Monday, April 21, 2014

Mail and the Bee's Knees!

Today has been filled with printing invoices, mailing labels and postage stamps.

And filling book orders.  Finally!

And I am SO HAPPY to say that I am completely caught up with all orders placed through April 10th!  Whoooowhoooo!

You don’t know how it killed me to miss the delivery of those cases of books, having to leave town for Tennessee and Kentucky, and having the books arrive the day after I left home.  And here they sat.  I arrived home on Thursday, to turn around and head to the cabin on Good Friday Morning – there was no way to get this done until today, and we did it.

Tomorrow the remainder will go out.  If you ordered between April 10th and TODAY – your orders will be out the door by tomorrow afternoon.  Whew!  It’s been a crazy few weeks around here with the release of MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders.

Have you ordered YOUR copy yet? :cD

I hauled myself into my little country one window white clapboard post office, setting tub after tub of sorted-by-zip-code book order mail to one side.

A buzzing sound caught my attention, and I looked up to see what one lady was actually sending THROUGH THE MAIL!

Studio_April2014 068

Holy Bee Hive Batman!

Postmaster Sherry is weighing this bundle of bees on the mail scale!

I guess she does this regularly, there were two off these bee crates on the floor behind the counter.  Gives me the heebie jeebies!

Studio_April2014 069

Is this where the term busy as a bee comes from?

It was fun talking to the lady who was shipping them.  There is a whole hive-ful of bees in here, including a queen, so they can be settled into their new location, wherever it is, and Thrive in the Hive!

Cabin_Apr2014 024

It’s absolutely GORGEOUS outside.  Dogwoods are in full bloom, and they are SO pretty.  Too bad they don’t last long enough either, but I love how all of their blossoms face sunny-side up:

Cabin_Apr2014 026

Sweet!  I love the little dips in center of their petals.

I’ll be out walking some pavement later –but for right now, I really want to set up to sew something.  It’s just Jeff and myself manning the fort, The Hubster is out of town working in Wilmington NC again this week –I’m feeling some studio time coming on!

I’ve been asked about Quilt-Cam and when it might be.  How about Wednesday evening at 9pm Eastern?

See you then!

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jean said...

I'll be there! working on binding!

Myrna said...

Bees! I don't think I could touch that mail. My dad had bee hives when I was a child and I got stings every summer. I'm allergic enough to swell up and itch terribly; but, thankfully it's not life threatening. Looking forward to QuiltCam!

Old Quilter said...

Bees thru the mail ! Who knew.
Wonder if the delivery person gets hazard pay ?
I think there's a "honey bee" pattern out there somewhere - part applique? Anyone remember?

Carol said...

My son is starting to raise bees. The wooden box to hold them has arrived and it's put together and painted. His bees arrive by mail as well this week! His kids are very excited and their friends are all looking forward to being supplied with honey!

sunshine randall said...

I'd hate to be the one who had to wrangle them into those crates, but I'm loving the visual image of it that I'm creating LOL. I can just see little bees wearing cowboy hats & chaps and whirling little lariats around while riding -- hmm, maybe dragonflies? (makes a better visual than horseflies).

Jeanne A. said...

Yes, "Old Quilter" there is a Honey Bee Block and it is in the sampler on my bed

Candice said...

Just returned from the post office after collecting two weeks of held mail. All I really wanted was the big brown media mail padded envelope with my copy of your new book!

Just love it! Of course, I have already made three of the quilts by virtue of 1) taken a class (Lazy Sunday) 2) followed your online mystery (Easy Street) and 3)gone on a quilt cruise (Scrap Crystals). I can't wait to make Narragansett Blues.

Thanks for another book of scrap inspiration.

Sharon said...

I actually raced through the whole post just to see if there would be a mention of quilt cam….
I know I'll be there!!!

Julie Vernon said...

Bonnie - you have made me wonder if there could ever be a BONNIE PATTERN for Dogwoods!!! I would love that -... what do you think?

Smiles, Julieintn

Sarah Martin said...

Yay! I'm so excited about my books coming! Thanks, Bonnie!!

Anonymous said...

You are seriously all caught up with your book orders? Guess it is time to send my order in then! Tee hee! Thanks for making me smile at the bees. Wonder if they fall under hazardous or perishable?? Joy in Alaska

Anonymous said...

That is only a fraction of a real hive of bees. We have 15 hives and we love them all!
I have a wonderful paper piecing bee quilt block from the book "Quilting Bees" by Barbara Lister.

Judymc said...

I have a "Honey Bee" friendship top waiting to be quilted (from the 1980's!) Looking forward to QuiltCam Wed. night.

Sue in Scottsdale, AZ said...

I'm terrified of bees (and most other insects and flying bugs). Just looking at the picture of the hive being shipped gives me the "heebie jeebies" (is that a real phrase!). I would really have a hard time if I was the postal person who had to handle that crate.

crazy quilter said...

How interesting! I did not know you could send insects thru the mail, but some beekeeper will be happy when they arrive. Hopefully none will escape into one of your book packages. Mine copy is already here and the quilts marked for next in line. Currently working on the Hawks Nest and about a million half square triangles. I am looking forward to quiltcam on Wednesday.

Anonymous said...


Cindy said...

Not only bees go through the mail but also baby chicks, ducks, etc. Safest, quickest, most efficient way. My son would get them that way.
Yippee, Wednesday nite quilt cam! Gotta make sure my smart phone battery is charged and headset is ready.

Jean Farley said...

I guess bees shouldn't surprise me, they send live chicks by mail. It was 73 in southern WI today. YEE HAAA

Lovay Broussard said...

So, if some of the bees were flying inside the box would their weight not register? Just thinking!

Jean Farley said...

I guess bees shouldn't surprise me, they send live chicks by mail. It was 73 in southern WI today. YEE HAAA

Sherrill said...

Eww YUCK! After seeing a beehive in my friend's bedroom wall and all the honey dripping and the mess it made (they smoked the bees to make em drowsy or something to remove them), that gives me the shivers, too!!

Lovay Broussard said...

So, if some of the bees were flying inside the box would their weight not register? Just thinking!!

Julie Vernon said...

Bees are so very important --- they easily take pollen from plant to plant. From what I have heard, we best 'bee' happy we have them... ok pun, sorry.

I do know a woman who deliberately gets her hands stung by honey bees! Somehow, what theyhinject greatly eases the arthritis pain in her hands. If mine should get that bad, I'll try it!!!! She knows 2 beekeepers who are willing to let her be around the hives, to get stung!

Smiles, and good night....:)

Janny said...

Yep, a nine patch with little petals on the diagonal with the petal point pointing towards the nine patch. Will send a picture tomorrow! (Sashing around the nine patches).

Jo said...

I'll be a little late but I will get there.

It does feel great to catch up on things.
Well done

Me and My Stitches said...

My DH is getting into bees - maybe the ones you saw are coming to my house. I'm not thrilled about it at all, but it's his latest hobby and hopefully it will help our fruit trees.

Becky's Bees said...

I received my first two hives of bees through the mail. A beehive is the most fascinating thing I have ever experienced and I am continually amazed each time I open the hive and peek inside.
Try it sometime....if is amazing to watch and you can't beat the taste of fresh honey!!