Thursday, March 26, 2015

For my Friends in Tulsa!

It was just Tuesday morning when I posted my photos of downtown Tulsa along with the show and share quilts that had been brought to our Scrappy Mountain Majesties workshop.

What a difference two days makes!

I wasn’t aware of the tornadoes yesterday – I have this habit of leaving OFF the news when I am up here for some cabin R & R.

It wasn’t until this morning on my hike with Sadie that I was alerted to the fact that Oklahoma had been hit with some terrifying and deadly tornadoes yesterday.

My thoughts went immediately to those folks I just spent a wonderful few days with, worried about each and every one.

I hope you are all okay.

The thought of tornadoes like these just scares me senseless.


I can’t imagine this!

I don’t know what I’d do if something like this was coming my way.  It is just terrifying.


Oh my goodness!

So, to all of my Oklahoma peeps:  I hope you are well and safe!  I’m thinking about you!  I hope you have a safe place to take cover during this season. 


Last night’s binding to Gilmore Girls!

I’m making progress on this…nearly half done now, but I’ll be leaving it up here for my next visit.  it’s always good to leave something to hand stitch at the cabin.


This morning’s 2.5 mile foggy hike!


The fog really is cool!  Temp is right around 50 f.


What’s ahead, Sadie??


Tree tops in the fog.


My clump of daffies at the end of my drive!

This morning’s plan is to pack it up and hit the road as soon as possible – I have stuff waiting to be tackled at home before the end of day so I can fly out to Maine tomorrow morning.

So happy that it worked out that I could stay up here just for a couple of days.  I got a lot accomplished, and I feel like I did get some good rest before heading out again.

Catch you from home!

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  1. Those woods look eerie in the fog but love the bright cheerfulness of the daffodils. I just finished watching all the episodes of Gilmore Girls. Now I can get more sewing done cause there is nothing to watch! :(
    Those pics of the storms are terrifying for sure.

  2. Glad you are feeling much better! Your walk with your puppy looks awesome- cant wait for walking weather in my neck of the woods. Hope things are better in Oklahoma.
    Nadine - Anyahta@aol.com

  3. Have a safe trip home. I live in an area that's had killer tornadoes in the past and photos can't fully capture how terrible the devastation can be. Prayers for the people of Oklahoma.

  4. Shirley in Oklahoma is fine. We did go to the cellar twice but all went over us. We got 1.5 inch's rain. Lovely today.

  5. Experienced a tornado once while living in Northern Illinois. Watched it as it came across the fields towards our house. Went into the basement and the sound it made as it passed is indescribable ... like a roaring freight train. It took part of our neighbors roof off, skipped over our house (other than a broken glass patio table) and did serious damage to our other neighbors house. NOT something I would like to live through again! God bless those who have to experience them where they live. Linda

  6. Anonymous12:43 PM EDT

    When I saw the news, my thought was, Oh, my Bonnie was just there. Prayers for the Okies.

    Safe travel to Maine. Pack for warmth. There is still snow in New England and might be this weekend.

    Love ya to pieces.


  7. Just now learned of the tornado damage on the noon news. Positive Thoughts to all.

    Seems your cabin stays are restive and restoring to body and spirit.

    Have a great rest of the week.

    Hugs 'n smiles

  8. Anonymous3:19 PM EDT

    Wow, you got flowers!! Minnesota still has ice on lakes and only the bravest of the bravest flower buds peeping up! So want signs of spring here.

  9. so glad u got to recharge and relax....it was 50 here today....just sayin...

  10. So sorry for the folks in Oklahoma! Have to say, I think I would HAVE to move...this from a hurricane-surviving girl.

    Don't you love daffs? They are so sunny and wonderful.. tell you that SPRING is arriving.

    Take time Bonnie, to take time...
    Smiles, JUlieinTN

  11. We are all okay here in Tulsa, just to the west of us a tornado (F2) did touch down and wiped out a trailer park and a donut shop. Lots of branches down, saw a mangled billboard yesterday. Thanks for the thoughts!

  12. Kathy from Arkansas. I was at the lecture and the Friday workshop. One son in OKC took cover and was barely out of the path of the tornado that hit Moore AGAIN. My DIL took cover in the hallway of the OSU medical school near downtown Tulsa. My son got home in time to take my 4 grands to their interior closet. We were judging quilts for our quilt show in Bentonville AR and had to wait 30 minutes to head south to go home. After I got home the storm that had just hit Tulsa and OKC got closer and closer. I got my bike helmet ready and was prepared to go to our interior office. Luckily the tornado sighted west of us disipated before it got to us. Thanks for your concern. By the grace of God we are all safe. Just another day on the plains in spring.

  13. You're so kind to reach out to those who were with you in Tulsa. Unfortunately, one person was killed in that trailer park west of the city in a suburb called Sand Springs.


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