Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Leader & Ender Spool Review & Link Up!

It’s been a while ---how are you coming on your last year’s Leader & Ender Spools  challenge?

Several have asked when we are going to do a link up to show our progress….and you know what? It might as well be today!

If you completely MISSED the spool challenge, it can be found HERE!

And you can learn more about THIS YEAR'S Leader & Ender challenge, Split 9-patch HERE!

We have been making these little 3” beauties, using the pieces in each block as our Leaders & Enders while working on other things throughout the year.

Every time a large enough scrap was found on my cutting table ---especially when cleaning up from current projects---I would cut the left overs into spool parts, pin the block pieces together and keep them next to my machine. 


Every time I was ready to take a line of piecing to the ironing board, instead of just removing it from the machine and leaving long thread tails, or sewing repeatedly over a folded over throw away “tag” to keep my piecing continuous, I’d use the spool parts instead , running a couple of pieces under my machine needle, leaving the presser foot on top of them and snipping my main work off behind the presser foot.

No thread tails!  No wasted thread – just a free quilt in between!

I’m happy to say that my quilt is finished and will be making an appearance in my next book!

I can’t show you the whole thing, but I can give you a sneak preview of what’s going on in the middle!

spoolinaround 004

There is EVERYTHING in here from Halloween to 1980s Christmas to batik, recycled fabrics, civil war and 1930s repros – old VIPS, hand dyeds, even MILLENIUM Y2K fabric! You name it!  And I love it in all its variety!

I’m adding a link-up to this post.  Those of you who have participated, are still participating – would you share your progress here with us? 

Those of you who have linked with me before know that I do have some rules:

You DO need a blog if you want to share photos of your progress with me here.  You CAN Link to your photo on Flickr--however you can’t link to picasa or to facebook. 

If you have never done a linky with me before, please click HERE and read the tutorial through so you know how to find the right address for your post BEFORE you start.

You must link to the SPECIFIC post on your blog, not just your main blog address.  To find the url for the specific post, go to your blog and click on the title of the post you want to link.  Look in the address bar at the top of your browser.  The address of your post should end in .html NOT .com!  If you link to “just” your main blog address, I’ll have to delete your link and have you try again because I can’t fix it for you.

PLEASE LEAVE OFF the http:// part at the beginning of your blog address when you fill in your info on the linky form or it WON'T WORK.  The form auto-adds that for you.

*NOTE* Your blog address does NOT include the @ symbol!  That's for email addresses only, and that won't work either!

Your blog must be view-able to ALL, not just a handful of people that you have invited.  If your blog is private, please don't link up.  It's frustrating to those who click to view and are told they can't.

You can link ANY progress on the Link Up!.  For instance, If you are just starting, have only a handful of spool blocks, but are working on it -- you can still link that.  Just SHARE where you are!

In your post – please link back to THIS POST: http://quiltville.blogspot.com/2013/07/leader-ender-spool-review-link-up.html not just to Quiltville.blogspot.com.  I post more than once a day, so if someone clicks a link on your page to just my main address – they likely won’t find the link-up. That will only take them to the latest post on the blog.  They won't find any of the other links that people have placed on this page.  It will be a dead end street for them.  Make your link post specific.

New links can be added until Wednesday July 24th at 11:59pm.

Let’s SHARE!!

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  1. I hope to be getting pieces ready for the spools after I get home from lovin' up the new grandson. I so want to bring him home with me. Love those baby smells :)

  2. I have been doing my cutting for the Split 9 Patch at 4:30 a.m. before I go to work each day.

    My cat Tigger has an automatic feeder that's set to feed him at 5 a.m. but he starts walking on my face at 4:30 a.m. to tell me "mom, the feeder hasn't fed me yet and I'm probably going to die" so I just get up and get going because he's not going to let me have any peace anyway.

  3. Oh my, what a great idea! I love it! Now to prepare some spools for my next quilt :) Thanks for sharing

  4. Oh boy...I need to get sewing spools together! Thanks for the link up!

  5. Yikes I need to finish this holiday and get home to my sewing machine! My spool blocks are made and sorted in bags, so I just need to sew them together, thanks for the incentive!

  6. Your quilt and it's color scheme is absolutely delightful.

  7. You are just too much fun Bonnie Hunter! I am loving this project as much as anything else that you have enticed me to try! Sending you thankful quilty hugs!

  8. oh Bonnie I missed the linkup by one day! I've been using up my scraps in other projects before I trimmed them down for spools. here's a link to my progress - http://www.sewjoycreations.com/2013/07/mini-spool-and-quilty-barn-update.html
    feel free to delete as i did miss the deadline:(
    Thanks for the inspiration and great mini block!


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