Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Galaxy-gram! Portland Head Light!

Hello from LaGuardia where I am catching my last flight!

Paula and I enjoyed the sunshine and blue skies in Portland Maine today and drove out to Portland Head Lighthouse for some photo taking.

It was a gorgeous day and these are just a sampling of what I took--more to come!

Of course we finished up with a delicious lunch and I had to indulge with the Lobstah!

One more flight to my own bed!


  1. I love Maine and really enjoy eating lobster at the lobster shacks. It is too bad that the weather wasn't warm enough for the lobster shacks to be open. Did you really get TWO lobsters? Yum! Of course, the steamed broccoli made it a healthy meal (as long as you didn't use all of the clarified butter). Glad you will be home for a bit of a rest. Take care of yourself, Bonnie.

  2. You are eating my most favorite food in the world. Hope you enjoyed it.

  3. You are eating my most favorite food. I'm sure you enjoyed it..

  4. I thought I saw you waiving my direction! When you were at LaGuardia you were about 60 miles away.

  5. Looks like they skimped on the butter! Haven't been to Demillo's Floating Restaurant for ages.

  6. Oh call me jealous. I have not been to Maine in a few years.I love fresh Lobster & once ate a 3 pounder at one sitting and still wanted more. Love the Lobster shacks that cook it on the spot. So glad you got to the lighthouses. You should be home in about a 1/2 hour if your flights were on time. Such fun.
    May, Michigan

  7. Anonymous9:44 PM EDT

    The next best thing to quilting is eating lobster! I miss it. I know I could save my money to go back, BUT I always find fabric I can't live without 😊. Besides, my goal is to save my money to do a Bonnie retreat!

  8. Anonymous9:45 PM EDT

    My favorite seafood and one of my favorite Maine lighthouses. What a wonderful trip! Some day I hope to get back there. Enjoy your time home, Bonnie!

  9. Anonymous12:11 AM EDT

    Have just discovered your cams and your wonderful talent as a quilter. I can see how you would be a great motivator, and educator. I enjoy your relaxed teaching methods as they are so non-threatening. Good work!

  10. Anonymous12:40 AM EDT

    You make traveling so fun for us. We get all of the benefits thru you and your telling to the stories and photos. Thanks for the fun! -Rhonda

  11. Always love seeing "my" Portland Headlight,Hope you also got to South Portland and saw the "Bug Light" lighthouse..
    Hoping to go HOME to Portland,Cape Elizabeth area this summer for a visit,long overdue,not been home since 2003.
    I enjoy your Mystery Quilts & new blocks produced in the Quiltmaker Magazine.

  12. I"ve been to the Portland Light. Husband's family is from Maine and New Hampshire. Lots of Lobster Lovers.

  13. So glad you got to the lighthouse, Bonnie, and also got your lobsters. The Goddard mansion was a very lovely home. My friend lived there as a child when her father was in charge of the lighthouse. I'm still slicing and dicing and having fun.
    Martha Tame

  14. Ahhh, a gluten-free meal fit for royalty! Lobstah!

  15. I visited the Portland Head Light a few years ago on a road trip with a girl friend. One of my most memorable vacations!


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