Wednesday, July 24, 2013

iPhone-o-Gram! Antiquing across PA!

This might take me a while – I have been directed to a humongous antique mall!

Though I am in Lemoyne, Pennsylvania – I have not come across any Lemoyne star quilts here :-)

I have, however, found an antique car – an antique boat – and a Franklin treadle machine! None of these are coming home with me, Much to the dismay of the Hubster on the part of the car and/or the boat!

But that doesn't mean I will stop looking!

Next stop – Hershey! :-)


  1. Those are some colorful orange and yellow light fixtures above the car. Sure you don't need one for your cabin? Have fun in Hershey.

  2. Sounds like a GREAT price on that boat--might wanna reconsider!! LOL

  3. Love the car... looks like an MG of some sort... and the boat!!!! My Aunt and Uncle had one of those... yeah, the price is wayyy more than they ever paid for it new... that's for sure! ;)

  4. I love that place! I don't recall the Franklin being there when were there last spring. I might have to go explore again :)

  5. Sell your house and the cabin--buy the car!

  6. My husband would be focused on the antique car, for sure. He'd want to add it to his ever-growing collection. LOL

  7. My dream car!!! My aunt and uncle had a Chris Craft, just exactly like that boat. Never could figure having a boat, when no one in the family knew how to swim - scary!

  8. Will be taking your class in Hershey tomorrow. So excited!

  9. If that is a Morgan (car) that has been my dream car for ages!


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