Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hello, Hershey!

This is like Old Home week around here!  So many faces I am so happy to see from other years I have taught here in Hershey Pennsylvania for Quilt Odyssey.

I am so happy to see them all!

I checked in early enough to catch a bit of a needed nap before dinner --- not knowing where I would go or what I would have, I nearly walked past Pepper Cory before she flagged me over.  I ended up joining their group, and I am sure we were quite a sight –everyone was in their comfy dressed down duds – this is the night BEFORE all the chaos really commences with the show and classes starting in the morning.  I found myself seated at a round table with Sharon Schamber to my right and Linda Ballard to my left, and Bonnie McCaffrey, and Pepper Cory across from me – what a fun mix of chatter!

From here we went on down to join our staff meeting, get our badges, our paperwork, our instruction manuals –

Hershey_PA2013 029


The ever wonderful Karen Kay Buckley is here teaching as well, and has gifted us all with her new MEDIUM  sized scissors…I love the Purple handled ones she gave us last year for general cutting, and the small ones with yellow handles are perfect for hand work….these……the perfect “in between” size!  Thank you Karen!

The little pin cushion you see in the back was another vendor gift…there is a booth here with hand made shaker sewing boxes and they are just gorgeous….the gal has made us ALL a pin cushion using the tiniest shaker lid as the base.  So fun!

My class room is set up, I have my keys and I’m ready for tomorrow….

Hershey_PA2013 030

But first!

I’m ready for some sewing in my jammies!  These strips are from some cute fat quarter bundles I bought while in Ireland ----hasn’t this just been an exciting year?

I promise I’ll be to bed by a decent hour, but for now…I’m going to SEW!

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  1. Sounds like the fun has already begun! Thanks for letting live vicariously through your blog. You know how draw us right in almost like we're there. Have fun!

  2. Love the fabric, enjoy sewing in your jammies:) Have fun!!

  3. Anonymous8:19 AM EDT

    Always glad to see you in PA. Could not take your classes this year but know they will be great. Enjoy

  4. Love Karen Kay Buckley scissors. What a great gift!

  5. Love KKB's scissors-bought my first 2 pairs before they were even available on the market-Karen Kay just happened to be at our guild and I pre-ordered. Absolutely the BEST scissors I have ever found-even my problem child doesn't dare touch them! :)

  6. That all looks just so exciting. I hope to be able to go to events like this someday. Have a super day!


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