Thursday, March 19, 2015

My Blue Heaven Day in Stillwater, OK!

Here I am with the representatives of the Central Oklahoma Quilters Guild who came to join us yesterday in Stillwater!

Such a great group of ladies!

They all were – is there anything better than a room full of quilters with machines and fabric flying?

Yes – a room of FIFTY Quilters in a room with FIFTY machines and fabric flying!

It was a really great day yesterday and I sure enjoyed the Oklahoma hospitality.

We also had a whole corral of lovely vintage machines in attendance. 

Black featherweights hummed in droves ---


This one came in her own card table!

And there were some other special ones as well:


White’s got it right!


Red turned my head!


And this one fit in a scrapbooking case!

The case came from either Joann or Hobby Lobby or something of the sort…it is meant to fit a Cricut cutter – but lkook at all the pockets and the storage.  I’m thinking THIS case MAY even fit an overhead bin should I ever decide to fly with a machine again.  ((though not likely I’m thinking!))  Still…it has wheels…so it is easy to roll!  If I traveled to retreats with a featherweight, I’d be looking for one of these!


The 301 was not to be undone!

And to beat them all:


The treadle had pedal to the metal!!

This lovely belongs to Liz, who inherited her from her great grandmother:


What a sweet New Home!

When I asked Liz if this model takes special needles, she said YES – BUT!  She has acquired TWO of those round BOYE needle cases that hold all of the tubes of needles and shuttles –so she has a life time supply. 

I also have a New Home that looks like this model and finding the right needle size has been the hard part…mine is a hand crank.  I should have gotten the needle info from Liz!  So – Liz – if you read this, can you drop me an email please?


Here is also a hint from Liz!

This machine has a bullet shuttle and long bobbins.  She slices up tubing to use as “thread keepers” on her long bobbins to keep the thread from unwinding in her sewing box.  GREAT Idea!  Thanks, Liz!


What a super fun, productive day!


And I had a surprise visit from none other than Elsie Campbell!


I hope to see you again, ladies!

This is Martha’s group ---don’t they look like trouble? HA!

You will find the free pattern for My Blue Heaven under the free patterns tab at the top of the blog.

Click the image below if you are unable to view the slide show on your mobile device.  You’ll be taken to the photo album for viewing.

My Blue Heaven, Stillwater, OK 2015

Today I’m moving back to Tulsa from Stillwater for an evening presentation with the Green Country Quilters Guild.  Two days of workshops to follow!

It’s a great week to be in Oklahoma!

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  1. Have fun ladies! Go Pokes! My son attended OK State and I miss those cheese fries at Joe's. I made him a "Road to Oklahoma" quilt in orange bandana print, black and grey. It was my first king size quilt and he loved it.

  2. Love all the different colour ways your group is sewing with. They all look great.

  3. I loved the 30's and the Pink heaven squares. Why I never thought about using the 30's is a mystery. Thank-you so much for the slide shows.

  4. Love that orange "blue heaven". Bonnie, I got one of the IKEA lights for sewing. Thank you so much for finding this. I love it!

  5. How wonderful that Elsie C. came to see you!! I have long admired her patterns.

  6. Wow what a coincidence! I just picked up Elsie's "Winning Stitches" book from the library yesterday! The bio in the back says she's from Deer Creek, OK.
    Love seeing all the great machines!

  7. Pinkcar from Canada2:11 AM EDT

    Wonderful machines at the retreat and I'm curious how the owner of the beautiful treadle machine transports it?

  8. Anonymous9:29 AM EDT

    I also have a new home treadle sewing machine I have not been able to use yet, I only have one bobbin. Are the shuttle bobbins universal? donnabrinkhall1@netzero.com


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