Monday, July 01, 2013

Home Again!

My flight landed in Greensboro at 10am….Oh, I’m so happy to be HOME!

I’ll be home for the next 3 weeks…concentrating on book writing time so I can get the rest of my book content off to my editor on time.  Deadlines slay me and I’m always hating to be late on anything…so that’s where my mind will be over the next several weeks.

Upon pulling into my drive…I got a beautiful view of the newly sided house with the shutters up.

It looks SO GOOD!  It doesn’t even look like the same house!

Eventually something will be done with that front part of the yard…but for now, it’s just natural.

Part of the nature I love?  My pink hibiscus is in bloom:

monroe_LA2013 003

SO pretty!  They weren’t blooming yet when I left Thursday..all of the rain must have made them extremely happy.

house 033

Next fix-it will be replacing this old painted railing with something a bit better.

house 034

Decorations still need to be hung…

Or maybe I won’t hang anything at all because I don’t want to mess up the beautiful vinyl shakes in the porch area! So glad we did these…

My porch swing is hung and ready for rockin’!

monroe_LA2013 005

The Hubster’s Special Treat!

One of our quilters, Beth – the one with Lucy the Red Headed Featherweight ---knows someone who knows the Robertson Family of Duck Dynasty fame…and got them to personally autograph a Duck Commander hat for The Hubster! There are FOUR signatures on here. He was so surprised!  Thank you, Beth!  You couldn't have done it better!

monroe_LA2013 004

A captured moment ---

A man and his dog.  2 hats to cherish…one to wear ((The one without autographs I purchased my day at Duck Commander)) and one to worship ((The one with actual autographs from Beth!))

Thanks to this he hasn't mentioned a THING as to why my suitcase was so heavy and why is there ANOTHER machine in the basement?? :c)  ((Thanks again, Shelia!))

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  1. The house looks so good, Bonnie! I bet it was fun to catch your first glimpse of that.
    So funny about the hat vs. the new (old) machine. Nice distraction, or leverage, or whatever you want to call it! : )

  2. House looks great. Go take a nap - you've earned it!!

  3. Bonnie I glad to see you finely made it home safe and sound. Have a great 4th and get some rest.

    Bonnie T. from North Chesterfield Va

  4. and have fun in your new log cabin retreat over the 4th...

  5. The house looks just wonderful! The rust color shutters and door looks great! Glad your Hubster likes his new hats. Welcome home!

  6. Home again, home again, jiggity jig!!!

  7. What a wonderful welcome home - enjoy!!!

  8. Use command adhesive hooks for your decorations. No holes :)

    1. Absolutely the best solution! we have them all over our new cabin - inside and out! No holes in the pretty pine!

  9. The house looks lovely! And I have a feeling that the hubster is so used to seeing new (old) machines pop up, he doesn't even give it a second look.

  10. your home looks loverly! hang some bloomin baskets and call it done!

  11. Your house looks great! Glad you are back home again. Enjoy your time at the "new" cabin! What a great place to relax with the family!

  12. Glad you're home safe. Did you kiss the ground? LOL.
    Your house looks great. I envy you all of your gorgeous trees. We're not so lucky here in the west, unless you live in the mountains.

  13. So beautiful. I just love North Carolina. We will be making our annual vacation in THREE days !! I can't wait.


  14. Isn't it such a good feeling to be home again, and sleeping in your own bed!!! Enjoy your time at home.

  15. The house looks great. And doesn't it feel wonderful to get just the right gift for your husband? I have a husband that would rather have nothing if it's not what he wants, so is very hard to buy for. So when I get the perfect gift I think I'm happier about it than him :-)

  16. So now everyone is HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!! He has hats and you have a new to you machine(lucky girl). I am still looking for my first featherweight.Love the look of the house and the hibiscus are beautiful!!

  17. Home just in time to pack all your stuff up and take it to the new cabin! Have a great FIRST WEEKEND in your cabin.it will be great to have your boys there too! Great fun!

  18. So glad that you are safely home and the house looks fabulous! I like the natural area, too.

  19. We DO know how to keep our hubbies happy--and distracted!!! LOL Love the new look to your home.

  20. Give that Hubster a big hug for me and tell him he is at the top of my Hubster list as the most understanding wonderful husbands on earth!! He's a cutie!!! So great that he is an equal partner to you!! You deserve a sweetie like him.

  21. Re my first reaction at seeing the house photo: WOW! What a difference! So nice! Re hubby signed hat: my hubby is jealous!

  22. house looks fantastic! hope you get some relaxation time in....a bear of a return trip i'd say...

  23. The house looks great and hubby looks happy! and with a new secret sewing machine in the basement for you, what more could a girl want!

    ps... I like the natural look of the front yard! If you start messing with it then you will be out there fixing it all the time and less time sewing!

  24. LOL.... I'm imagining him and his hat is much like one of us getting your autograph in a cherished book. He looks so happy! and Sadie.... glad that Mama is home.

    Enjoy your much deserved three weeks and the time up at the cabin!


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