Friday, July 12, 2013

Show and Share Friday!

While this posts, I am up at the cabin waiting for hopefully:

#1  The Sears Guy to come and fix the clothes dryer!  It went out 2 days before closing, poor sellers….if it had waited the home warranty would have taken care of it, but nope!  A part has been ordered and I need to be there for the repair guy to do his thing.

#2 House land line and internet!  Because the cabin is up a mountain and cell phone service is…hahahahaha!! FORGET IT!! We are having a basic land line installed, especially for emergencies.  A hard wired, non-digital one, so when the power goes out the phone still works.  Sounds like a good idea, yes? 

And there will be BASIC BASIC internet.  Not high speed….kind of half way between dial up and satellite.  But that’s okay with me, I’m going there to RELAX, right?  I just need enough connectivity to be able to keep the email load at bay so when I come home I don’t have 200 things in the inbox to answer all at one time.  And hopefully enough power that I can update the blog with a few photos now and then….I HOPE we will have it installed this week, but if not…then The Hubster will have to go back up when the phone guy is ready to install.

I’m headed to Pennsylvania next THURSDAY ---and the rest of my July/August will be a very fun and very busy blur with two separate trips to Alaska with Collaboration Celebration in Winston Salem thrown into the middle between those two trips and there really won’t be much cabin time for me.

Since Quilt Cam didn’t happen on Wednesday night…I took some time to edit some photos and post a little show and share from our readers!


Sally Pope’s Texas Tumbleweeds!

Sally Writes:

Hi Bonnie

I wanted to make a quilt for my neighbor's daughter who just graduated college and who has always done so much for me.  I used her high school and college colors but I wanted a pattern which was interesting and somewhat
modern.  I was looking in the nov/dec 2012 Quiltmaker magazine and saw the Texas Tumbleweeds pattern.  It was perfect.  Mine finished at 98"x106" and I just loved it.

It was quilted by Heather Tighe in Hampstead, North
Carolina.  Thank you for being so generous with your great patterns.

Sally Pope
Goldsboro, NC
Lovely Sally!  I really like the colors you chose and I am sure that your neighbor’s daughter simply loves it!

If you don’t have the Nov/Dec 2012 issue, be watching ---Texas Tumbleweeds will be included in my next book due out early 2014!

Next up is Audrey!  She’s been busy completing her Easy Street!


Lovely Colors!!

And this is what Audrey had to say:

Hi Bonnie,
This is my version of your Easy Street Mystery quilt from last winter.  I had never done an on line mystery before and it was a blast.  I only had to buy the medium brown fabric because I wanted it to be consistent.  Everything else came from my stash!  Even the borders! 
Enjoy your new cabin - it looks like a wonderful place.   And Happy 4th of July!
Easy Street has been retired from the website and will be making an appearance in the next book also!

I not only love your quilt, Audrey, but the bed is really nice too!  I am constantly amazed at how a quilt looks simply by changing the colors!


Anne Edmondson’s Boxy Stars!

Anne sent in a picture of her Boxy Stars quilt!  I love the light sashings on this and how it is almost invisible ---

She writes:

I totally enjoy following you on Facebook.  I found your Boxy Stars pattern and fell in love with it.  I have always been afraid of triangles and the way you make them on this pattern made them so easy. 

Mine totally came out amazingly perfect.  I used my drawer of scraps to make this one and I ended up giving it a friend of mine that was retiring at the end of our school year.  She loved it too.  Thanks again for this pattern.

Anne Edmondson
Chester, NH
Thanks for sharing, Anne!

Boxy Stars is found under the free patterns tab at the top of the blog.  Have you clicked through there lately? There are lots of goodies to find!

I want to also share with you a story from Susan!

Hi Bonnie,
Let me introduce myself….I am Susan Fullerton Burger and I live in Butler Pennsylvania.  I am married with five grown children and ten grandchildren.  I have been sewing since I was big enough to lift the box cover from my mom's treadle.  I have been following you on Facebook and your blog and although I haven't contributed to the blog yet, I enjoy it and feel like I know you.


I would like you to meet LaRue (AM480295  1956).  She is the sister of your new acquisition from Monroe.  Her tag has 99- on it but her instruction manual says 99-31.  Here is her story….

Several years ago I was visiting my Aunt Betty In Reynoldsville, PA.  Her friend LaRue was also there and the conversation turned to sewing and quilting (as it usually does when I am involved).  Anyway, LaRue asked me if I would go with her to her house across the street because she had something she wanted to show me.  When we got there she pulled this little baby out of her closet where it had spent its whole life. 

The case was covered with a pillowslip and was in such beautiful condition that I asks her if she had used it much.  To my surprise she told me that her husband had bought it for her back in the 50's and she had NEVER used it.  She wanted me to have it because she knew I would appreciate it and enjoy it.  The only time it had been run at all was when her nephew made a pillow for his boat…"just to make sure it worked". 

The case is pristine and the instruction manual is still in its little Singer bag.  The attachments have never been out of their box and still have the packing tissue tucking them in tight.  There is no lint or dust and the oil isn't even dirty.  I don't believe it has ever been oiled since the factory did it back in 1956.  I have a feeling the pillow her nephew made was green since it still has a wooden spool of green thread as you can see.  I have never used it because I hate to turn it into a "used" machine.  What would you do?

Since the day she was given to me both LaRue and my Aunt Betty (Mom's younger sister) have passed away.  I will cherish the memory of that day with those sweet ladies.

Oh, and I would like to add one more thing.  Mom still has the treadle which had belonged to my dad's mom.  Last week I asked Mom if I could have it now that she doesn't sew anymore (Mom is 91).  She told me to come and get it.  I already have the spot where I will put it picked out.  I gave my daughter my 1964 Golden Touch & Sew and the treadle can move right into that space.

