Tuesday, July 23, 2013

iPhone-o-Gram! Shopping Day!

Mary Koval and I are having a run around day--which of course included the local indoor flea market!

You never know what you will find, and we didn't leave with anything other than some giggles!

A pair of claw foot tubs appear to be waiting for the flea market version of the Cialis commercial!!

A great 1950s sewing machine that someone somewhere had turned into a hideously ugly lamp!! Oh!! No!!

We laughed ourselves silly--all the way to lunch at our favorite Chinese place. It's a Bonnie does Bedford tradition!

Enjoying my last day---tomorrow---road trip to Hershey!!


  1. Great memories, and a wonderful fortune to boot!

  2. Oh I think that lamp needs to like at Chez Hunter...either location...lol

  3. Oh my word that lamp is scandalous lol

  4. I love your fortune. That is so true.

  5. Which flea market? Kevin and I have visited the place on the corner... the real antiques being downstairs. We are always on the hunt for new places to explore

  6. Now Bonnie! That poor little sewing machine/lamp needs BKH's form of TLC!!!!
    Go back and get it lolol
    Hugs JulieinTN

  7. Love HokeE Geez we just opened a booth there! always some things to rummage through

  8. Oh my! That sewing machine-lamp is "tore up from the floor up!"

  9. What a shame to turn that great machine into a lamp........
    That's a bad form of sewing machine-vandalisme!

  10. Oh I would have a field day in that flea market!!! So back to your cabin purchase and your closing issues... I totally understand! I am purchasing a house and supposed to close on Thursday! Well of course the title paperwork hasn't made it to the title company! Closing pushed back to Monday or Tuesday!!! Well enjoy your time there and safe travels to Hershey! Hope to someday be able to catch Quiltcam LIVE!!! But I have been content with reruns!! lol.

  11. Anonymous10:53 PM EDT

    Wish I was there. Sounds like fun! I really want another claw footed bath tun too. The grand kids love sliding down the backs into a sea of bubbles.


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