Wednesday, April 16, 2014

iPhone-o-Gram! Houses Under Construction!

Lunch break at the Sew Expo in Carrollton, Kentucky –

Boy, is this day flying fast –

We started out our master building class by stockpiling rows of chimney sections – the chimney section is the trickiest of all –if  seams are too big, the chimney section will not measure correctly and will not fit the rest of the block – it seems are too narrow – the chimney section will be too long – and our chimneys will be hanging off the edge of our roof!

Once we got the chimneys built to their specific measurements – we were able to go onto the rest of the houses with reckless abandon –

Whole neighborhoods are now appearing!

Wait until you see all of the fun houses that are coming out of this class –

Much love from Kentucky,


Cheryl said...

Iphone auto correct comes up with some good ones ... archenemies for our chimneys...

Mary said...

but maybe we want our "archenemies" hanging off the roof, just as long as the chinmeys are solidly on top

Debra Crumbaker said...

Love those little houses! I made some that are smaller a long time ago, but not from your pattern. These would make such a fun quilt!

Anonymous said...

Just love your blogs, patterns, and most of all your enthusiasm. Bonnie you are the absolute best. Reading your nightly blog has become a ritual!! MCL

Anonymous said...

Really nice houses you all have built. Did smaller ones that are on the beach and called them my beach cabanas.
Karen Beck