Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bedford Springs Spa Day!

This was my second visit to Bedford Springs, and I was as excited to be here the second time as I was the first – probably because I knew even better what was in store for me this day.

I was here last year, the week before the Hershey Quilt Show –so much is the same here.  I come in to town just as the County Fair is starting ---We do our shindig of classes, and then Mary and I collapse on a relaxation excursion  to The Springs.

Check last years post HERE for more photos and the fascinating history of Bedford Springs---it is such a neat historic place!

I have never felt like such a pampered soul….so I thought these photos could focus on just what it is like to be ushered into bliss….

Immediately upon checking in your are visited by an attendant who gives you a robe and slippers, and escorted into the ladies changing area.  You are given a locker – shown how to lock it with your own combination, and your relaxation begins.

PA_July2013 276

I quickly changed into a swim suit, slid into my robe and slippers and padded down the hallway toward the Bedford Baths ---the mineral jaccuzzi!  Grab your towel from a cubby here, continue to the end of the hall and turn left :c)

PA_July2013 277

Quilters will be found bent over the floor tiles oohing and ahhing and blocking traffic!

PA_July2013 279

The tile continues!  Around the corner are places to hang your robe and place your slippers – you are in a “Women’s Only” area, so there is no need to feel self conscious ---rinse yourself in the shower, and climb into that wonderful jaccuzzi!

Okay, you can stop and ogle the tile design on the walls too!  It’s allowed :c)

PA_July2013 278

Soak until you are as wrinkled as a prune……it’s wonderful!

Then go to the cool soak at the back –the small round pool.  The water is not cold, just cool, and it feels so good after the hot of the jaccuzzi!

PA_July2013 280

Through this door you are leaving the ladies only area ---

PA_July2013 288

This is where heaven continues!

We waited here for our massage therapists to call us back for our appointments…you can read, nap, whisper ---and just enjoy the ambiance.  There is gentle instrumental music playing….this is a place of peace!

PA_July2013 287

The room stretches in both directions with lots of cozy places for folks to reconnect to their inner selves.

PA_July2013 285

Pour yourself a glass of water, add some cucumber, some lime, some lemon ---

Select some berries as a snack from the fruit tray.

PA_July2013 286

Nuts and dried fruit are so good for you!

PA_July2013 281

You can also take your rest out in the beautiful gardens –just open the double doors and step outside.

PA_July2013 290

Color, and fresh air, and quiet ---peace.

PA_July2013 291

Just love the landscaping ---just gorgeous!

PA_July2013 292

So pretty!

PA_July2013 289

Shhhhh…please enjoy this quiet time to relax….
((We need to do this!))

PA_July2013 293

And we did!

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  1. Looks like heaven!!!

  2. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  3. Such a beautiful spa! So happy to see you relaxing and enjoying your peaceful day. You deserve it!

  4. Nice! Get those batteries recharged for the next stop on the road of teaching :0).

    Happy Sewing and safe travels

  5. What a lovely place to recharge and enjoy yourself. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Ahhhhh..... if only......

  7. Enjoy every minute. You deserve it.

  8. What a lovely day. So glad you were blessed to enjoy it

  9. This reminds me of the spa at the Hotel Hershey. :) Pure Heaven!

  10. What is in the water on the right? The green thing??

    I love the looks of this place. Enjoy!!

  11. Day spa is my favorite thing to do when it comes to relaxing. Spa is really so relaxing and especially when they massage you in the back and serve you tea after it. It doesn't matter how much the price as long its worth it.

  12. Everything looks fantastic! And the waiting area after the baths and jacuzzi is definitely a nice touch. Although in my case, I would probably be outside and enjoying that wonderful garden. Here’s to a great spa day!


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