Monday, July 29, 2013

Pfeffernüsse, Round Two!

Yesterday our second group of Pfeffernüssers joined together for a day of sewing up the strips, strings and quarter square triangles.

This is Charlotte’s block – and I absolutely love the colors she’s chosen! turquoises and limes and my favorite – ORANGE!!  And those fabulous black and whites that I can’t get enough of lately – all create a beautiful mosaic of FUN!

It’s so satisfying to watch quilter’s own personalities come through in the fabrics and colors they choose for their quilts.

I heard a lady say “I wanted to take this class, but I don’t like brown.”

AND?!?  What’s to stop you from doing it any OTHER color under the rainbow?

To me a quilt pattern is like a recipe – how many of us make chocolate chip cookies ---many.  But I bet you do yours slightly different than mine – maybe you add walnuts, or some add cinnamon or something else.  Do it your way!  Just use the pattern as the recipe to give you the guidelines for the design – but do it your way!

Hershey_PA2013 036

I just love how the triangles dance on this one….such a fun quilt!  You can find it in my book String Fling, and you can order a signed copy from me directly HERE.

My time at Hershey was good to the last drop.  In fact Missy came by to talk to me about coming back, and we checked my calendar to book it…..the soonest I have available is July 2018!  But we are putting it on the calendar ---hard to believe that’s 5 years from now.

Hershey_PA2013 269

And, oh, yeah!!

If any of your pins have gone missing….I know where they’ve run away to!!  This pin cushion may be the reason for the global pin shortage we seem to be experiencing! LOL!

Click the image below if you can’t view the slide show on your mobile device.  It will take you directly to the photo album.
Pfeffernusse #2, Hershey PA 2013

I'm packing up the car and heading home this morning. A long drive home to Winston-Salem, NC -- Tomorrow I pack for Alaska, get caught up on the book orders that have come in while I've been in Pennsylvania, and Wednesdasy -- Alaska, Here I Come!

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  1. Looks like everyone had a great time. I love the different colour combinations. Beautify quilt, might make it one day! Drive safely and enjoy the family time while you can.

  2. That 'I don't like brown' cracked me up. It is amazing that some folks can't see the forest for the trees, if you know what I mean. ;) All the wonderful colors in the pics are so inspirational. I do have a bin of pinks and browns that have been waiting for a project .... may have to break into them.
    Safe travels

  3. some quilters (and others) can only see the design as shown on the pattern photo in those specific colors. I know a lot of people like that - one that gets me is if you change something in an applique quilt and change a flower or whatever some people who know the pattern will tell you that you made a mistake - when you tell them you changed it on purpose they come back with "why"

    1. And even if you do make a mistake never call it that. It's an artistic design change!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. So THIS is where my pins went LOLOL... mercy, have mercy - just how many pins does one quilter need?! I love it!

    All of the colorways are beautiful, but I still like the original colors. The ladies must have been sewing night and day. What a grand time!


  5. Bonnie ...you must be so excited about Alaska that you are a week ahead of yourself. My reservation says we aren't leaving for Alaska until the 17th of August....sure hope that's right because my flights are booked already!! Wish we were going next Wednesday! I am so excited now that there are only 19 days left!

    1. No Jennie, I have two back to back trips to Alaska. This one is NOT the cruise.

      I will be in Soldotna for 5 days before returning to Winston Salem to teach here -- then I'll be flying to Seattle for the cruise.

  6. Proud to call Charlotte K. my friend!!!!

  7. Oh, love Charlotte's colour choices for this one! Always enjoy seeing the different choices quilters make and how they can completely alter the look of the pattern. I hope Charlotte will send you a picture to share when her quilt is done - I'm sure it will be a stunner :)


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