Monday, July 29, 2013

Slim Pickin’s!

I’m home…..but man am I brain dead!

I left Hershey about 7:30am this morning, and rolled in to my own driveway in Winston Salem, NC at 3:30pm – the only stops I made were for gas, restroom, and a quick pick me up of a caramel sundae and a large unsweet iced tea with lemon from a Mc Donalds on the way home….

I was a girl on a mission!  Get here as quickly as possible, don’t dawdle, there is so much stuff to do to get ready for Alaska!

First priority on the agenda?  A three hour nap so I had the energy to WANT to unload Shamu who contained all of the pieces parts and detritus of 10 days on the road.

All of which is now piled in my living room for sorting, putting away, washing and repacking for Alaska on Wednesday morning.

I spent last night making sure my traveling hexi busy bag is stocked with the colors of hexies I need for two nearly back to back trips to Alaska.  There will be plenty of airplane stitching and sleeping time there.

This was the WEIRDEST road trip of all times in the antiquing department.  Talk about SLIM PICKIN’S!  There were no really outstanding antique quilts, and the machines were few and hard to find….and PRICY!

NO machines came home with me this trip – ((I’m rather proud of myself over this fact – even though it was not due to my own restraint, but lack of candidates in the machine-adoption department!))

But there were some heart warming well loved and used examples of ordinary every day quilts that have stood the test of time, their softness and sweet fabrics beckoning to be touched and petted, reminiscent of the time period when they were created….imagine this quilter putting in the last stitches in the binding on this sweet large 9 patch quilt out of dress fabrics:

Hershey_PA2013 008

The lovely soft 1930s prints from the scrap bag, the painstaking cross hatch quilting design being the one thing that has helped this quilt to survive over the past 80 or so years.  I love the simplicity of it!  Who’s bed did it grace?  Who’s dreams did it keep secret watch over?

Hershey_PA2013 005

A very rather offset Grandmother’s Flower Garden….

Several different pinks were used to surround each hexie rosette. Was this intentional?  I can see at least 3 different pinks on this quilt….was it what she had on hand?  Did she get so tired of this quilt that she decided just to NOT put a path in…and assembled them as is?

Hershey_PA2013 006

Sweet 1930s fabrics again, prints and solids with stripes that go any which way they desire!

Hershey_PA2013 009

Red and white Log Cabin!

While photographing the quilt, I noticed there was more than one red…..but I didn’t even notice until inserting the photo into this post that those lighter reds are strategically placed down the center panel!  Wouldn’t you like to pick this quilter’s brain?

Hershey_PA2013 010

Borders on just the long sides only make this quilt wide enough to fit wherever it was going to live…….isn’t it fun to speculate?

Hershey_PA2013 012

Humble Shoo-flies and stars over a cupboard door.

Every day ordinary quilts meant to keep those the quilter loved warm and wrapped in love.  Not all quilts need to be destined for Houston or Paducah --- Some receive a more valuable prize for the comfort they bring.

Hershey_PA2013 013

1930’s –1940s Poppy Applique…

This was a large medallion quilt, with no where to spread it out.  I looked to see if there were the infamous “blue dots” that would show that this was a “kit quilt” from that time period, but the lighting wasn’t good enough …..Very skilled stitches, and delicate embroidered details:

Hershey_PA2013 014

Someone loved sitting and executing very delicate details on on this beauty…see the little stitches on the leaves, the stems, the flower centers?

Hershey_PA2013 294

Graphic 9 patch on point, with a periwinkle star alternate block.

The blue in this one is the only print – everything else is a solid, and I’m guessing 1950s…..it’s all cotton, and just didn’t ring 1960s or later to me..but I could be wrong.  It’s hard with solid fabrics, especially red to know.  But how great this would look in a boys room in that time period!

The pickin’s may have been slim, but it was still worth it to wander and wonder and appreciate all the hours that went into these….I do believe there is real beauty in simplicity!

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  1. I'm sure you are very tired. Love the quilts they are so pretty and look comfy. I have one of the original kits for the "poppy applique" that I found at a junk store, unopened. Someday I want to make it.

  2. Welcome back!

    Just got my digital edition of Quiltmaker. Another great mystery quilt.

  3. Bonnie, please REST a bit before you take off again. I am glad I do not have to keep up with you! Thanks for making time to share--I know time is scarce these days.

  4. I just love looking at everyday quilts! I really like the hexie one. Do you remember how much they were asking for it? How big was it?

    I never know what a good price for a quilt is......

  5. LoL... Bonnie; the reason that Pickin's are slim cause you keep finding all the good ones! So good of you to share your finds (whether you make a purchase or not). I just enjoy the picks... it's like a country wide show and tell.... although, there isn't a lot of tell sometimes. Thanks for taking us along!

  6. I so agree with your comment that not every quilt needs to be destined to Paducah, Sisters, and the likes.....it's the loving that the giver puts in it, and the recipient gets from it.
    I loved my "trip" to Hershey, PA....it was awesome to take that virtual trip with you. Can hardly wait for Alaska.
    Get your rest, take time for yourself.

  7. Don't know how you keep up this pace!
    Love the quilt show! : )

  8. Rest (briefly!) My friend. Love those quilts!!!!!

  9. I have one of those poppy quilts and just LOVE it. It was originally a kit as Kristie said. Someone recreated the pattern and I found it online several years ago. Someday I will make one with hand dyes I've been saving for it.
    Enjoy Alaska.

  10. Where did you find all of the quilts? If there are up here I'd like to go see them :)

  11. The Poppy Quilt takes my breath away! Thank you. Faith.

  12. Beautiful quilts. The Poppy and 9 patch with periwinkle are my favorites.


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