Saturday, March 07, 2015

Galaxy-Gram! Crumbs, Strings, Scraps and Meds!

Medicine is truly a miracle!

I would not have believed it, but the difference between tonight and last night is completely night and day!

And you know what? You don't know how feeling good really feel until you have something to compare it to, like feeling really bad--

As every hour went by, and no matter how weird steroids make me feel, I think we finally have this thing kicked in the butt.

I've even got most of my voice back and that makes me one happy quilter.

Today's crumbs workshop at Country Crossroads Quilt Shop in Orange Park, Florida went off without a hitch, all 16 students ready and eager to play in the scraps.

This was a completely different crowd than yesterday, and each group brings along its own personality, own flavors and own variety of fun.

We enjoyed the company of to mother and daughter teams, and all pitched in to start a scrap stash for Crystal, our new quilter protégé as all remember what it is like to be a newbie without much variety to pull from.

I am now back at my room and look what is set up to sew!  I've got Lynn's loaner featherweight, and the Leader and ender losenges  have come out to play.

Laundry is also running in the guest laundry room, I'm all out of clean everything after more than a week on the road.

Tomorrow we have a road trip to get me down to Live Oak, Florida for several days with the Lady of the Lake Quilter's and their retreat.

I am even more confident and hopeful but I will be even more myself after a good night's sleep.

Oh, it feels so good to feel so good!

PS==I've lost all of my saved "word predictions" from my Galaxy s5.  It's weird.  It used to know what I was typing and suggest things, now it doesn't.  Has anyone had this happen? Anyone know how to get my saved words and phrases that I type all the time to come back??


  1. Restart your phone.. it helps mine

  2. I'm so glad you are feeling better!! Happy stitching tonight, Sharyn in Kalama

  3. with keyboard visible tap and hold the dictation key. In the pop-up floating menu tap on settings gear. Under smart typing section tap Predictive text - on off switch.

  4. It was so great to meet you! I can honestly say I was out of my comfort zone and thoroughly enjoyed it. As Mom of one of the Mother Daughter duos was great to see another duo enjoy themselves as much as Jessica and I do!

  5. My Galaxy decided to "mute" my best friend. So when she'd call or text, I wouldn't hear it. She'd tell me later and sure enough I hadn't heard the text or call. Finally, figured it out and had to delete and re-enter her as a contact! So how the heck did I put the "mute" on her contact????

  6. So very glad you're finally feeling better! Get a good night's sleep tonight (remember we "Spring ahead" tonight!) and take it easy tomorrow....you're going to beat this yet!

  7. Having been VERY ill in England and canceling a flight home twice, I now travel with meds (approved by my Dr...have not had to use them since, but it beats coming home to more antibiotics and six weeks of Prednisone! National HealthService patched me up enough to fly....

  8. Anonymous9:23 PM EST

    So glad to know you are feeling better! Becky is a smart lady; I just did that on my phone!! You could spend all evening fighting with the phone! Thanks Becky!! My phone is now just a little bit smarter! (Me, not so much, but hey, I do know how to shut it off for a re-boot!) :)

  9. it is good to be feeling better isn't it - steroids are a miracle worker

  10. Thank you so much for the wonderful class. It was such a joy to spend the day learning from you. It was a very unexpected dream come true!

  11. So nice to hear you are feeling much better. I bet your husband and sons are relieved. Thank you modern medicine.

  12. So glad you are feeling better. I am ooking forward to your visit to Windham, Maine soon.

  13. Bonnie, your words and phrases will return after you type them in a few times. Samsung/Google probably pushed an upgrade that cause it. I lost my ability to use my Bluetooth after one of their marvelous upgrades. And, I had purchased it only a few days before! Glad you are feeling better.

  14. I'm glad you are feeling better and how did I miss that you are in Florida!

  15. Good to hear you are feeling much better! Nothing like good meds and sleep, is there.

    LIVE OAK FLORIDA.... my home state and a wonderful area of tat sunny place. Have fun, rest some...

    HUGS JulieinTN

  16. I'm impressed with all the traveling you do that you stay as healthy as you do. Glad you're feeling better.

  17. Glad to hear that you are feeling better.

    Sorry no help with the phone.

  18. Glad to hear you are feeling better!
    Keep on sewing!


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