Monday, March 23, 2015

Quilt-Cam! 3/23/2015

Hi Everyone! 

It’s been a long while since our last Quilt-Cam opportunity.

Before I left for Florida we fit one in….and on that 2 week trip I got sick, with no voice!

Do you know I am just NOW feeling back to normal??  Whatever it was laid me flat for 3 weeks, so take care of yourself and if you even THINK you are coming down with an ear infection or sinus infection or bronchitis – don’t be brave and put it off!  It’s a nasty bugger this year.

I want to start out this evening by introducing you to a special lady, Sherri!

In December she sent in an email during Quilt-Cam and she told us about her quilt mission.

She emailed today with photos to share with you.  She writes:

 Hi Bonnie,
You read my email during quiltcam in early December as I worked on lap robes for wheelchair patients that we served on our trip to the Middle East.
We made it home safe & sound and were so blessed to work with our partners there.
Here are a couple of pics from the trip. One is of Adam* with his new wheelchair & quilt. He had a crush on one of our physical therapists

The other is of my new friend and quilting buddy, Rita*.
Even without a translator, I could show her what I was doing and she caught on quickly. She had quite a stack of 4 patches by the end of the week.
Have loved following you on your many journeys. How wonderful to share the beauty of quilts that bridge all cultures &people.
Sherri Stauffer
Steamboat Springs, CO
(*Names changed for security )

It IS wonderful to see how quilts, caring and comfort can bring us together. 
Thank you, Sherri for sharing the photos and story with us.  I am sure good positive things like this will continue through the many efforts of others also engaged in such quilty endeavors!
On the home front:
I should never be left alone with an Ebay App.
Yeah.  I bought this.
I mean, PINK & CHEDDAR!?
It had my name on it!
And look at that hand quilting!
I’m guilty as H…… Hahaha!
So, tonight I’ll be working on these:
I sewed all of these in Oklahoma --
They are just waiting for squaring up.
You’ll find me HERE tonight making more!
I’m sewing on a 1950s Singer 404.  I sewed on this last time as well, and I was too lazy to swap out machines today – ran out of time is more like the story!
Are you ready to sew?  Click the arrow on the screen below to start the feed.

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  1. Hi Bonnie, Mary from Bolingbrook, IL here. Just wanted to share with you some great news...I got a featherweight today! So excited and I can't wait to be able to do some sewing on it!

  2. Love your "H" blocks. My 12 yr old son just walked by and said, "hey mom...I need one of those quilts" LOL! His name is HUNTER. :)

  3. Linda (45th Parallel Quilter) from Traverse City, Michigan. Glad to see you back home and feeling better. Missed QuiltCam and enjoying this one!

  4. Working on Easy Street

  5. Good morning from South Africa! Its 3am - sleep and hot flushes does not go well together.... :)Glad you feel better! Thanks for all you do...even when you are ill! Love, Cala

  6. Hi Bonnie, Kay, Borderline Quilter here, I'm only watching the start of Quiltcam, this is the first time live but it's real late in Scotland my bed is calling. So happy you are starting to feel well again. I'm get super excited to be coming over to Paducah in April, just heard today that my two quilts arrived already, remember you saw one of my quilts at the Birmingham show last year, that was my 1514 quilt with the horse and rider. I love your new to you vintage 'H' quilt....got go now 'night night'!

  7. Hello, Newbie quilter from Ohio, second class today, doing a single Irish Chain. Your site has been so helpful to me.

  8. Hi Bonnie

    My name is Kelley from Il.
    Sewing with you on my vintage machine. Her name is Nellie. She is a "Magic Needle" from the 50s.. Love all you do...

  9. Hi, bonnie. I've never had a comment read, so I'm hoping you'll read this tonite. I've been working on boxy stars all day.. Wish I could figure out how to send a pic. Am now squaring up 9-patches....a leader/ender projecy that I hope eventually becomes Rick Rack Nines. Thx for all you do!

  10. I am sewing with you tonight....I was in your Sat. workshop in Tulsa. Working on Majestic Mountains! Loved the workshop!!!!!!

  11. Anonymous9:36 PM EDT

    Glad to catch quilt cam tonight. Working on fusing tshirts for a graduation quilt tonight.

  12. Hi Bonnie, glad you are better & thank you for quilt cam tonight. I am putting binding on a Moda Piece & Comfort challenge quilt, need to turn it in to my local quilt shop, I am giving it to my sister in memory of her late husband who served in the navy. I was so excited to see you tonight, have missed quilt cam, and love reading your blog everyday. Have a great time in Maine, we had 6 inches of snow today here in Richmond IL, built a snow bunny.

  13. Your 301 will fit in the 404 singer cabinet but you'll need a "cradle" to hold the 310Singer

  14. Hi Bonnie, my Easy Street Quilt was juried into the International Quilt Show in Chicago this week. It will be in the Midwest Marvels display. Thank you for all you do and share with us. Terry Johnson, Princeton ,IL

  15. Caught you live on QuiltCam tonight without any sewing to distract me. I usually play your archived QuiltCams when I am sewing at my machine and only get to look up every now and then. Tonight I realized how many tips and techniques you clarify visually during a session and I will have to watch more closely in the future. Just finished two lap-sized quilts for granddaughters... one was a jelly roll race, one was a latticed charms quilt... both used the 30s prints & colors of Storybook Playtime, Whistler Studio for Windham Fabrics. Have finally begun my scrap cutting and organization with these. Had a bunch of empty pillow sham and bedsheet plastic bags with zippers, and am starting to gather my collection of "leftover" strips in these.
    Oh, I watched your 1410 video session with Alex & Tim this "free" weekend, and loved how clearly you explained which strips you cut and why. You are such a friendly teacher and coach. Your QuiltCams cheer me on! Thank you for all you do to spread your "joy of quilting"!

  16. Just watched Quilt Cam on the archive. Thanks for your comments about getting 10000 steps on FitBit. I just got mine a few weeks ago and I have gotten a bit too wrapped up in getting more than 10000 steps. That goal is a nice one but it is Ok not to get it every day!

  17. I think the H is for one quarter of the 4H club block. I remember that from somewhere in the dark ages of my memory. Hope I'm right.

  18. Bonnie, love the new vintage H quilt you found... enjoyed your quilt cam in archive I have watched every time I sit to stitch! Thanks for all your tips and sharing... hope your cabin days are lovely ones! Safe travels to Maine :) Kathi

  19. I have to make one of these for my Grandson, Hunter! He'll be 2 years old tomorrow.
    Thank you for sharing your photos!

  20. I love your "new" cheddar H quilt. It looks to be in great shape. Thank you also for the Quilt Cam. I'll look for you this Thurs night if you are still healthy. Have fun in Maine!


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