Saturday, July 13, 2013

iPhone-o-Gram! Up for Air!

I have had the best weekend!

Karen and Lisa and I sewed our brains out while it poured and rained outside.

The mountains are amazing when it rains – we sat on the front porch and watched the clouds rise and lower and the fog roll in and out and just enjoyed each other's company.

The mountain vistas change so quickly at night.

The girls headed home last evening, and I spent my first night in the cabin alone by myself.

It was awesome! I watched some old DVDs and spent my evening sewing :-)

Hard at work on mysteries!! Do no peek-a-boo photos to share there.

Sears guy came today and fixed the broken clothes dryer – we have the Wi-Fi up and running! And the landline phone is also functional.

I'm almost sad about that – it's been really nice just to say sorry, no connection – and be totally unplugged.

My cell phone however still does not work up there, I just need to figure out how to forward my cell phone calls to the new house phone and I think will be good to go into this contract runs out –

This just means a call to AT&T to add that service to my existing plan.

All in all, life is a very very good! I'll be back down the mountain tomorrow evening, And I have Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to get myself ready for my next road trip – Bedford and Hershey Pennsylvania :-). I leave on Thursday!

This will be a road trip---love driving through Amish Country in the summer :)

Much love from Buck Mountain –


  1. Be careful Bonnie, every time you make the tiniest change to your cell phone plan, they start your contract over. I had the hardest time getting away from T-Mobile, but I finally did last year.

  2. Your upcoming trip sounds so nice. It really will be a nice drive if the weather cooperates. Hope it does!

  3. I am totally jealous!

  4. So want to be one of your close girlfriends!!

  5. Glad you're enjoying your wonderful retreat. Some downtime is always nice and sometimes needed.

  6. But who is that little balck and white darling?
    so glad you had such a great time first time up, and without DH. wow

  7. Just think of all the fun times you have to look forward to at the cabin! I spy an Easy Street block on the design wall!

  8. Nice way to spend a weekend in such a beautiful place. Enjoy tonight.

  9. Anonymous9:26 PM EDT

    Almost sorry you got the internet service, although 1000s of fans are happy...you really deserve more down time...

  10. Don't you just love it when it thunders in the mountains and the sound bounces from moutain-top to mountain-top. Life is always good in North Carolina.

  11. I see you have your 301 in a table - is it the same table as the FW's fit into? I have a table and a FW, but so dearly want a 301a

  12. Do you know, Bonnie ...the thing I love the most about you blog? The photo of an always lovely old sewing machine, accompanied by a scrappy but orderly "work in progress" - frozen in time! Just waiting to be continued. I LOVE IT!

  13. Bonnie,
    Send some of that rain to the Texas Gulf Coast. We have not had rain at my house in weeks.....and everything is brown. It's a little hard to water 2 acres.

  14. I know you have the 404A 1958, and a 404 1957, but what is the one in the picture here? It is a little different. I am sure it is one of your latest acquisitions that you talk about on Webcam but I forget.
    I am so excited.....I just got a Singer 404 1959....for FREE! In a cabinet. It cleaned up nice and sews a wonderfully straight seam. It is a beauty. Cabinet is not the greatest but I don't care. I love the machine.
    Love that you are having Me time. You deserve it.

  15. Good to see you are able to get away and relax. Everyone needs down time now and then, esp. you who has so much travel to do.

    I spied that collapsible table with the tan sewing machine! Have one also, which John adapted the opening to fit my Viking machine. LOVE IT.

    Take a nice leisurely drive home... noting to rush about, correct?

  16. Buck Mountain Beauties, hard at work!! Glad you had a time of refreshment before your trip to PA - drive safe and have fun!!

  17. Yay for some unplugged YOU time! Just tell the gals the connection is intermittent if anyone bothers you...you should not feel obligated to entertain us (though we love it when you do) so a white lie will keep the less patient at bay! :)

  18. Hi Bonnie, just wanted to say that while I and many, many others love reading your blog every day. If you need time off or just to yourself, we would all be here waiting when you return!! If you decide not to blog from your mountain retreat, that would be your decision, and I and I suspect others would respect that. Look after yourself and your family first, it's what we all do. A huge thank you for everything you do. Julie in Australia.

    1. Julie you expressed my feelings perfectly. Lynda M from Chicago

    2. Julie, you are so right. Bonnie has us all hooked on Bonnie. She should take time just for herself and her family. We will all be respectful and understanding that she needs down time.


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