Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A bit of Stillwater Antiquing!

Downtown Stillwater is all a-bloom in Bradford pears!

From a distance, the trees resemble giant popcorn balls, and it is a sight to behold!

It would be MORE of a site if it weren’t dreary grey and drizzly misty outside—I have always thought that blooming trees looked BEST against a vibrant blue sky.

But today I’m happy for blooms of any kind, against any kind of sky.

SPRING!  We long for it, we wait for it, and if you don’t pay attention, it is over all too soon and then we have to wait another year for it to happen again.


OH, wonderful!


So glad I got to enjoy these!

We had just enough time after our workshop was over today to hit a couple of antique malls before closing.

And!  We found quilts!


String X with Yellow background!

The quilt is being held up by cohorts Susan on the left, and Bonnie on the right ---so happy they were eager to go exploring with me.


Close up.

Love the multitudinous polka dots in all sizes in this one – 1940s we are guessing, but it has some earlier fabrics too – just like our own stashes, scrap bags ran deep!


Another yellow treasure!  String pieced 6 pointed star!

I’m loving that red inner border.  Great choice!


This one was simply quilted in horizontal rows.

Funky 1940s prints in this one too!


Double T!

I love the printy sashings in the upper 3 rows….it makes the next 3 rows look spaced-apart..sashings are still there –but it looks so different with the print ones, vs the neutral ones.


MUST try this – it gives a very strippy quilt look!


Love a good scrappy churn dash!

This one was fun….several of the blocks have little to no contrast, and these fabrics date form the 1950s-1960s!


Burgundy on red!  See it?


Love the blue print on turquoise.

This one was machine quilted in a horizontal grid, this quilt has held up well because of the stability added by the machine quilting that crosses all seams to anchor them.


Great period fabrics!


I love imagining dresses, blouses, skirts, shirts and aprons out of these prints.


Wool crazy!

I would have unfolded this to get better photos, but Bonnie was checking out and the mall was about to close ----still ---I did spy a couple of machines!


Sweet 99k!


OOooh! I wanted this one!

It’s a lovely 15 with a potted motor in a blonde 4 drawer cabinet.  We were told this one was already sold ---and I can see why!  I hope it gets sewn on lots!

And the other machine thing that did not come home, though it nearly did:


Sewing Til Death!  LOL!!

Too funny!  As we all read the tag and agreed “You’ve got THAT right!”

Dinner was had at the infamous Eskimo Joe’s –a Stillwater tradition and icon for 40 years:


Here I am!


When in Stillwater – one MUST eat at Eskimo Joe’s!

I’m now back to my room ---it was a crazy packed day, and we filled it full.

Tonight I’ll be in my jammies editing down the myriad of photos taken from today’s workshop to work them into a slide show for tomorrow morning’s blog post.

In the morning, Susan is picking me up – I’ll be checking out and we will head back to Tulsa – antiquing our way to lunch out and finally meeting up with the Tulsa guild girls for an early supper and setting up for tomorrow evening’s presentation with the Tulsa guild.

I’ll be handed off!  And the Tulsa guild will take over –and the next segment of my Oklahoma adventure will commence.

I wonder what those gals have in store for me?  I can hardly wait!

Have a great evening, everyone!

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  1. Oh Bonnie,MIT was so much fun today and I learned a lot!
    Thanks for coming to Oklahoma and safe travels back to NC and those beautiful mountains.

  2. When you come to Maine at the end of the month, bring your woolies because it still seems to be winter here. It just won't let go. Really cold and windy here tonight.

  3. Martha Whitaker10:08 PM EDT

    Bonnie, thank you for all of your quilty tips and energetic lessons for My Blue Heaven today! So glad I was able to attend and meet you!

  4. Oh sewnsew, say it isn't so! I am going to Maine in 2 weeks - for Easter - and I don't want any snow!

  5. All the times I've been to Stillwater, I've never had time to go to any antique shops. I'll have to google them and see where they are. I did find both quilt stores.

  6. Bonnie - you would happen to remember the name of the shop where you saw the 'Sweet 99K" featherweight, would you? It's identical to the one I use when my mom taught me to sew, and I'd love to get ahold of one!



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