Friday, March 27, 2015

A Friday Flight to Maine!

Fingers busily stitched as I flew from Greensboro first to Detroit, Michigan –and then on to Portland, Maine.

It may seem like a bit out-of-the-way route, but this is how things go.

When you fly from a smaller regional airport, like Greensboro, you HAVE to hit a major hub before continuing on to your destination.  Hubs are like bus depots.  You may not be able to get directly to Portland, Maine from Greensboro, North Carolina – neither are hubs, but you CAN get there as soon as you hit a hub which can get you anywhere from there.

I fly Delta.  My choices as far as hubs go are mostly Atlanta or Detroit.  Sometimes La Guardia, but that one rarely works out as the times are odd, and I avoid La Guardia with a passion anyway!

Today – it was Detroit.  It’s only an hour’s flight from Greensboro, and nearly straight north, so it really isn’t out of the way.  Atlanta would have been, because that is flying south westerly to go north west!

 This is for those of you who don’t fly, who don't understand the way of the hub system of air travel.

You can’t help it – unless you fly out of a major hub, there is nothing that goes direct.

But I got a LOT done on my section #5 for the never ending hexie project!  That rosette border will go on two sides of my diamond inset piece.  It’s coming along!


And I got to say hello to MICHIGAN!

And it was a visible Hello—I could see my breath coming up the jet bridge!

To all my Michigander friends –I waved a hearty hello and sent you all up smiles as I went from one gate to another, reboarded within the hour and left for Maine.


Maine!  Brrrr!


I see the sea!


Islands everywhere!


Cropped photo of what looks like an old fort!

Okay, one of my Maine peeps..give me a history lesson on this piece of rock with an old fort on it.  It’s got my history-lovin’ interest!


Welcome to Portland!

I’m going to have a warm and wonderful time here, I just know it!

I checked into my hotel and promptly took a 2.5 hour nap.  Let me tell you, 4:30am came way too early this morning and I needed it.

I’m being met at 6pm by the guild gals for dinner out, and then it’s back to my room with a borrowed featherweight.  I brought my H blocks with me to work on –hence the needed nap.

Tomorrow morning – Tumelo Trail from Scraps & Shirttails II  is up on deck and we’ve got 27 in the class!


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  1. Bonnie, hope you have a wonderful time with all the gals in Portland.
    Thanks for the wonderful pictures, I love seeing the pics that you take from the plane. And here is the info on that Fort Gorge, or at least I think that is what it is.

  2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fort_Gorges
    I am not from the area but was curious too. The shape was unusual. This link had some information.

  3. The so called fort might also be a prison.....a pretty creepy one.

  4. Anonymous9:47 PM EDT

    I'm always impressed with your hexies! Wow what tenacity. Makes my little one still very young. r7ekblad@hotmail.com

  5. This Michigander was waving back at you ... looking forward to your visit to our guild near Traverse City, Michigan in March, 2016. Actually, all air travel anymore is "interesting" and can be a challenge sometimes. Enjoy your stay in Portland and will look forward to your posts! Linda

  6. Waving back from the home of the Spartans (East Lansing, MI) who won tonight! Go Green!

  7. I am putting the "binding" on my hexie project. Can't wait for it to be done, so excited. I am sewing a row of hexies to the front that I will be flipping to the back. Long process, but I think it will be worth it. First hexie project and first hand quilting project!

  8. Waving Hi from Michigan and anxiously awaiting the next quiltcam! Have fun and stay warm in Maine,

  9. While that old fort isn't exactly a hexagon, it DOES have 6 sides, lol.

  10. to paraphrase a beatle song...you say hello and i say goodbye! be sure and have the lobster in lobsterville!

  11. all I can say, Bonnie, is be happy you arrived just as the weather has become so mild. a few weeks ago you wouldn't be so happy. while you are in Portland, try lunch at DuckFat on Middle St. Wish I was attending your talk, but it was booked solid before I even found out about it! You are very popular among the Maine Quilter's and you will have a lovely time here. Turkey tracks is a favorite of mine, both the pattern and the RED! Susan of Vassalboro, Maine

  12. Flown into Portland many times as relatives are in Brunswick. I understand hubs. We are flying to Quebec in July and go from Florida to Houston to Toronto to Quebec to get the cheapest air fare. A 12 hour day but it should be interesting to go to airports other than Atlanta. Have fun!
    My GIMQ is at the quilters!

  13. Thanks for the wave to Michigan! I waved back. Did you see me?

  14. PeggyinMaine9:43 AM EDT


  15. Hope you can work in a trip to the Portland Lighthouse. It's a beautiful one full of history. Loved Maine when we visited a few years ago from Albuquerque, NM. Would love an opportunity to return.

  16. Some time I hope you come to Portland, Ore. Enjoy your mild weather and the group. :)

  17. You had me hooked on the string quilts for a bit now but while shopping I spotted a project that was only 4 inches wide using strings. Now you've got me putting the crumbs together to make pieces for that 4 inch wide strip! This is getting beyond reasonable but I am loving it and the way it looks! Trying some scrap lightweight denim from deconstructed ladies jumpers/dresses. I make quilts for graduation gifts for the teens at church and have several for next year that I'm trying to get a jumps start on with my string stuff.

  18. Waving back at you from Michigan! And sooo looking forward to seeing you at The Grand next Spring!! Happy travels to you!!


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