Friday, March 13, 2015

Recoup to Quilt Villa!

It’s rainy and grey and cold in the Blue Ridge!

And that’s fine with me.

We left Winston Salem around 4:30 pm, making our way westward toward the mountains.

It was iffy as to whether I was really going to come up this weekend ---

But you know what?  There is more relaxing and recouperating to do up here at the cabin than there is at home where work really pulls at me.

I’ve got bindings to finish. 

I can sit in my comfy chair and watch movies, do little at all besides binding.

Everything that needed to be done before the weekend hit was tackled, including this:


All orders are up to date and out the door!


I was greeted by daffodils on the way back from the post office!


And I finished THIS bit of yellow happiness!

And this all happened before the 4pm departure time ----though this quilt will have to be trimmed and binding cut and applied later – I ran out of time on it.  Still – there is plenty of hand work to do up at the cabin.


And the mist falls!


But I am spending my weekend HERE!


There is a new element for THIS!

Remember 2 weeks ago when the oven element caught fire and blew up?  A replacement was located last week and arrived just in time for us to take it up with us ---new element means no new range for now, but I’m okay with that.  There are other things of great expense that have to happen around here and not having to replace the stove is a GOOD thing.

We just plugged it in and voila!  It HEATS!  It’s good to go for at least a while.

Tonight, friends Rick and Mona ((And of course Sadie’s best GF Beanie!)) are heading over for movie night with pizza and popcorn.

Guess who has NOT EVER seen Ferris Bueller's Day Off?? 

NEITHER of them!

How can that be?  It’s a 1980s CLASSIC!

It’s going to be fun to see it with them ---

Save Ferris!

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  1. I've never seen that movie either. Guess I'd better head to the movie store!

  2. Next time you are in Chicago I'll take you on my own Ferris Tour.

  3. I have never seen it either.

  4. A classic movie indeed, enjoy!

  5. Enjoy. You deserve it.

  6. Relax, get well and bind away. I love the parade part where Ferris sings. Its been sunny and 65 in Illinois today. The dogs have been out sunning themselves on the deck. I was in the basement sewing on two bindings, made two additional bindings, and 7 labels. Next week is our local quilt show.

  7. I could watch it again.

  8. My blog header has perennial daffodils year round because I love their sunshine-yellow glory. So glad that the stove element fits and works for you. That spares you the learning curve of a new model, ugh, who loves that? Rest and get well!

  9. I saw the movie back then and wasn't impressed.

  10. So glad to hear you're "home" again and well prepared for a bit of R&R. Have a great weekend.

  11. My granddaughter and I watched it Monday. She told me that it is her favorite movie. My first time to see it was with her mother and aunt when they were teenagers. It is a classic for sure!

  12. We watch it every chance we get. Fry? Fry? Fry?....my last name is Frye. Lol!!

  13. Oh what a great full to the brim fun evening you're having. Such happy shared moments for everyone..........

  14. One of my favorite movies!

  15. A radio station replayed that movie in a movie theater a couple of years ago. My 90 year old stepmother wanted to see it. We were the only oldies there. It was worth it to see the expressions of the faces of the younger ones. I had seen it before.

  16. I think maybe it's time to watch Ferris Beuller again. :)

  17. I've never seen this movie either, but the little clip made me want to see it. Thanks for sharing Bonnie. Mona in Melbourne, FL

  18. I haven't seen it , because I was given a short description something about a teenager driving a body around. I didn't think that was the type of show for me.

  19. The best part of the movie is the sister played by Jennifer Grey before Dirty Dancing fame; she's plays the bitter, jealous sister perfectly! Oh, and there is no body being driven around...that's another movie! LOL!

  20. Count me in the "never seen it" camp. And not on my to watch list. Must be a generational thing.

  21. Anonymous12:53 AM EDT

    It's one of my favorites!! Linda

  22. I was down for the count with bronchitis all last week (and am still dealing with the remnants) and so have been sympathizing along with you and your respiratory crud. Coincidentally, I watched Ferris Bueller's Day Off for the first time in at least 20 years when I was home sick last week. A classic indeed! :-)

  23. Originally from Chicago I so enjoyed seeing all the familiar landmarks (to me) during the movie. It's a classic and always on the list whenever we want a little bit of nostalgia. Should have been fun watching others watch it ;-)

  24. I don't think they could make that movie today without throwing in lots of bad words. What's up with that? We certainly don't all talk that way! It's a fun movie!

    Your layout and colors in your spider web quilt reminds me of the daffodils!

    Take care...

  25. Enjoy your weekend! Just a heads up...those replacement elements don't last as long as the original ones. I have replace a couple in my old stove. They definitely are better than buying a new stove!!

  26. That clip was old home week and memories. Never saw the moving but I recognized the buildings!! and then The Picasso!!! I worked at 64 W Washington and we saw all sorts of life in the Cook County plaza - now called Daley Plaza.

    Enjoy the cabin - we have sun today and I should get out side and do some garden work !!!

  27. So glad to hear you headed to the cabin for some R&R. A place like that restores the soul and let's the body relax & heal. Happy Binding!!

  28. Love that movie! That's a good one to enjoy with friends. Hope you have a nice evening!


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