Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Happy Scrappiness from Peggy!

I received the most awesome email with such great quilts, I have to share them with you!

I absolutely LOVE seeing photos of what you have made, and if you include the story of the quilt – that’s even better!

Don’t these gals look like they are having a great time?

This email came from Peggy, and I asked her if I could share the photos with you, my readers.

This is what she had to say:

Dear Bonnie,

I feel as though you sit with our group every week that we sew, because we are a scrappy bunch and admire your fire!

 I make quilts to donate for Project Linus in the Los Angeles area, and my friends and I get together almost every Saturday to sew (and yak), which we've been doing for many years.
Our table alone has made & donated over 2500 quilts in the last 15 years.
Your patterns are perfect for the scraps that are donated to our group, and always inspire, and I've saved all of your columns for 'someday'! Thanks for sharing what you do!
PS The picture with the Four Patch Crosses has my lovely daughter Haley, and the group photo is (left to right) "Mesa Uno"- Maureen Winters, Sue Campbell, and Dot Calvin (my mom). The last picture is me! 
Best regards,

I so love this!  You girls look like you are having too much fun.  Thank you for doing all that you do for others.  You are truly Quilters with HEART!

And this is totally un-related – but I wanted to let you know how tickled I am about something kind of techie.

My laptop did an update over the weekend.  And all of a sudden, my laptop is not recognizing my phone ---it shows up as a CD drive when I plug it into the USB, and then it completely disappears and is not searchable…no way to offload photos!  ((GRRRR!))


My Solution!!

Do you use Dropbox?  I’ve used it to share files with friends, with family ---and saved business docs for access from any computer or mobile device while on the road.

When the laptop malfunctioned I remembered a feature where I could set the app on my phone to instantly upload my photos to dropbox as I take them…so they are already ON whatever computer or mobile device I need to access them from.

I just need to save the files over to edit them ---but I don’t have to plug in the phone to get them onto my computer.

I am a happy geeky girl!

The basic dropbox account is FREE and comes with 2 GIG of storage.  SO AWESOME!

I’ve been removing the photos from dropbox once I have used and posted them to the blog ---and it is working WELL!

So here is the deal – if you want to give dropbox a try, please use my referral link HERE.

If you sign up through my referral – I earn extra storage!

If your friends sign up through YOU – YOU earn extra storage!

It’s a wonderful way to share the techie love ---and a great way to autosave your photos from your phone so you can access them anywhere.

I’m off to teach My Blue Heaven to the Cimmaron Valley Quilters today – all 50 of them!

Bring it!  Sew it!  I’m ready!

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  1. Smiles never stop when you are around Bonnie. I have seen photos taken at other classes...not all happy faces! I mean they might be glad but NOY as happy as a Hunter-ite when Bonnie comes!

    Have fun
    Smiles, JulieinTN

  2. Wow, I never knew about Dropbox feature either. I am sorry I can't help with extra storage since my son set me up with account last year but I so appreciate the hints!

  3. I love Drop Box and use it with my business. I was so happy when I found the app for my phone and the automatic upload feature. Since I have limited data usage on my phone plan, I have it set to upload only when I'm on wi-fi.

    I recommend it to anyone who uses their phone to take pictures.

  4. Thanks for the techie info, Bonnie. I'm using your link to sign up now, because I need this AND I want you to have space for all the wonderful inspiration you share in your photos. Woo Hoo!

  5. Yup, did it!!! hope it helps with your storage. It sounds like something I have been looking for. Thanks again for all you have helped me with, Ramona From Maine

    tried to get into classes in March, all full and likewise retreat. Drats!!!! My hubby has been working hard to be independent so I could go to the retreat, but it was full.

  6. Oh wow, I didn't know that about dropbox either. Great idea.

  7. Project Linus is one of my favorite charities, too! Such a great cause. Fun to see more quilty ideas for kids quilts.

  8. Is there a free pattern for the Four Patch Cross? I love it! Thanks in advance.

  9. Anonymous6:45 PM EDT

    nina at ninaquilts@shaw.ca
    Bonnie I loved the 4 patches on point in that nice setting with yellow sashes and red/orange setting triangles in the post above. I happened to have a shoe box of 3 inch squares. Drafted the size for the setting and corner triangles in the block . It comes out to a smidge over 14.5 inches. Made 4 blocks last night and with sashing - no borders yet- it will be a nice 30 inch table topper. Already have sizes figured for crib. lap/ and tall teen sizes. Thought the group who made this would be glad to know we make a lot of quilts for community gifts.


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