Monday, March 16, 2015

Deep in the Land of H!

When one gets tired of sitting, one stands!

When one stands, she may as well be cutting and kitting up something – after all, that takes little to no effort, right?

Besides, color and texture is extremely good for the eyes, the spirit and the soul.

So cut out, I did.


Boxes of gifted scraps have gone a long way into making their path into recent quilts, and it is so fun to find a place for each piece.

I have received some questions when working with small blocks and choosing fabrics…

“How do you pair fabrics so the design isn’t lost or looks muddy?”

It’s a viable question!  Something I’m not sure I do consciously, but there is a method to my choosing in what goes next to what.


H in Progress!

In this example the H itself is a busy little print, which means I need high contrast between it and what goes up next to it. 

The neutral I used has BARELY a pattern and it is a geometric rather than another scattered floral print.

I’ve paired it with a nearly solid marble.

In this one example you can see I’ve got three things going on ---contrast in color, contrast in scale, and contrast in pattern ((nearly solid, busy print, geometric))

Very rarely would I put two florals together because they kind of run amok and blur the edges, especially with tiny patchwork.

If something is a busy big print – I would use it only ONCE in the block, and pair it with something more solid so I have a defining edge of where the block design stops and the background starts.


Trimming this one!

Square in a square units are ALWAYS sewn with a bit larger triangle than is required for me.  There is a lot of take-up in the overlap where corners of triangles cross other corners and they tend to fall short if I do them “mathematically correct.”  I am using the 1/4” line on my Easy Square Jr to sliver trim the excess.

In this block, I’ve used a busy Kaffe fabric as the H –so the surrounding triangles are once again more of a solid in this case a melon colored fossil fern.  I used a white backgrounded star print as my neutral.  it’s more geometric and scattered.  Again, 3 different things:  Color, Scale, Pattern.

If your blocks are muddy, give this a try!  Too much printy printy printy will give a mushed up effect.

Yesterday’s trimmed samples again:


These all have very BUSY H’s so the surrounding parts are not.


Design wall!

Some of these H’s are NOT so busy, so their surrounding parts are a bit busier and bolder.  I just am careful to not put a big and busy with another big and busy.


And so I cut sets – All Afternoon!


Baggied and ready to fly!

I didn’t even count how many are in here, but I am sure that there are more than enough to keep me busy while I am in Oklahoma!

This morning Sadie and I are packing up and heading home.  But first….a lovely Buck Mountain Sunrise walk:


Good Morning, Mountain!


Let’s go, big girl!


Hurry up, Mom!

We’ll be home before noon with any luck.

I’ve got packing to do.

Tomorrow?  TULSA!

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  1. And you are off again.You have heard it before..but I don't know how you do it!! I would forget what city I was in!! Thanks for the quick lesson in scrap placing!!

  2. Safe travels Bonnie. And thanks for the very clear lesson. So glad you are feeling better.

  3. Have a safe trip down the mountain and a safe flight and I will see you in the Tulsa classes. Whoohoo!!!

  4. Travel safe and get better each day. Thanks for the lesson in scrap selection. BTW ... how is Sadie feeling? She looks great and I always, always, always love pictures of her adorable little face. That little one must miss you LOTS while you are gone! Thanks for all you do!!

  5. Thanks for posting some pics of Sadie. I love to see her, because she is so like my last dog, Pep. ( I enjoy the quilt talk too, but I Love Sadie.)

  6. Bonnie....thank you so much for the lesson this morning! I just made a quilt top & I don't like it at all and "muddy" is the perfect description! I couldn't put my finger on what was wrong since it was made from a layer cake, but your explanation made the light bulb go on!!! Take care of yourself.....so many of us are following your travels...and thanks again! Xox. Lana

  7. Sonia Tuttle10:41 AM EDT

    Thanks for the lesson. It all makes more sense to me now. New, since making the Grand Illusion (not finished yet) at scrap quilting, but have been quilting for several years. Thanks again.

  8. Norma Casad11:04 AM EDT

    I didn't make the cut for Oklahoma meetings but will look forward to seeing you in Tuscany in May
    Norma Casad

  9. Anonymous11:28 AM EDT

    Good information & perfect timing since I have several scrappy projects going. Thank you, Bonnie!

    Beth in IL

  10. Anne Johnson11:57 AM EDT

    Thanks so much for another valuable lesson. Made a scrappy quilt top and haven't quilted it because so unhappy with the results. Think my seam ripper and I will be getting busy. Will have enough for two tops now!

  11. I'm so glad you are feeling better! There are a bunch of us so excited to meet you Wednesday in Stillwater. We have our strips cut and are ready to met you and learn lots!

  12. I hope you got the respite you needed at Quiltvilla. Have fun in Tulsa! I spent the weekend with Quilty friends and learned to play FARKLE! It's almost as addicting as chain piecing.

  13. I know the quilters in Tulsa will enjoy seeing you.Just wondering did you pin all your H sets together or just pile them in the ziplock?

    Debra in Virginia

  14. Thank you for your very clear instructions about selecting fabric scraps to get the desired contrast in scrap blocks. Excellent. Safe travels. Don't know how you do all the constant packing and unpacking!

  15. Thanks for the tip. It should be a no- brainer, but sometimes it helps to hear it again. Have a good trip to OK.

  16. You are always so inspiring Bonnie! Thanks for taking time for us to explain the meat of your quilts and designs! I am so going to make this one.....my last name starts with "H" too! Perfect travelling project!

  17. Can't wait to see you in Tulsa!!!!!

  18. Anonymous9:13 AM EDT

    I haven't had the time to take one of your many classes but would love to! I look forward daily to your photos of the world around you and seeing the Blue Ridge mountains. Thanks for all your laughs, tips, and vicarious vacations to distant places. Cindy at cwienstroer@amuniversal.com

  19. Is the pattern for the "H" block in one of your books.



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