Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Quilt-Cam 7/2/2013

Here’s a pic of Sue Mc’s set up….her white featherweight is ready to sew and sew and sew and sew!

She writes:

Hi Bonnie. Thanks for Quiltcam today. I've been on vacation and I've missed you!! Sewing crumbs with you, all your tips are so helpful. I have made one crumb quilt and always get lots of compliments!!

I love seeing where you sew while we share Quilt-Cam together!  It’s nice to know that you really ARE working on stuff on the other side of my monitor, not just watching me talk and talk and sew and sew and make a mess :c)

Send me pics of your set up while you watch Quilt-Cam!

I’d be happy to share your photo of you, your set up, your furry kids watching Quilt-Cam ---email photos to me at Quiltville@Gmail.com!

As for what I’m doing?

I’ve been thinking so much about my Ireland trip…Fields of green, you know?

And I wanted a project to work on while giving the new 15-30 Treadle a work out.

I’m still working on a name for her, I’m sure it will come.  Many have suggested Tiffany, but my OTHER machine with these same decals is already named Tiffany.  She’s a 115 ----and lives up in my guest bedroom.  So this one needs a different name.


Lillian Gish

Her first letter of her serial number is G – so I was thinking of Lillian Gish!  She won Best Actress in 1921 for her roll in The Phantom Carriage.  She sure was a beauty, wasn’t she?  SO maybe Lillian it is.  We shall see what she wants to be!

strings 002

Ready to sew!

I’m ready to put the pedal to the metal and work on these green string blocks I started a while ago.

Come join me!

Click the feed below to start the video!

My Laptop quit working....I'm sorry but we are done for the night!

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  1. Susanne here. Making string blocks for Tulip Fields!!

  2. Everything is working fine for me~ I love your green blocks! That is one color I can never keep! I use it up as fast as I purchase it.

  3. Hi bonnie, thanks for quiltcam. Yiu always teach me so many things. I cant wait until you come to my guild in april 2014. I was not a scrappy person until i met you the first time. I am cutting out a tote bag while i watch you tonight. Picture and sound are wonderful. Bonnie t

  4. Hi Bonnie,

    Enjoy guilt cam so much. Tonight seating outside in the Amish country of Ohio and watching quilt cam. Later there will be some hand quilting.

    Quilting on the road

  5. My sister-in-law gave me two large tubs of fabric and I have just finished going through the first tub. There were things from 3 inch squares to 10 yards of a very pretty small flower print that made by Country Classics by Ameritex and is dated 1987. I can't wait to dig through the other tub!

  6. Which is better muslin foundation or paper and what is your size

  7. I'm working tonight on the Star Struck quilt I started in your class in Lansing, Michigan back in November. Got distracted by other projects, including Easy Street, but decided it's time to work on it. Best of luck on your closing; you always seem to handle stress with grace and humor!

  8. I made it - I'm appliqueing... finally sewing along with you. :D
    Carol in Oz

  9. Hi Bonnie, I am working on Pineapple Crazy and going nuts! Just the borders to go now... It is gorgeous... Please tell again who makes the adjustable table you use for your machines.. Many thanks, Kate

  10. Hi! I am new to quilting. I love it! Working on my second class--Bargello! So far so good. I love your blog and quilt cam

  11. Hi, Bonnie!! thanks for quilt-cam tonight, it is a rainy night in West Michigan, so that makes for a perfect night to quilt!!

    Like you, I was thinking of a name that started with a "g" for your new little lady. I once new a beautiful lady, quite crafty and also a little short, born in the 20's and her name was "Goldie." what a perfect name for your little machine with all those lovely decals!

    LOVE the greens tonight, i'm also working on greens,,,finally putting a leader and ender together, it's taken almost two years to get enough HST to make a pinwheel quilt. WHEW! thanks for all you do for us novice quilters!

  12. Hi bonnie, i am finally able to do quilt cam with you tonight. I usually do not have access to a computer on week nights but I just got a knook tablet so now I m able to join the fun and am working on hexies while watching you sew
    Hope you get to close tomorrow and enjoy your first holiday at your cabin.

  13. Sorry Everyone, My laptop battery died and I can't reconnect to Quilt-Cam tonight...we will have to do it another time! KEEP SEWING!!

  14. Nite bonnie, sleep well, dream of cabin .

  15. Well I've lost you tonight. I was working on some leftover brights, just putting blocks together. Hope you get the feed going again.

    Cheryl in Iowa

  16. I'm looking through quilting magazines as I watch quilt cam tonight. Guess what? There is a tutorial on string piecing in the current issue of Love of Quilting. Thanks for all you do. I find quilt cam motivating.😊

  17. Sorry we lost QuiltCam tonight! I'll keep working on my Pies & Tarts that I'm English Paper Piecing--new technique for the bucket list!

  18. Oh well! Thanks and good luck the passing tomorrow. Happy Fourth of July!!! Mary in Boston

  19. Darn! Sorry I missed it! How about Holly Golightly for a name? Seems pretty appropriate ;)

  20. Sorry about your troubles last night. I woke up this morning to DARN I missed QuiltCam last night. Crashed on my own batteries at 8:00. Thyroid going haywire again, TMI. With my love of all things green, can't wait to see your green blocks together. Lillian sounds like the perfect name. We participated in a walk in Massilon, OH on June 22. There was a statue of Lillian Gish there, her hometown. A real cool lady.

  21. I love your Quilt Cam, I am working on Crumb Strips and Maverick Stars. Lilian Gish is perfect! Maybe next vintage machine you can name, Fay Wray. She was a Canadian-American actress, born in Cardston Alberta Canada. Lead female role in King Kong. Best wishes on your new cabin deadline today.

  22. How about naming her Victoria? A pretty, elegant name.

  23. You said that you use cotton in the thread urgh I've used polyester is that a big problem help


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