Sunday, March 08, 2015

Hello from Camp Weed, Live Oak Florida!

Not far from Live Oak Florida is a well hidden respite ---

Camp Weed and the Cerveny Conference Center is part of the Episcopal Diocese of Florida ---what a spot!

Balm for my soul, Health to my bones, rest for my heart.

And a whole lot of quilty fun going on this week!

I’m here a day early ---Quilt Camp actually starts around 9 am tomorrow morning.

Usually the quilters can come in tonight and set up, but there seems to be a WEDDING going on down at the center where there will be approximately 50 of us sewing over the next few days.

I guess the wedding took precidence – maybe they will leave us some cake for breakfast in the morning?

I was out for a walk exploring and saw a rolls royce pulling up the road….I bet anything it is going to be a lovely wedding in the most beautiful setting.


How picturesque is this?

Drive right under that bent tree…it bows for thee!


Azaleas are almost done, but I found some pink ones….


And some red ones ---

I am thankful that they held on long enough for me to get here and enjoy their color show.


Chapel on the Lake ---

See what I mean?  This is a place for all people to come and refresh.  There are other groups here as well, occupying the various rooms and amenities ---it is a beautiful place!


Florida – where moss hangs eerily!


Dirt trails, ready for exploring!

Thank heavens the weather is not hot and humid yet – today was PERFECT!


You can even borrow a cruiser bike if you feel so inclined!

I’d for sure choose the CHEDDAR one!


View from the deck…the chapel is in the distance on the left.


Feet up on the fence, reclining in a rocking chair….

I think this next few days is going to be good for me!

I moved right in – inpacked my suitcases and made myself at home.  Do you do that?  I don’t like living out of a suitcase – my suitcase is usually emptied first thing, things hung in the closet, my music playing through my blue tooth speaker making this as much home – as much MY space as possible.


First things first…quilt on the bed!

I can’t stand the feel of motel bedspreads.  Give me one of my quilts any day!  This is Jamestown Landing from String Fling.

Gifties and goodies!

I’ve  been pampered in Florida! No Florida stay is complete with out Flamingoes.  I’ve got a Flamingo pillow case, a dolly with a pet Flamingo and flamingo eye glasses!  These are from the lovely Lynn Provencher, owner of Country Crossroads Quilt Shop in Orange Park.  The Lady of the Lake quilt guild mug rug and matching mug were here waiting for my check in along with a large fruit basket and a keurig with all kinds of yummy beverage cups.  SO nice!

FWIW – I’m going to have to ship a box home of goodies – my luggage is WAY over weight limits!


Tonight I sew!

Thank you goes to Glenda for loaner featherweight #3 on this trip ---I couldn’t get this done without those willing to lend me a machine to keep me sewing.  My Lozenges are ready to sew into rows!

Will I have a top by the time retreat is over?  I sure hope so!

Have a LOVELY Sunday evening, everyone ---sure enjoying the lighter longer evenings already – it just FEELS GOOD!

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  1. Anonymous6:52 PM EDT

    We are all looking forward to the next 3 days with you at Camp Weed. Only wish for your sake that there were TV's in the rooms so that you wouldn't miss "Christmas With the Crawley's" on PBS tonight. However, we do enjoy the solitude without TV while we are there! Just have to watch it on demand when you get home.

    Gay K.

  2. Wish I was there with you! Guess I will just have to enjoy the much warmer weather here in NC and look forward to retreats (including Vegas - can't wait!) that I have planned later in the year.

  3. Anonymous7:04 PM EDT

    Sounds like you're feeling much better. That's a beautiful venue for a quilt retreat. Wish I was going to be there.

    Susan L.

  4. It looks like a wonderful place to relax, recuperate and have fun sewing. Enjoy!!

  5. Camp WEED? Better be careful talking about your stash *ahem* collection.

  6. If I did the kind of traveling you do I would have it down to an art form also - have fun

  7. aagraves@bellsouth.net10:23 PM EDT

    Glad you are settled in...and the weather is going to be perfect, can't wait...AG

  8. You are always in somewhere I can drive to when I am travelling. I will see you again some day.

  9. Good to read your post tonight reading between the lines it sounds as if you'd rather not put any more attention to your health. You are so into doing and saying what is necessary for your attendees to have the best experience possible.
    I haven't been able to be apart of the Bonnie Hunter class experience, but I hope I'll be able to one day
    Wishing you continuing healing.

  10. As a Florida native, I believe the North Central area of Florida is one of the least appreciated of the state's beauty! There is so much more serenity there than in the mid to lower 1/3s of Florida.

    Happy to see you have your nest made comfy with a quilt! Sewing machine at the ready ....

    Have fun and relax some too

  11. So glad you are feeling better and happy you have a little "me" time. I have to say though even when you were feeling so terrible, you looked Great!!! Have a wonderful time at Camp Weed.


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