Life is good……
Life IS good!

Have a great Friday, Everyone!

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  1. Wow, what a treasure in LaRue, I would use her, a good machine like that was made to be used, not put on a shelf. :)

  2. Susan, please use that machine! Sewing machine were made to be used!! I would rather use it and say that I love that machine and how well it sews then to never use it and wonder how beautifully it would have run!

  3. OMG what a treasure to have a pretty much new unused singer!!!!

    I love the Easy street and just emailed you mine, or rather my nieces! I used the Mystery street colors, but really love the one that Audry sent. I wasn't confident in my choices to try other colors!

    1. Thank you Carolyn - I simply substituted dark green for Bonnie's lime green, dark red for her purple, navy for her turquoise, medium brown for her gray, and beige backgrounds for her black and white backgrounds. Those were the scraps I had and it all worked great!
      Audrey Bretz

  4. Hope you're enjoying your mini vacation/girlfriend time! I think that's why a lot of us enjoy quilt cam so much-no guild or friends with quilting interests! Enjoy and don't worry about communicating this weekend....enjoy your friends!!! Relax!!! We appreciate you and all you do! Thank you!

  5. Enjoy playing with your friends this weekend, sounds like you need a good rest before a busy 6 weeks! And thank you for the quilt show, all these quilts are so pretty and beautiful to look at!

  6. The phone/internet situation that you are describing (no cellphones/no high speed) is my daily life and that of all my neighbors for miles around here in the Boston Mountains of NW AR. It's frustrating because youtube and a lot of sites show messages that I need to upgrade to watch their video or take their classes. They should consider that not everyone lives in the high speed world. I know after being high tech, it's hard to come down to our level.... LOL!!! I'm just thankful that I can read your blog.

    I did finish my Cheddar Bow Ties and will send a photo soon. Love seeing what others have done with your generous patterns.
    With love from the land of slow (but not dial up) internet!!!

    1. Gwynette I live in NW AR too and have signed up to follow you and would like to email you but I'm NOT computer savy so if you would email me.
      Shelia stitchedfromtheheart@yahoo.com

    2. Shelia, because of my internet AND difficulties with BLOGGER, I did not continue to blog although I have saved my blog name. It was hard to publish photos and after typing a blog, it would disappear. I'd rather spend that time making quilts. I will email you.

  7. WOW on that gorgeous machine! and the quilts are all just wonderful--thanks for sharing all of those! have fun up that mountain...seems it isnt far from your home and a great get away/hideout :-) enjoy

  8. Lovely quilts to see.
    I would use that machine too.
    Bonnie, will spend Christmas at your home or the Cabin?

  9. Susan -please use LaRue! She has been a wallflower far too long!

    Have a great time up the mountain, Bonnie.

  10. Enjoy your time at the cabin. I just 'hate' it when I have to go over to our beach house because someone is coming to do something to it or someone else wants to spend a couple of days there ... lol These are the times I get to go alone because it is usually when my husband has to work and he gets soooo jealous! We don't loan or rent out our home at the beach - just family and if friends want to go, then family goes too. That policy has worked well for over 10 years now.

    My hubby wants to sell our beach house and our town house and buy a country house ... we shall see ... he has always wanted a place where he could do more ham radio stuff (like tall towers that need acreage). Me ... I would keep the beach house and buy a newer, one-level house here in town. The only requirement for a town house would be a room for the long arm to go into.

    It would be easy for him to live in the boonies - his friends are all on the radio and all over the world, my friends are here in town and we are always getting together ... a little harder for me to do if we lived farther out. I guess my car will just get more miles on it ... lol

    1. I feel for you, my DH is a ham too! tell him to try using the computer to talk over the radio, then he can do it from a more central local better for you both. fingers crossed. I follow blogs because I don't have many friends who understand the joy of quilting either, this way I can be in contact with those who do! Thank you all. Julie Australia.

  11. Such beautiful quilts! Congratulations to all who made them. Bonnie surely does inspire us, esp to dig in our stashes.

    Each is a true treasure... once again, Congrats!
    Smiles, JulieinTN

  12. So glad you are getting some rest and friend time. They recharge our batteries, don't they? Definitely get a wired land line. We gave ours up to get a cheaper wireless version. What a mistake that was. Can't wait for the contract to be up so we can go back to "Ma Bell." Reasons against the wireless home phone: 911 doesn't know where you are; audio quality is bad; lots of busy signals on the system when you want to dial out; system freezes and you have to reboot the instrument and more. AT&T recently began advertising a landline for the same price ($19.99 per month)with all the bells and whistles (call waiting, call forwarding, long distance, caller I.D., etc.) to match the wireless prices.

  13. Congratulations to the ladies who made the above quilts. They are gorgeous! I love LaRue! Sweet machine! How lucky Susan is to have that machine with such sweet memories attached.

  14. I say to Susan.....You have a gift use it..... if you take good care of it it won't lose its value.Why worry what it is worth if you get to enjoy it and that is what your friend wanted for you to enjoy it instead of sitting in the closet like she did with it and no one gets the JOY of it.Truly go enjoy your lovely gift and find the satisfaction that comes with something someone gave in LOVE. enjoy your new friends from your Mom and your friend....Debbie Kelly http://somewhereinstitches.blogspot.com

  15. Anonymous1:25 AM EDT

    The machine is gorgeous - but it is already used... even if it was just a pillow. I vote, use it, enjoy it - and remember the wonderful lady who gifted it to you!

  16. What a great sewing machine story. Lucky lady!


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