Thursday, July 18, 2013

Featured Guest Post: The Journey to Modern!

Hey everyone! 

Guess where I am?

I’m pulled over in Lexington, VA --- because I wanted to send this post as soon as my featured guest post over at the My Stars Blog has gone live!

What is My Stars?

An excerpt from the top of the blog:

Welcome to My Stars Quilts

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We at Kansas City Star Quilts are pleased to announce our newest book-publishing imprint, My Stars. We’ll be bringing you beautiful and inspiring modern quilting books by top authors, with top-notch photography and compelling designs.
Our first book under the new imprint is a compilation effort that will come out in September. We’re leading up to the publication of this book by running Q&As with the authors every week on this site.
I am very excited about this new venture!  We all know that Kansas City Star has deep roots in quilting publication ---and the journey continues!
So where do I come in? 
I was asked to write a bit about my thoughts of being a modern quilter ---and ---did I really consider myself a modern quilter?  Come read and see!
Click HERE to visit my post. 
Feel free to comment there or here as I would like to know your thoughts on the subject!  Just what IS it that makes a quilt modern?
In the mean time..I’ll continue my journey up the road to Pennsylvania….I can’t get enough of these mountain views through Virginia!
PA_July2013 004
Watch out, PA – here I come!

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  1. I love your quilts. They have freed up my inner voice. I always tried to live by the rules and was limiting myself. I now sew what I want when I want and put it together to satisfy myself. I find that what I create and give to the family has more value than when I followed "The Rules". The glee in my nine year old grandson, over is very own new quilt, mistakes and all, is more valuable to me than following some one elses idea of the right way to quilt. " Now if only I could get that scrap bin to actually go down....that would be a miracle! LOL. Love you for this gift!

  2. I just have to tell you, Bonnie, that I live just 30 minutes north of Lexington, VA in Staunton, VA. I'd like to invite you to stop in anytime and become my quilting friend. I LOVE you and your page, your quiltcams and your blogs :) Judy in VA

  3. I wish I were in the car with you. I traveled up that way last summer and it truly was beautiful.
    Of course you are a modern quilter! You integrate technology with your quilting on a scale no one could imagine in years past.

  4. Just read your blog post on what exactly is a modern quilt.

    You gave quite a thorough answer encompassing so many aspects. I agree with all of them.

    This modern quilt movement..... My only other thought that I could add to that is if this movement grabs new quilters then that's a brilliant movement. We as quilters grow with each and every quilt we view or make. We as any kind of quilter welcome all the new people inspired to actually create more quilts. Who knows where this modern movement will fly to?

    Have a great trip!

  5. Well written article. Very nice to be included in this venue. You have caught the eye of many scrap quilters over time. We all live by so many rules and we need freedom to become the best quilters we can. Modern, traditional or purist you have touched the lives of many quilters. Hopefully they all can follow in your foot steps. They better having know or read about you. Chris

  6. I would consider myself a traditional quilter, however, after making Easy Street with you, I am finding myself looking at things differently. I love your style of quilts and I look forward to collecting your books and making more of your patterns.

  7. I'm thinking the last time you were in Lexington, VA was probably when you came to the Rockbridge Pieceworkers Quilt Guild for a class in Feb 2011. I was a member of that guild when I made the arrangements with you for that class - and I came back from where I now live in the Atlanta area for the class. Neat to see the interstate sign to Lex again - looks like a beautiful day there. Happy Trails!

  8. I really like, and very much agree with, what you said in your part of the article! You know, for me, the best part of Bonnie's "method" it the 'be yourself' of your ways!

    While I do know many quilters who like pre-cuts, and many more who like full kits ---that would bore me into not quilting.

    Congratulations Bonnie !!! So happy to have found your blog.

    HUGS and smiles,

  9. Good job Bonnie! Great contribution to really point out that it always a blending of old and new. If the colors and layouts get others (young, old and in between) involved . . . the more the merrier!! Again, thank you for all that you do. We get to watch you grow and grow along with you. What a ride!! Hugs, Allison in North Texas

  10. The thing I love about your style of quilting is that anything goes! It is exactly the combination of (as you said) thrift store shirt fabric with Kaffe Fassett fabrics that will make your quilts timeless!

  11. The thing I love about Bonnie's style of quilting is the idea that there are no rules. I as a new quilter was so afraid to break the rules that I put off starting for years! Now with the encouragement of Bonnie and other bloggers I have the courage to have a go, with the attitude that if I like it does it matter what others think? Maybe this will never win me a ribbon but do we really need the validation of others all the time? No offence to those who enter shows is meant by this comment, and I spent a whole day enjoying others creations in Sydney recently:) Enjoy quilting your way everyone. Julie in Aust.

  12. It is so fun seeing these views on your blog. I am, now, just 25 miles west of Staunton so if you would have looked to the left you could have waved over a mountain of course! I just cannot believe you took these pictures on I81 without a trailer truck in either one. That in itself is novel. I usually try to stay on back roads to avoid them. Have a safe trip to PA. But if you travel the same road back, hit Patchwork in Dayton, Rachel's in Staunton, and The Quiltery in Fairfield, all just off 81. Besides the antiques shops I'm sure you need fabric too :)


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