Saturday, March 28, 2015

A Saturday Night Woops!

2015-03-28 10.05.06
Tumelo Trail class was a riot today!

That’s not the woops part of this post…..but let me tell you, I just learned how easy it is to batch delete a group of photos that I thought I was watermarking!

ALL of the Show & Share photos I took today – and there were many and they were ALL beautiful—were gone from my phone and from my laptop with one foul click!  It was just a matter of hitting the wrong selection on the drop down menu in my photo editing software and pfffft!  They were all gone!

I am so bummed…so so so very bummed!  So if any of these gals have photos they took during our workshop today I would really love to have their show and share photos back!

Or—if they can get me photos of their quilts, I won’t be posting them until Wednesday or so ---so please, take some photos and send them to me ASAP!  Especially the Boston Contingency –I know they were only here for today and they won’t have a chance to bring them back tomorrow.

I’m so sorry ladies!  I’ve spent the past hour trying to figure out if I could get them back or not, but they are just GONE  **Huge frowny face**

Never the less we had a great time – I will edit down the photos that I didn’t lose and post those tomorrow..but just take a look at this:


Way too much fun – even in Biggie Size!


These gals were pedal to the metal!


The right wing of the room not to be outdone!


Charlotte’s on the design wall!

I even lost the photos I took during our road trip to Marden’s in Portland!  Whhhaaaaa!

But I did get to save this collage I posted to facebook:


Top image is my purchases!

Yes, I stash enhanced just a bit ---loads of good neutrals in there and some aquas to replace what I sewed up during Grand Ilusion.

Tomorrow I’ll take more photos…and I promise to be more careful…sometimes the electronic stuff and I just butt heads, and I end up the loser.

Have a great evening ---it’s jammie time and time for some featherweight action.

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  1. How sad! Your photos are not only great memories but shared experiences for all of us blog followers.
    When my daughter set up my iPad, she chose "Ask before deleting" in the settings for the Mail Contacts and Calendar section. So deleting requires two button pushes. Perhaps there is a setting like that on your phone for photos.

  2. Anonymous10:51 PM EDT

    Bonnie, you are so good with all the photos you take and share. I marvel at how talented you are with this tech stuff. Sorry for the whoops but thank you anyway for the post. -Rhonda

  3. Melinda McMahan11:16 PM EDT

    On my iPad, there is a "Recently Deleted" photo album where all photos I delete remain for 30 days or so before being permanently deleted. Comes in handy when I hit the wrong button. Does your device have such an option?

  4. A Mardens with fabric in Portland?? I thought the closest one in that area was Scarborough. Did I miss one? :-)

  5. Anonymous12:55 AM EDT

    Check your deleted items folder

  6. Anonymous1:15 AM EDT

    There should be an "undo" function for your photos. Before you do much more with your computer, get it to a computer techie and they should be able to retrieve your photos lickity-split. No pain, no pain. Good luck!!

  7. You should have a " recently deleted " file you can recover them from.

  8. Oh no, I have automatic back up to my G+ account so I don't loose anything. Sofar so good. Hopefully you can recover your pictures. Good Luck!

  9. I love Tumalo Trail! It's one of my favorites!

  10. Anonymous8:02 AM EDT

    Im so glad they took you to a Mardens. Sometimes you can find some really great fabric there. Always great prices too. Hope you can get your pictures back.

  11. So sorry some photos got lost, but it was still a great post and I'm glad that you got to visit the legendary Marden's, too! We love you even with any whoops-its!

  12. You should be able to recover those photos. Google the question and I'm sure you will find an answer/site that will walk you through the process. I just did a search and there are several methods.......

  13. The pictures should be in your "trash" folder. You can restore them from there.

  14. I once used a program called Recuva to get some pictures back from my daughter's camera memory card that had gotten accidentally erased by on of the kids. As long as the files haven't been overwritten it should work. The trick is to use it before you add anything else to the file. The program is free to download. Good luck!

  15. If you're using DropBox, you may be able to recover them by going online to DropBox and un-delete them. Check the "Events" in the left hand column. If you need more help, let me know.

  16. I know nothing about watermarking, but I Googled "automatic watermarking photos on an iPhone" and got the following responses.


    Maybe this will help - by avoiding the manual watermarking process entirely!


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