Saturday, March 21, 2015

Boxy Stars on a Tulsa Afternoon!

Busy, Busy, Sew, Sew, Sew!

Our afternoon Boxy Stars workshop with the Green Country Quilters of Tulsa Oklahoma was an absolute blast!

I absolutely love that this class comes with pre-cutting instructions so that all the pieces for each block quarter are cut, baggied, and ready to go.

When the first two square pieces of the first block quarter are sewn, we press and measure to make sure that the seam allowance is where it needs to be.

With the first seam we know!

Two 2.5” squares sewn and pressed should give you a measurement of 4 1/2”, not 4 3/8”, not 4 5/8”!

Always press and measure your UNIT SIZE, do not ever just measure the seam allowance because that doesn’t tell you anything.  It doesn’t take into consideration the thickness of your fabric, the thickness of your thread, or even how you CUT your fabric.  The seam allowance is ALWAYS variable, and its job is to give you the correct unit size.

We sew by UNIT size!

And we had SEW. MUCH. FUN!


Best Buds and trouble-makers!

Jackie and Jackie sitting together, both dressed in yellow!

What a hoot these two were!


And then there are THESE renegades who drove over 3 hours to get here!


Sewing Away!


Happy fun blocks as reward!

You'll find the free pattern for Boxy Stars under the Free Patterns tab at the top of the blog.

Half day classes always go too quickly for me!  But we have so many fun photos in our slide show so you can feel like you were part of our day too.

Click the image below if you are unable to view the slide show on your mobile device.

Boxy Stars, Tulsa, OK 2015

After dinner I had a few hours to set up in the little corner of my room and relax and unwind by putting some pieces through the machine myself:


Setting up housekeeping!

I moved the small table a bit away from the wall so I could tuck the ironing board to the side, set at table height.

Ironing boards make great extended table space when needed!

I also moved the floor lamp so I had a bit more light where I needed it.  It’s off to the side of the table.  Floor lamps do not take up precious small table space.


Sewing H blocks with nothing really good on tv on a Friday night.


Biycles and polka dots – perfect!

The internet here has been pretty crappy as well, so everything internet wise has been from the hot spot on my phone and I’m trying to conserve data usage, so netflix was out for the night as well.  At this point I found some movie just to play as background noise while I concentrated on these:


A plethora of H blocks!

Today’s workshop is Scrappy Mountain Majesties –and it’s going to be a full and fun day!

This class also has instructions for everyone to come with pairs of dark and light 8 1/2” squares ready to sew – we’ll have blocks appearing in no time.

Also!  Before I forget -- did you know that The Quilt Show with Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson is FREE this weekend?  You can even get MY episode by clicking THIS LINK!

Have a wonderful Saturday, everyone – hopefully you will find some time to stitch SOMETHING today!

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  1. Happy National Quilting Day, Everyone! Here in St. Louis it's full speed ahead as we open our biennial quilt show this morning!

  2. I love making Boxy Stars. Thanks for your Fun TQS link. I enjoyed it when it first showed on TQS. Nice to hear your voice teaching Alex and Ricky about your L/E and Scrap Users systems

  3. Love your boxy stars pattern. Just finished one as an eye spy baby quilt. The new mother loves it. Thanks for the pattern. I also loved watching you make it on quilt cam :) Julie

  4. HAHA! I got to see your episode on TQS yesterday. I smiled the entire episode. They should have you back. I might watch the episode might again today. I'm even thinking of renewing my membership, but maybe not. ;-)


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