013 088

Star Struck #1  love the pale blue and brown fabrics….YUMMY!

Hershey_PA2013 091

Star Struck #2!  Those Maryland girls are dynamos!

Star Struck is also found under the free patterns tab at the top of the blog.

Hershey_PA2013 089

Blue Ridge Beauty GORGEOUS!

Any quilt set ‘Barn Raising” captures my heart…I love this one!  Blue Ridge Beauty is also from Adventures With Leaders & Enders.

Hershey_PA2013 097

Dancing Nine-Patch is a new addition to our free patterns tab! 

This will be a sweet baby quilt when it is finished – the fabrics are really fun and scrappy, and the yellow sashing and borders perfectly cheery!

Hershey_PA2013 094

We had several easy streets over the course of the weekend ---all of them beautiful!

Easy Street was last year’s mystery and has been retired for inclusion in my next book, More Adventures with Leaders & Enders is due out this coming spring 2014.  Can’t wait!

Hershey_PA2013 096

Easy Street in different colors!  Wow!

It’s an honor and a treat to have these ladies bring their quilts and tops to share with me and the others in the class.  They all did such a terrific job and it inspires me so much!

Okay, this is a crazy run around day – leaving tomorrow morning for Alaska, and there are a 101 must-do’s on my list.

IF –and this is a BIG IF.  IF I can get them all done by a decent hour, I will try to do Quilt-Cam tonight at 9pm Eastern.

I will post this evening at 6pm Eastern IF this is definitely going to be a go or not….I hope you understand why.   I’d love to do it, but first things first ---so check back with me later!

Busy Busy!

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  1. Quilt tops never cease to amaze me. These are lovely!

  2. I'm stuck in bed due to an accident at the weekend so fingers crossed for quiltcam, my laptop is here in bed with me! Though HOW you find time in such a busy schedule amazes me!

  3. Well, Quilt Cam would be fun, but I'm not expecting it. You have too much to do! Thanks for sharing all the quilts.

  4. Loved seeing all the quilts.

  5. See what you have wrought Miss Bonnie --- people making great looking scrappy quilts!

    Yummy wonderful colors and smiles all around.
    Thanks for sharing these photos with us. I call them I-n-s-p-I-r-a-t-I-o-n !!!

  6. Bonnie,
    As much as I would enjoy QuiltCam tonight, you really need to rest up and take care of you. With your schedule it's a wonder you don't meet yourself coming and going:-).
    Enjoy your cruise.

  7. Hi Bonnie - What is your cruise schedule for Alaska? What days are you in Juneau? It would be fun to meet you :)

  8. Quiltcam??? Are you crazy??? Take the time to relax at home and take a deep breath!! We'll still be here later. Not going anywhere.

    1. Forgot to add - have a good trip to Alaska.

  9. Some lovely quilts there. I just arrived home from vacation (last night) and its 14.5 hour commute home by interstate. I honestly don't know how you manage all that you do! While in Sisters I saw an Easy Street 'hanging out' and somewhere in one of my shopping ventures I found one of your books and of course purchased it :) I'd better get back to unpacking.

  10. really like the red and green version

  11. The pictures you post for show and tell are definitely inspiration for many of us! I just love seeing some of your quilts in different color ways! I ask my husband if he likes a certain quilt & he says no. LOL I just show it to him in a different color and he loves it!

  12. so many beautiful colorways of your designs!


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