Saturday, March 28, 2015

A Walking Tour Round Portland, Maine!

Yesterday temps were quite balmy in Maine –we reached a wonderful 43 degrees and folks were out in droves ---

The huge piles of snow are everywhere, but are slowly melting.  Roads and sidewalks are clear and there are a lot of folks up here EAGER for spring to set in for sure and for certain.

Jackets may be worn by most, but hey – they were unzipped as if to say “It’s almost warm enough to not need this coat!”

Christine met me at the airport and we gathered my bags, crammed them into her car and went downtown for a few sights and some grub.

It took a while to locate a parking spot within the parking garage, but we persevered and  hoofed it downtown from there.

She had told me about a place called the Portland Public Market that had great and unique food vendors,

I was game!  And on our walk we passed sights and sounds of Portland ---


Streets through the windshield!


Hello, lovely old buildings!


Ahhh, maple butternut squash soup!

The soup vendor was fabulous – oh the soups they had! And it was a perfect day for it.  And I have to admit I got a giggle out of the name.  I love plays on words ---Kamasouptra.  For the love of soup.  Hahahahaha!  Delicious!


City Hall!


The old armory from 1895 turned hotel.


Old customs building!

What I can’t capture with these photographs is the sound of the seagulls call.  I live inland now – but I grew up in California, and I have always loved the sound of the gulls.  And they were out in droves!

From here it was a quick drive to my hotel where I crashed for a 2 hour nap.  4am came early yesterday morning and I really needed it!


I spent my evening here!

One of the guild members has loaned me her featherweight for the 4 nights I am here.  H blocks are progressing!  And that is some Criminal Minds on the tv as I stitched.


My pile is growing!


My room has the perfect counter for trimming!


And I’ve got goodies for snacking!!

These cracked me up ---Gummi Lobstahs.  hahahah!  And no, they don’t taste like lobsters.  More like Swedish fish.

This morning I’m up and raring to go.  Pick up time is 8am.  I’ll be whisked off to set up for today’s workshop ---Tumelo Trail from Scraps & Shirttails II!

I’ll need that coat today.  The expected high is only 35.

It matters not!  We’ll be inside sewing – and generating all the warmth a room ful of women of a certain age can!

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

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  1. Anonymous7:54 AM EDT

    Thanks for the pics of Portland. Makes me homesick. See if you can get someone to take you to Becky's Diner --- always a great meal to be had there, especially for breakfast.

  2. Anonymous7:54 AM EDT


  3. Anonymous8:45 AM EDT

    Hope you had a lot of fun! I love those little H blocks. I am going to have to dig back through the posts and read more about them. I know I have seen them off & on all month long. Looks like a great scrap buster. Meanwhile I am busy working on my Ohio Star and Rails (Your Pattern) for my Guild challenge at our show in July and future Quilts of Valor donation! Pictures on my blog if you have time. I will send a photo by email when I get it finished. Thank you for your beautiful patterns.

  4. alicekane9:00 AM EDT

    If you have an hour or so, try to get to the birthplace of Longfellow. He was born there in the very early 1800's (father a Rev. War general) and his sister lived there until her death, around 1900. She changed nothing, including the kitchen. You walk through the house on your own and there is a wonderful gift store attached.

  5. Bonnie do you travel with a cutting board, rulers and a cutter?

  6. Thanks for the tour......have never been to Maine but would be fun to go....

  7. You were booked solid in Maine even a month ago, so I wasn't able to see you, but remember, lobstah is gluten free!

  8. Say hello to my family, Bonnie. Portland is 'home' and always will be but I spend my winters in sunny Florida and you can see why when you see all that snow! Hope they treated you well!

  9. Anonymous10:56 PM EDT

    Welcome to Maine. I live in NH but love Maine. Have made many of your quilt patterns and want to thank you for so generously sharing with us. Love reading your blogs and marvel at how much you travel. So happy you found your way to New England!

  10. Had to laugh at your tons of snow comment. You should have seen it a couple of weeks ago!
    Nice to have you back in Maine. Doesn't' look quite the same this time of year does it? Portland is a nice city. Enjoy it!


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