Friday, July 26, 2013

iPhone-o-Gram! Day of a Gazilliion Strings!

Our half day class this morning was Basket Weave Strings! A great project to learn the basics of foundation string piecing--and we had such a great time.

Who would think you could make such a huge and happy scrappy mess in such a short time!

The majority of the class had never tried string piecing before and I am happy to say that they are well on their way to being completely addicted!

The time went by so quickly--and being faced with an early afternoon break, and really disliking convention mass-produced meals, I have changed into my walking shorts, thrown on my running shoes and have hiked it down the road about 1/2 mile to a little Mexican bistro where I am happily munching on chops and salsa and awaiting the arrival if a grilled chicken taco salad

So much better than the boring small salad I got at the show yesterday--for nearly the same price, and this includes chips!!

This afternoon I will be setting up for my 4 PM T lecture – followed by tonight round about which promises to be a lot of fun :-)


  1. I like the basket weave strippy quilt. I've been curious the last couple of posts about how it looks. Neat idea! And again, everyone looks so happy! Wish I were there. Have a super day!

  2. I like to use inexpensive muslin or the wrong side of ugly fabric to do foundation strings ... no messy paper removal.

    Love your quilt! Now I'm in the mood to go make one too.

    1. That's how I make mine plus it gives an extra layer of warmth.

  3. Love these scrappies! They look super great when you choose a THEME (?). Did one in all girlie colors, and another in Fall colors. Both were gifts. Sure like the way they turned out.

    Mexican food is definitely better than any convention food! Besides, you get to really sit and relax without everyone coming up to chat.

    Have a super weekend

  4. Lovely scrappy quilt and it all looks like such fun! xx

  5. This is looking so fun. I like this. Thanks for sharing.


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