Friday, March 20, 2015

Antiquing to Tulsa!

What is the view between Stillwater and Tulsa, Oklahoma?


You can see we had a cloud covered drizzly kind of day.

Too cool!  Where is the blue sky and sunshine? It hasn't found us yet!

Hopefully I will see some before I fly home on Sunday, but as for today ---we call this “easy on the eyes” when driving long distances --

With three of us in the car our chatter carried us all the way to where we hoped to discover some treasures – Tulsa style!




Crib Quilt Under Glass!

I wish this was OUT from under the glass, but it was still fun to photograph such a simple setting. 

The shoo-flies are framed with shirting strips, and then sashed on point.  So effective!


Close up of great fabrics

I found it interesting that while the blocks and setting triangle half blocks were framed with light strips, the quarter blocks in the corners were not!


Love these fabrics!  Dated 1870s.

I love the light shoo-flies on the darker brown backgrounds.

There is some fussy cutting of stripes going on.


Very contemporary looking!


Snow ball quilt almost a drunkard’s path but not quite!

Dated 19th century, hard to tell from the indigo prints just when they were manufactured.  Lovely hand quilting! 


Into the 20th century!

Spashy mid-century dresdens in small and large sizes.  I love this one!  It has been used to death and was shredded in many areas, but it is so fun to look at, isn’t it?


Little Britches block!


Great 1940s era fabrics!



I don’t remember where I saw that this block was called “little britches” or “boys britches” But it makes a fun design and there are no points!  There are, however – y seams a plenty.


I’ll hold this one!

Great album block – love how the vertical sashings are a different color than the horizontal.  Still something I’ve never done with a quilt and is on my bucket list.  Notice how some of the blocks are one fabric, but others are scrappy?  We can tell just how far this quilter’s scrap bag went!


Makes the blocks look SO different!


More fun randomness next to matchy matchy.


This by far is my favorite!


Loads of half square triangles – changing directions where they want to!


Great plaids and stripes!


And I love the pinks and yellows in here!


Another Jewel Star with a hexie center!




Oh Look!  I found the case of vintage OU memorabilia!

And I turned the corner to run right into this:


My great uncle Bud Wilkinson on a poster!

He coached for OU from 1947 to 1963.

I felt like I was name dropping, but I admit it was really fun to let those in the audience at my lecture know that I am the great-niece of the infamous Bud Wilkinson, coach of the OU Sooners.  I’m proud of my heritage and prouder of my uncle and all he did for OU.

Bud was my grandfather’s younger brother.  My dad’s uncle.  He and my grandfather looked so very much alike!  It’s fun to look at my brother Mark’s son, Spencer, and see how much of the Wilkinson family traits he has inherited as well.


And then we found a yellow backgrounded ocean waves!


Lovely prints and plaids!


And great hand quilting!


I love that green print on the right!

And I just love how happy yellow makes me feel!  No you can NEVER have too much yellow!

I was dropped off to my new lodings in Tulsa by 3pm.  Last night’s lecture was a whirlwind ---and I am repeating it again this morning for the morning chapter.

The presentation will be followed by a half-day Boxy Stars workshop!

Have a GREAT Friday, everyone!

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  1. Anonymous9:43 AM EDT


    You are right! That block is called Boys Britches. It appeared in the Kansas City Star in 1938.

    It is #2961 in the Electric Quilt's Blockbase computer program.

    Thank you!

    Al Navas
    Country Club, MO
    email: alnavas.sandalwoods@gmail.com
    Blog: Learning to Quilt, at http://startingtoquilt.blogspot.com/

  2. Thank you for those beautiful pictures! I never see antique quilts that wonderful in shops where I live, but then, it saves me lots of money! Could you please tell me how much the Shoo Fly quilt and the yellow Ocean Waves were priced at? Is always nice to have an idea what quilts go for!

  3. Loved the show of quilts! My husband says Bud Wilkinson was "the man" in his time. He was a great coach! Wasn't old enough to watch him coach but knows all about him. He enjoyed seeing the picture. Greatness must run in the family!!

  4. I love your favorite quilt too! In fact, I am making something similar for my grandson... BIg Brother quilt... using Goodwill shirts and a dark blue for the HSTs and red bandana fabric for the corners. I was just going to put the blocks side by side, but I may have to think about a plain fabric block in between.


  5. Bonnie- I am in your neck of the woods tonight -Greensboro. Not finding any real antique quilts around here, nor sewing machines. You must have the market cornered. :-) We'll try Virginia tomorrow.

  6. Boy, do I love that snowball quilt. Just beautiful. Happy trails, Bonnie.

  7. Boy was your great uncle something to look at! Very handsome. The quilts were great too.


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