Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Showin & Sharin with the Cypress Creek Quilters!

These ladies know their stuff!  And I a so happy that they brought quilts to share not only with me but with our entire class!

This is this year’s donation quilt and in about two weeks it will be drawn for.

The detail and workmanship are just phenomenal on this beauty, and believe me, it is much more vibrant in person!

It’s Wonderful!  It would look even more stunning on a bed.

Congrats to ever wins this one –and it’s happening SOON!


Lee Ann’s My Blue Heaven from the Free Patterns tab is finished!


And Grand Illusion is ready for quilting!


Another my Blue Heaven in the ranks!


Terri also shared her Midnight Flight from MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders!


This is Terri’s Grand Illusion!


She made these blocks in my friend Randy’s Sow-Along!

Love the setting!


Celtic Solstice!


Tulip Fields from String Fling!


Betty’s Choice, an Addicted to Scraps column block!


Evelyn’s Grand Illusion top!


Scrappy Mountain Majesties from the Free Patterns tab!


Another Grand Illusion – this one in grays and yellows..just stunning!


Cheddar Bowties – in Green! from More Adventures with Leaders & Enders!

I love how this one sparkles, and check out the back:


How many Quiltville leftovers are in here??  FUN!


Orca Bay from String Fling made an appearance!


And an antique shoofly top from around 1920.  such great fabrics!


Evelyn has her Lozenge top together!

I am so inspired to finish mine!  I didn’t make as much progress yesterday as I hoped – I slept most of the day.

You'll find the directions for the Leader & Ender Lozenge challenge under the Free Patterns tab as well.  This summer we will be choosing out NEXT Leader & Ender Challenge.  I wonder what it will be? 

The lecture went fine last night, but my throat is so raw after forcing myself to speak, I need to take a vow of silence for a few days.  I’ve got every kind of medication under the sun –just a crazy  busy teaching schedule with no time off to let things heal.

No one schedules in sick time – and sometimes we just have to push right through it.

I’m out the door early thins morning ---Tampa to Jacksonville and a ride down to Orange Park. 

Today is a down day and I will be using my voice as little as possible.

More photos to follow!

Have a great Wednesday, everyone!

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  1. Hope you get to feeling better. No cures from me...I'm sure you know the drill. Take care. I feel for you.

  2. Hope you get to feeling better. No cures from me...I'm sure you know the drill. Take care. I feel for you.

  3. So sorry to hear you are still feeling so crummy. Take care.

    In my regular email I get emails from Quiltmaker. Today one came through that said Are you addicted to scraps?
    Build your stash, get a Bonnie Hunter starter pack.

    Too much fun Bonnie. You are a force to be reckoned with!

  4. Take care of yourself..seems it is that time of year. DH and I have both been sick and it is a bad one. We haven't had a cold this bad in years!!!
    Love the show and share..the yellow/gray grand illusion is my favorite!

  5. Bonnie, sweetie - I know you get very tired of free advice, and you are a grown woman - but here goes anyway - go to urgent care !!! You are a professional SPEAKER - this is urgent - they can give you something that will help - you just can not afford tto lose it completely... and now, a hug.............

  6. Barbara Anne11:40 AM EST

    Loved the showin and tellin and applause for all of the quiltmakers who finished these glorious quilts and tops!!

    May I suggest Thera-Flu for your miseries? We prefer the powder that makes a lemon beverage and I add some sugar to it because it is tart. This over-the-counter medicine has helped us carry on when sick for a decade or more. It tastes good, too.

    Wishing you well!


  7. Oh my, we (followers from our homes) are so lucky that you don't have to use your voice to post on your blog!!! Get well soon.

  8. Lubricate your throat with lots of honey and lemon slices in hot water. Vitamin C tablets to boost your immunity. No talking! Get ell soon.

  9. If get well wishes could make you better, you'd be singing today!
    Hope that happens soon.

  10. All of these quilts are stunning! What a joy for everyone to see. And feel better soon!

  11. My favorite thing for a sore throat is popsicles. I figure I'm getting fluids and the cold helps numb the throat. Hope you feel better!

  12. Thanks for taking the time to show us all the show and tell. Take care hope you feel better in a very short time. I appreciate seeing what is happening in your corner of the world.

  13. As you are a professional speaker away from home and in the middle of several engagements I bet you could get "worked in" for a same day appointment with an Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist. This must be a fairly common occurrence amongst this profession and ENTs must have a provision for this. Do you have a friend who could make some calls for you? Hope so!

  14. Bonnie: I forgot to tell you- I think that your Hexies Quilt is coming along nicely! I think it is Looking Great!

  15. Wendy Bain11:32 AM EDT

    Bonnie, I'm curious. Do you have a file on your computer where you keep photos of your quilts made by your fans? The gray and yellow Grand Illusion looked so different than your colors. It would be cool to be able to flip through pictures of so many different quilts all made from the same pattern.

  16. Those were some really pretty quilts.
    Sorry you were feeling bad. That's where I'm at this week. Got some medicine with codeine for the cough.
    Hope you're feeling better now.
    Leaving for quilt retreat Saturday so I have to feel better!


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