Sunday, July 21, 2013

iPhone-o-Gram! A taste of Bedford!

Class is done!

All of the machines and fabric and tools and notions and quilts and other necessities are packed up and loaded in all of our cars and vans and we headed out our separate ways –

I have passed the Penguin drive in three times in the past three days!

Since today was the last time I would be down this direction – I made it a destination for an after class treat :-)

How could I not? The flavor of the day was banana softserve!

Ice cream, you make me so very very happy :-)

Just another spot to love in a small town somewhere in America! :-)


  1. Enjoy national ice cream day!

  2. Of course you had to stop - it's National Ice Cream Day!

  3. And who can pass up BANANA soft serve!?!

  4. I would never ever pass up Banana soft serve!!!!

  5. Yum! I'm holding off on ice cream until I have my cholesterol level measure this week then all bets are off :0). So how was it?

    Happy Sewing and safe travels

  6. I-C-E-C as we called it when my children were too young to spell. ohhhh that sounds so yummy. Have fun in Hershey.

  7. just ate a waffle cone myself.. white turtle ice cream. sounds like a quilt!

  8. AMEN! Next to fabric, ice cream is my biggest temptation-especially on a hot summer day.

  9. Oh Banana..... the next best thing to heaven

  10. OK I'm hungry now :-) and how did I miss National Ice Cream Day! I'm like the president of it or something :-)

  11. Oh that cone looks so yummy! Yesterday was National Ice Cream Day? No wonder I kept wanting to pull out the french vanilla I have in the freezer; now I feel sad that I did not allow myself to do so.


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