Monday, July 22, 2013

Blue Ridge Beauty, All Day Long!

Thirty Quilters from ALL OVER the North East ---Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia ---we all gathered to sew the day away.

You know what makes me feel really great as a teacher?  When the light bulb goes on in the mind of a Quilter, after explaining all the components that come together to give us the unit size we are searching for –the cutting, the fabric weight, the thread weight and thickness, and the seam allowance ((Don’t forget to take into consideration WHICH SIDE OF THE THREAD the fold comes when we press to the dark!))  all come in to play – and we have to adjust and compensate for them all—ALL THE TIME!

When we remove an inaccurate black guide from the side of a Janome foot that will NEVER give a proper seam allowance – and set that Quilter free so she can see the edge of her fabric, have her proper seam allowance taped on top of her bobbin cover – and have her exclaiming that she has NEVER had units turn out so right in all her years as a quilter ---THIS is why I teach!

I am a ‘UNIT SIZE” Quilter, and I tell my students every time –I don’t CARE what size your seam allowance is as long as your unit measures what it is supposed to.  Stop measuring just the seam allowance!  It is not the only thing to take into consideration.  Cutting, Thread, Fabric weight – and seam.  Those all work together. 

When your 4-patches turn out exactly the same size as your half-square triangles – you’ve got it rockin’, baby!

And I feel so good that we had so much success yesterday. 

PA_July2013 213

One for MY want list ---
This is a singer needle threader, and one of our gals had it for her featherweight machine.  I think she said Ebay, so I am off to look for one!

PA_July2013 214

This would sure make threading my sideways facing vintage machine needles a breeze!

PA_July2013 216

Sheri was busy working on her new Split 9-Patch Leader & Ender challenge while working on her class quilt too!  Good Girl!

We also had some really great show and tell at lunch time, and I’m going to upload that into another post!  Lot’s of inquiries on the  featherweight light from Saturday’s class – I’m getting the info and will post about that soon too – so hang on and be patient with me !

Click the image below if you can’t view the slide show on your mobile device – you guys know the drill by now :c)  Slide shows require flash player and not all ipads or iphones have it installed ---
Blue Ridge Beauty, Bedford PA 2013
Today Mary Koval and I are off to Bedford Springs Spa for a Girl's Day Out! Massages have been scheduled -- lunch has been planned, and time by the pool is on the agenda!

Have a great Monday, everyone!

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  1. Enjoy your spa day, Bonnie. You sure deserve it after all the work that you did this past weekend. I had a blast on Sunday!!

  2. You turn on light bulbs all the time when you teach Bonnie! You certainly helped me so much!

  3. Thanks for showing that needle threader! I just ordered one from Ebay to use with my vintage machines! :)

  4. I love the Blue Ridge Beauty. The split 9-patches are still tempting me ,too. Thanks for all you do. YOU DESERVE THAT SPA DAY!!

  5. Looks like everyone is having a good time. It's nice we get to see you in the pics once in a while, Bonnie! (#3) Hope to bump into you at Quilt Odyssey on Friday!

  6. The light on the featherweight is a small magnetic flashlight you can find at home improvement stores (like Home Depot or Lowes)...the top has those different flat areas so it won't roll around when you lay it on it's side. I'm going to go steal it out of my husband's tool box and try it out on mine....lol...thanks Bonnie

  7. Have a restful afternoon sounds like a heavenly way to spend some time away from teaching.

    Happy Sewing

  8. I must get one of those needle threaders too! I got so frustrated with my featherweight not threading the other night that I put it away and got out another machine! :)

  9. I see smiles on quilters faces! Having fun and working with Bonnie will do that lol.

    Been working on my Split 9 Patch blocks FUN! Am getting to use bits, also some fabrics that I've couldn't throw out.

    This 9 Patch is just so much fun. If you are thinking about making them, have at it --- love doing them.

    Smiles, JulieinTN

  10. Anonymous12:36 PM EDT

    Bonnie, I am not the teacher that you are, but I love hooking people on quilting. When I help a friend make a quilt I get such pleasure watching them create. Yesterday, in between my own quilting, I helped a friend finish a puff quilt that we started, then another friend came by to figure out the materials to purchase for a Sunbonnet Sue quilt that she will come tomorrow for me to show. I sew a lot over the summer, because soon school will start. Then I go back to work. Teaching really isn't a 7 - 3 job, and I get little quilting completed. I admire your prolific ability to keep going every day creating more!

  11. Just ordered the FW needle threader. Thanks for showing a picture of it.

  12. I'm so glad to know that I'm not crazy and that the 1/4" foot on the Janome is inaccurate. I am MUCH more accurate when I work without it. When I used the Janome 1/4" foot, my seams were too big and my blocks ended up being way too small if there were lots of pieces. At my last retreat, a friend was fretting because she didn't have her 1/4" foot. I just gave her mind. At the end of the weekend, I didn't bother to get it back. I never use it anyway.

  13. I use my Janome quarter inch foot all the time. I just move my needle to the right...4.0 position!

    1. Bonnie always says to use what works for you! I did think I'm glad it wasn't my 1/4 inch foot she had hold of though. I use mine all the time too!

    2. Right!! Way to go Julie. If you de-center the needle and also take into account the thickness of the thread you are using, that foot works just fine. There are even youtube videos which mention that the center hole is oval shape to allow you to move your needle for "scant" seams.

  14. I use my Janome quarter inch foot all the time. I just move my needle to the right...4.0 position!

  15. thanks Bonnie for talking about the Janome 1/4 inch foot, I thought it was me that couldn't get it to work right. I am going to take that thing off now and try it your way. Thanks again.

  16. Nancy I will try that first


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