Friday, July 19, 2013

Fun at the Antique Mall!

I arrived at the Antique Mall in Verona, VA to a Welcoming Party!

I was greeted in the parking lot by this sweet quilter, Lori – who introduced herself to me and brought me a goodie bag for my travels!

((Okay Lori, I confess, two of those gluten free bars were gone within 20 minutes of leaving the parking lot!))

We had a great time browsing the antique mall together….even getting up to some silly antics!  Usually I am just silly by myself – but Lori was there to capture it on film!  Of course, we saw the regular items….sewing machines, functional and non-functional ---quilt tops humble and scrappy, housewares and furniture and hilarious memorabilia…

And then there are the things we want that we don’t have room in the car for:

PA_July2013 030

Wouldn’t YOU love a red enameled claw foot tub with speckled granite textured outside and silver feet?!  Okay – if I had a hoochie mama boudoir, I think this tub would be really cool!

And yes, you caught me ---I wasn’t going to buy ANY MORE QUILTS – but  how could I resist this one?

PA_July2013 020

Here’s Lori holding the quilt up so that I can get a picture.

Do you see these colors?  Salmon orange and green!!  Ooooh!  Look at that hand quilting!

PA_July2013 021

Would you believe this quilt is dated 1870??

PA_July2013 022

There are some fade lines..but the quilting is even and fine ---and it has a wool batting!

PA_July2013 023

Cables in the borders!

Reasons I bought this quilt ((Okay, for all of $79.00 which meant that I could never leave it behind!))  It’s two color!  Two colors in solids,  Curved piecing.  All of these things are things that I would never choose to do for a quilt I was making myself.  Things I love – but things I don’t have the patience for. I love this quilt for it’s graphic nature –but I wouldn’t make it myself.

PA_July2013 024

Backing Fabric to die for!!

I took the quilt to Mary Koval’s shop for examination……and to gasps, this backing fabric in its original state on this quilt..is the same paisley she has reproduced in one of her recent fabric lines – and we compared them side by side and other than this original being a bit larger in scale, they are so close to exact it was staggering!  How fun!  That’s when I knew buying this quilt was kismet.

We checked the seams to see what the original colors may have been….the salmon was a bit darker when it was new as was the green.  It was pieced by treadle machine with black thread. 

This was ONE WELL EXPERIENCED SEAMSTRESS!  She pieced all these little drunkards path units by TREADLE!  The stitches are very small –there are no pleats or puckers –beautiful work.  It is hand quilted and hand bound.

So I left with this lovely quilt --- and this:

PA_July2013 052

A traveling care package from my new friend Lori!

((thanks for making the effort to surprise me, Lori – it was so fun meeting you!))

There are more photos to share of our fun in the antique mall, but Mary and I are just about to head out to the quilt shop, so that will have to wait for later!  This evening I am giving a String Fling lecture here in Bedford ---tomorrow and Sunday are two workshops…and then we have a couple more days to play before I head off to Hershey on Wednesday for Quilt Odyssey.

Lots of time for Pennsylvania Summer Fun!

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  1. Very interesting post. I love the quilt, and the bathtub, too. I would like to replace my tub with a claw foot, but I don't know about that red enamel! Have a super day!

  2. Such an amazing quilt, I am so glad you didn't leave it behind! And what a nice surprise, well done Lori!

  3. quilt is wonderful. have fun next few days.

  4. Oh boy that is a beauty, at first I thought it was a Christmas quilt that was really red and green.....but you verified the colors. How did you do that? Did you open a seam?
    Have a great time and keep those travel pictures coming :0)

    Happy Sewing

  5. Looks like fun, I love antiquing and Lori sounds like a wonderful woman!

  6. WOWEEEEEE, that is one terrific quilt! I couldn't so a 2 color if you gave me forever to do one. But I love them.

    Lori seems like a delightful person - and such a dear to think of give you a traveler's care package...

    have fun...because PA is QUILT COUNTY! You just might have to bring home a few more quilts?

  7. Wow! what a wonderful quilt. I'd like a few yards of that backing fabric! I'll be seeing you at the lecture tonight. I'm having a hard time concentrating on work today because I keep thinking about tonight and the workshop on Sunday!! See you later.

  8. Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!!! I love the quilt, but would also want all those baskets!!!

  9. First I am so jealous but so glad you are having a great time. What a great find on the quilt!!! Love it.....and the tub....well I don't have a hoochie mamma bathroom but I love those old tubs and I would have loved to take that home too! But I have a feeling it was a little pricey!! Have a great time....While you were busy shopping I spent the afternoon and evening cutting and sewing my boxy stars....found lots of floral fabric I didn't know I had for the borders!! LOL

  10. My Gosh Woman! Where are your eyebrows? j/k ... Love the quilt!

  11. Oh, my gosh, Bonnie, the paisley fabric threw me over the top. Paisley! My favorite ever! I would not have been able to leave that gorgeous quilt behind either. And for a bathtub like that I might just make over my boudoir to fit it--hoochie mama and all!! you have the most fun. Thanks for sharing.

  12. What fun! Love the tub photo!
    Gosh if everyone in the world was as thoughtful as Lori, wouldn't it be amazing?!?!? You do us proud Lori!

  13. must not have been used much at all to be in such good condition...i'd buy it too!

  14. I personally think every cabin needs a hoochie momma boudoir! ;-) lol love your quilt you found! They certainly let it go for a song! Good for you! Glad you are getting some fun time in! <3

  15. What fun you are already having! Love the quilt and the tub!! What a nice surprise from Lori too. I hope you continue to have as much fun as you are already having~~~
    Quick question ---- Does anyone know if there is there any reason not to use a used dryer sheet as the stabilizer to sew strips on?

  16. The pleasure was all mine Bonnie. I had a wonderful time. Have a great time in PA. See you on Quiltcam!

  17. I love antique malls. That quilt is gorgeous.
    My parents had a nearly century home when I was a teenager, which still had the original clawfoot tub, but I really wanted a shower... My niece recently had a repro clawfoot tub put in her bathroom.
    BTW, your hair looks fine.

  18. Oh my, I see a "Hoochie Mama" quilters calendar in your future! ;-)

  19. Bonnie, you are such a generous gifter, we out here love to shower you with gifts too. Happiness!

  20. ALL women deserve a Hoochie Momma Boudoir. It's our constitutional right!

  21. Love the picture in the bathtub and the orange and green quilt.
    Working on Lazy Sunday Mystery. Doing the purple and white "zigs" and "zags" from step 3.

  22. Sounds like you're having fun!

  23. Do you remember that British movie a few years ago with Helen Mirren and other people about them posing nude to raise $$ for a friend's needs? You sitting in that bathtub brought it back to my mind ... I had a vision of quilters "posing" with quilts in quirky places like red bathtubs ... LOL LOVE the 2 color quilt ... what a find!! You are like a magnet to those "deals", Bonnie. Good for you!! Enjoy PA ... you're visiting a pretty part of the Commonwealth ;-) Linda

  24. Just thought I would tell you what happened at our county fair last night, Bonnie. The last lady to bring in quilts for the craft booth arrived with both an Orca Bay and an Easy Street! I told her if they came up missing to check out my house! Both were gorgeous and prize worthy!! Oh, she is a doctor and uses quilting to even out her stressful days.

  25. wowser! i am green with envy and salmon colored with the pukes at the great price! good for you!

  26. Bonnie, I think that tub would be great in your new cabin.


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