Monday, March 30, 2015

Inside Day in Maine!

I started my day off with a bit of block trimming.

Remind me to always carry a spare rotary blade in my checked luggage ---this one started skipping and I have been fighting it to the point of frustration this trip!

Lucky for me, my guild contact and friend Christine promised me a stop to pick up a new one while we were out and about so I can finish trimming these up before my flight out tomorrow.

Our plans for today included some light house pilgrimages, lunch out, and whatever other trouble we could find ourselves in.

I was ready and waiting for her in the lobby area by 10am ---but when I looked out the windows I couldn’t believe what I saw!

We quickly made a change in our plans.  This is not a day for being outside on the coast.  It’s a day for finding inside things to do!

 Look at it fall and blow!


So we came here instead – to see the world record revolving globe "Eartha" in the Delorme lobby!

That “Watch out for Falling Snow” sign is just for me.


Looking up – sheesh! I can’t fit this in my camera!


Hello, South America!
Peru is in there somewhere and we are going!

At this moment I am eagerly awaiting the warmth of Peru and the amazon Jungle.  It sounds mighty appealing!  Have you checked out the Peru trip and considered coming with me?  Click the Peru 2015 tab at the top of the blog for more info!


I see you, North Carolina!


It’s a Guinness Book Thing!


This is NOT a Guinness thing, but it’s a Portland, Maine icon, none the less!


We spent our snowy time INSIDE HERE!


But first, a snowy and cold photo op!


When the day is snowy and cold, there is nothing better than a big bowl of Vietnamese Pho to warm the bones!



I’ve got my new rotary blade.  I’ve had a bit of a nap.  I’m ready to head over and set up for tonight’s guild presentation with the Nimble Thimble Quilters of Windham, Maine!

The leftover soup is waiting for later –I may need a late evening snack after this is all said and done.  Thank heavens for a microwave and fridge in my room.

For those who have entered to win my current give-away – I”ll be giving away a copy of the May/June issue of Quiltmaker Magazine featuring my Garden Party quilt on the cover.  Head on over to that give-away post and leave your comment there to be entered to win.  The drawing is tomorrow morning!

Later, gators --

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  1. march is anything goes weather in maine....was snowing this AM when i left CT as well but just flurries...glad you are having fun anyway....plenty to see...can recommend gilbert's chowder house for great seafood...in the old port..too bad it's too early for most of the lobster shacks

  2. would love to stop at the LLBean store - do not envy you the snow - last week snow delayed me by a day leaving Wisconsin for Arkansas

  3. March came into KY like a lion and is going out like a lioness...the sun is bright, but the wind is chilly. The food looks delicious! Have fun tonight.

  4. Anonymous9:32 PM EDT

    I really miss the Maine coast - sitting on the Promenade eating smoked fish and Italian bread from the fish wharf listening to the gulls. sigh. On a lighter note, did anyone from Maine tell you the nickname for the Big Indian stature? The acronym is BFI and referred to as the Big 'Freeport' Indian. Locals gave it a more colorful wording!

  5. Anonymous9:58 PM EDT

    Would love to win. Looks like a great issee. Appreciate seeing all your travel pics. Pat from Michigan. monogramsetcpat@michonline.net

  6. you should have been I Boone this weekend. It was 24 degrees in Mt Airy Sunday morning. I'm so ready for warm weather.
    Dianne Holder
    Lowgap NC

  7. We, in California, would love to have that snow. Our drought continues.

  8. Yes, Southern CA is very nice! But with the drought how long will it stay that way? No matter where you live, please remember that water like oil is a precious resource, and should be treated as such.

  9. Anonymous6:35 AM EDT

    Loved your lecture and trunk show last night. It was great. the quilts are so beautiful in person.

  10. So glad you were able to get a new rotary cutter and a supply of great soup to ward off the blustery snowy weather. You are so upbeat and I love that about you! hugs, Vic in NH

  11. Nancy A: rangerer@sbcglobal.net3:28 PM EDT

    Love Pho! Sorry about the weather. But that is a good thing about being a quilter, there is always something to do (unless you forget something like I did this morning). It was 75 degrees at noon here and the wisteria (sp? -- we are northerners transplanted to the south) is blooming. It is fun to see a pine tree with purple flowers:)


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