Thursday, March 12, 2015

Some Quilting Today ---


Suitcases remain mostly unpacked.

Mail has been slowly gone through.

It doesn’t take much breathing power to sit here and print out invoices and mailing labels, so I was able to feel productive even though laying low.

I took a 3.5 hour nap this afternoon after lunch!

I never nap that long – I must have needed it.

Obey your body, they say.  Sleep is restorative.  Sleep when you need to.

I hope I sleep tonight!

It also doesn’t take too much energy to pin a certain long awaiting quilt top into the long arm and load it with a backing and a batting.

And we can just see how one row of quilting looks, can’t we?  Not much effort for that at all ---

Besides, sunshiny yellow makes me feel so much better!

And so ---just like that, the Serpentine Web is in the process of being quilted!


Quilting pattern: Woven Wind by Apricot Moon.


Close up – love the texture!  Using yellow thread.

It’s almost like Baptist Fans, but not.  It’s almost like a basket weave, but not quite – it’s just the right amount of here and there and curve and texture.  Perfect.


WILD backing fabric!

I’m not even sure where this came from – but I had yardage enough to do the entire backing in this so that’s a good thing.  I haven’t had time to piece many intricate backs lately ---just find a piece and call it good.  It’s always great when there is a piece big enough in the stash to do the job.


Thinking this for binding??

There is a lot of green in this top.  I didn’t realize it until I loaded it and started the quilting.  Lots of grassy yellow-green and that is picked up in the backing fabric, so --- Green I think will do the job.

But first – finish the quilting!

Side Note ---It’s kind of a Doggonit Moment when you realize that the clocks in the basement studio have not been “SPRUNG FORWARD!” And it is indeed, later than you think!

Have a great Thursday Evening, everyone!  It’s good to be home!

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  1. Love the green! It'll be great for binding. Glad you're feeling better. I hope you can take it easy for a few more days

  2. Your quilt looks awesome! I had to giggle about the clocks - 2 times this week I have been 'fooled' by clocks that had not been sprung yet!


  4. That quilting design almost (but not quite!) makes me want to go back to doing pantographs! I hate following the lines with a little red dot....

  5. I went to the post office today. On the way home, I realized that I hadn't "sprung" the car clock forward.

  6. Welcome home, Bonnie. Hope you can get good rest! The quilt is bright and cheerful and the grassy green is perfect.

  7. Bonnie--- REST IS RESTORATIVE. No one can burn the candle at both ends and not suffer fatigue. Momma Julie says a long cozy in your own bed nap is what you needed. Happy to hear you do also.

    LOVE the spider web quilt... a dazzler!

    HUGS and smiles, JulieinTN

  8. Glad you are home and able to get the rest you need. Lol I have the same problem if I take a long nap, it seems like forever trying to get to sleep. I love the backing and yes the green will look great for the binding.

  9. The green is perfect with that backing - love it! Glad you are getting lots of sleep. It should make a huge difference.

  10. Ooh, I really like this quilt. Everything about it. The strings, the setting, the quilting pattern, the backing, and the binding.

    Now, about that nap. I think you really needed it and therefore, you will probably also sleep just fine tonight. The body needs that rest. The down time lets the immune system do what it needs to do. So glad you are feeling better.

  11. I recently reorginized my sewing room and was shocked to find greens were my largest stash. Red or blue are my favorite colors☺️

  12. REST! You earned it. I quit pinning to leaders in favor of Red Snappers. Cut load time by at least two-thirds.

  13. That is what I dislike most about time changing in the spring....when it's actually later than you think. I prefer the fall when you have MORE time than the clock says if it hasn't been reset yet. (Oh gosh. I hope that make sense.)
    That bracing fabric looks like Something from Jane Sassomon. She's awesome and a very interesting artist. Your quilt is beautiful Bonnie. Thanks for sharing the photos and your comments. I know it must get tiresome to hear everyone's comments and opinions but thanks for your patience.

  14. That was 'backing' fabric.....stupid, not smart, iPad.

  15. Bonnie, You bought that backing from me when you came to London KY last year in March, I thought I recognized it last night. Glad it worked for that quilt.
    Paula in KY


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