Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Update From Kevin!

Remember back in March when I gave a little push, a gentle shove, and a wee little shout out to Kevin The Quilter for his Quilt of Valor block drive?

Guess who I heard from today?


Oh you guys are so amazing – seriously.

Do you know what you have done?

This is the message I received:

Studio_May2014 027

You sent in 4,000 blocks and they are STILL coming in!


Kevin, being video taped for the local channel!

((Kevin, can we watch this online when it airs? Let us know!))


Quilts and stacks of blocks ready to be assembled into Quilt of Valor quilts!


We are so proud of you, Kevin, and so happy to be part of your block drive!

If you want to know more about Kevin’s Quilt of Valor Block Drive – Click HERE for the original post.

I’ll keep you updated for when/if WE can watch his segment online!

Visit Kevin’s Blog HERE.  Way to go KEVIN!!!

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TcMay said...

Just amazing yet not surprising,we are quilters with lot's of love and respect.

Becca said...

Thank goodness you're keeping on top of Kevin's progress. I had forgotten all about his great work. I'm not surprised at the response he's gotten.

BonnieE said...

I forgot all about making those blocks. So happy to see they are finally going to become Quilts of Valor to bless our heroes.

Didn't Kevin have some sort of drawing/giveaway for those who contributed? He needs to let us know who won!

Mary Ellen said...

I warned him to be careful what he wished for! He will be the speaker at our guild in September. He is bringing finished QOV quilts and we will present them to veterans that evening.

Donna1111 said...

I have been checking his blog regularly. I only sent 5 bloocks but am so proud to say I was involved. WTG Kevin!

Julie Vernon said...

What a nice guy! YOU know what we always say? "Quilters are givers"...something happens when you quilt. Something deep inside and wonderful. Thank you Bonnie for sharing this moment with us.

Been receiving mucho amount of scrauyetook hisp from my buddies. It is time I get the room more under control aka more storage! Nice problem to have LOL

Smiles, JulieinTN

Lynn W. said...

I have a bunch to send to him, too. Just need to get myself to the PO to get a flat rate envelope. I quilt with a QOV group and fully support his efforts!


Carolyn Sullivan said...

WOW quilt on!!!

Miss Linny said...

Hi Bonnie, there are several Victorian cemeteries for you to visit in London, especially Nunhead or Highgate and an hour or two wandering around either beats any time spent in Harrods

Bev @ kwiltpharm said...

Hey, some of mine are in one of those piles! Told him up front to change the name of his town to "Windfall" as that is what was coming his way! Wish I was closer to help sew them into quilts!