Thursday, March 26, 2015

Diana and the Girl Scout Gold Award!

This is Diana!
A while back Diana emailed me, introducing herself and telling me about her Girl Scout project.
She asked if she could use the Scrappy Trips tutorial to make quilts, and then in turn give a presentation on quilting, and what she intends to do with these quilts for her Girl Scout Gold award.
Not only is she great at digital communication, coming across as to the point, and very mature for her age, she is quite the quilter to boot!
Yesterday I received her email reply with these photos and the following story.
She writes:
I wanted to update you on my project.


I received full approval for my project from the GS Gold Award committee and made my first presentation to The Lake Norman Quilters Guild last night, using my leadership skills to get others to help me.


I have finished one baby quilt and one twin size quilt so far and have set up a Facebook page to document my progress, and included a link to your page for the quilt instructions.


Please feel free to share this if you like.  My facebook page is Diana's Golden Needle  
Thank you again,
Diana Jasany
I am so proud of her, I could just bust my buttons!

This is the mission statement from Diana’s facebook page:


This page is about my Girl Scout Gold Award Project, making twin size quilts for kids who age out of the Foster care program, and also educating my community about the needs for Foster Care. I am working with Barium Springs in North Carolina, and they will give the quilts to the kids for me.
This project is important to me because I was adopted from Russia at 14 months old. Click on the photos tab to see some of my life in Russia. I would like to make 16 quilts for the 16 years that I have lived here by the time my project will be complete. I also want to make smaller baby size quilts to send back to my Russian orphanage.
The block I am making for the quilts is called Scrappy Trips Around the World, by Bonnie Hunter with her permission. I need 42 blocks for each twin size quilt! If you would like to help me make blocks, sew them together into a quilt, do long arm quilting for me or work on this project in any way please message me via facebook. I expect this project will take two years to complete, so there is plenty of opportunity to help out! Thanks!
Diana, you did a fabulous job, and from what I can tell a very professional one with a power point presentation and everything!  I wish I could have been there to hear you.

If you would like to help Diana by sending her blocks, or offering to help with battings, backings or any other services, contact her via her facebook page HERE.

Give her a LIKE and a FOLLOW so you can keep up with how she is doing to reach her goal.

Diana, we wish you the best of luck in your endeavors!  You are an amazing young lady, and even a more amazing quilter!

Love & Stitches to you ---

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  1. Anonymous8:00 PM EDT

    Looks like there is hope for this world with young people like this ready and willing to give back! What an inspiring young lady!

  2. Hearing about this young girl sewing and making quilts for others just makes my heart happy, thanks for sharing it Bonnie! I will send her some blocks!

  3. Just liked her page and hope to help out. Thanks for posting about this project :)

  4. Anonymous9:08 PM EDT

    Thank you so much for sharing that with us Bonnie. What an amazing young woman and to have such a heart for giving at a young age. There is hope for this world after all.

  5. Sweet kid! and holy crap! with the FB group you have she will all the quilts she needs in a month!

  6. What an awesome young lady. Thank you for sharing her story.

  7. What an incredible story of leadership and giving! So heartwarming to read this today after so much hard news. When life gets back to normal, I'll have to see what I can do here.

  8. Laurie Jasany10:50 PM EDT

    Thank you, Bonnie, for your awesome post tonight!
    I am incredibly proud to call this young woman my daughter and she has always had a very giving spirit. Both my husband and I have always said she was a gift from God, bringing us "Around the World" to be a family.
    She has been touched so much by the kind offerings tonight for help on her project. She has finally gone off to bed after a full day of school and a Track Meet and promises to respond to everyone over the weekend.
    Thank you again for giving her and her project such grand attention to your large facebook audience! You have all made her so happy tonight with your encouragement!

  9. This just made my day!

    sao in Midlothian, VA

  10. Great story..inspiring

  11. Bless her heart❤️ I loved reading about this wonderful young woman. Thanks for share it.

  12. Anonymous10:04 AM EDT

    As a lifetime member of Girl Scouts, I want to thank you for posting this wonderful story about Diana's Gold Award Project. She is an inspiration to not only Girl Scouts but to her peers and all who are touched by her venture. I read her Facebook page and saw the beautiful fabric donated by some major fabric companies! For over a decade I reviewed Girl Scout Gold Award Projects for my GS council and was amazed at the planning and leadership skills these girls had in these projects. Most folks don't know about this highest award in GS - so THANKS, Bonnie for your posting!

  13. What a great girl and a wonderful project. I will definitely be in touch with her to see how I can help. Might be a project to share with my guild to see if we can help her even more! Thanks for sharing ;-) Linda

  14. This young women is as wonderful and amazing as the wonderful parents who are raising her. Her parents deserve lots of credit for her special, kind spirit. Her mother is a prolific quilter, doing beautiful work at amazing speed and has encourage Diana in her quilting since she was quite young. Diana's presentation to Lake Norman Quilters Tuesday night was great and it was such a treat to get to hear her and she the enthusiasm that she shows for this project. I am so glad to hear about all the help she will be getting. Thanks for featuring her in your post…She deserves all the credit you have given her.

  15. I bet Diana will get so many blocks from just your post that she won't have to make any!!! Good going both of you!!

  16. I know Diana, and she is a wonderful young woman. Thanks for giving her so much great publicity, Bonnie!

  17. Thanks for a great project that we can help with. This girl is great!


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