Monday, July 14, 2014

Yesterday’s Impromptu Side Trip!

Yesterday afternoon I needed to run to town for supplies – and when I say run to town, I mean it.

It’s a 25 minute drive from the cabin to Wilkesboro to get to the closet minimart/gas station for anything.  You may as well go a few miles farther and get to a regular grocery store.

My options were to go up toward Boone and head to West Jefferson for the Lowes and the Walmart there, or to go back down to Wilkesboro –but then I’d feel like I was back-tracking because I’d have to go back UP to the cabin again to unload my haul.

Besides.  There were a couple of antique places that open at 1pm on Sunday in West Jefferson---hmmmmm!

Don’t you like this cute outside wall décor?  It’s a pallet painted like a flag…CUTE CUTE CUTE!

My only apprehension in getting this is that it isn't flush with the wall, it’s dimensional, and up here on the mountain where winds can howl, this would blow right off the outside cabin wall.  But I love it!


There were other Barn Quilt Blocks as well…

These would hang flatter on the cabin side and if we really secured it, the wind wouldn’t be able to take it down.  I took some measurement's –the one on the chair is 36” square, which is going to make it just under 54” on the diagonal if I hang it that way ---need to measure the spot I’m thinking of. 
I’ll definitely be back to this place, they had cool stuff for inside AND outside!  
Other goodies found:


Davis vertical feed, no cabinet, in very rough shape.


Sort of not really a New York Beauty!


No where to really lay it out!

I wish I knew the story behind this one.  I took photos and sent them off to Bill Volkening AKA Willy Wonky who is a collector of New York Beauty quilts ---we agreed it is a variation, but a more countrified one…This one is very indicative of turn of the 20th century North Carolina quilts with wide home-dyed sashings and primitive fan quilting.

We could call this one Appalachian Beauty ---hardworking hands with definite skills in working with needle and thread and small pieces put this quilt together with limited resources in fabrics used. Wonderful!

The poor thing was so shredded it didn’t come home with me….I didn’t think it would survive a washing and it sorely needs one!


The spool cabinet came home!

I really don’t like this end table in the living room but it does serve a purpose.  The spool cabinet fits on top and adds a bit of interest to that otherwise boring corner.  I may use it somewhere else later.

And yes, the old rotary phone works.  I love to hear it ring.  Usually when it rings, it’s just telemarketers even though we have this number on the do-not-call registry.  To have DSL we had to have a phone line up here, and since we have a phone line up here, if the power goes out, the rotary phone still works even when a digital electrical phone does not.  Sometimes simplest is best.

So this morning I am headed down the mountain.  Stopping for a massage on my way home, getting excited about Mickey’s visit on Wednesday.  I cleaned, I organized, I made ready!  The only thing left is groceries and I passed on those yesterday because I didn’t want them sitting in the car while I went antiquing.


The sewing nook is spotless!


I set up an extra cutting station!


Piecing to Cedar Cove!

For those asking WHAT I’m going to do with the pink or the green spider web blocks, or that you are disappointed that I changed direction ---I didn’t change my mind to mess up YOUR plans.  I need to do what I feel is right with my projects, and I have plans for those, just not yet.  

This is how I create.  I am not one of those who plans everything out in EQ before beginning and then never wavers from her road map all the way through.

I try this, I try that, if it doesn’t work, I try something else ---I have to have the freedom to work the way that works best for me, and that doesn’t mean I’m junking the whole thing but I have to be flexible and I hope you understand.  

You have to follow YOUR quilting muse, and I must follow my own if I’m going to be happy with my finished quilt.

It's not very often that I ask other people's opinions on my current projects, because I know I am going to get a plethora of opinions ((We all have them)) but some come so strongly that I start to doubt myself.  Yet I know me.  I know enough to listen to myself best, and drown out the other voices and make the quilt my way for me, not to please anyone else.

Every time I post options I should know better!  Half may like it, half my not ---and boy do you let me know!

And yes, I do read the comments on the blog ---just so you are aware.  I might not take the time to reply to each and every comment, but I do what I can.

Have a great Monday, everyone –brand new week! What are you going to accomplish with it?

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  1. Bonnie, I also like the primitive flag on the pallet. It is so me. I would have liked to seen the almost New York Beauty in its day.

  2. Seriously?? People were upset because you changed YOUR mind about YOUR quilt???? Geeze....

    I love following your though processes...and the fact that you aren't afraid to try something. I suppose that is the joy of using the scraps... no guilt in cutting up yardage and finding out you hate it.

    Hugs girlfriend!! Wish I could be down there sewing with you :)

  3. Thanks Nancy! This place is the balm I need to keep insanity at bay!! :)

  4. I appreciate watching your choices and reading about your thought processes. The quilt is your creation though and your choice. At some point in the creative process it clicks in you and you know it is right - doesn't matter what others think. I have a quilting friend I shop with and she loves to "help" me pick fabrics with lots of "what about this one?, this one? here's a green," I don't say it but I wish she would just stop I will know the right fabric when I see it.

  5. No point sewing something that doesn't make YOU happy. The other blocks will end up in something when the time is right.

    I wonder if the barn quilt person could make you one out of one of your blocks?

  6. Good grief, can't believe people would think they have a say in how you do your own quilt! As I said before, can't wait to see what you end up doing with your green blocks, even if you cut them up into crumbs! If I want a spider web quilt with poison green, I'll make my own! I love that you share your process with us, that's why I have about a billion of your quilts I want to make!

  7. Pat Hill8:34 AM EDT

    I understand what you are saying. For many, many years I would make a quilt to go with the colors of a certain room or for the style and colors that another person wanted. I stopped quilting for a few years and now I am back with a different mindset. Now if I see fabric or a pattern I like I use it with no thought as to where it will go or to whom it will be given. Quilting is fun again for me. The crazy part is that half way through I will realize that one particular grandchild (13 of them), son, daughter, niece or sister will like this one. I am happy quilting what I like and the recipient is also.

  8. I love learning about everyone's process but in the end I go with the process that works best for me. As you so politely but firmly said, it's your quilt. Thanks for taking the time to share all the fun with us.

  9. Old quilter8:38 AM EDT

    If you didn't go your own way with your quilt projects you wouldn't be able to inspire us to do just that! Change your mind as often as you like, and please continue to encourage us to do likewise. It will be interesting to see final result - and everybody will be wowed as usual.

  10. It would be great if the Barn Quilt person could make one of your blocks specially for Quilt Villa.
    I hope to finish my pixelation quilt tomorrow. It is looking good.
    I will email you the finished project photo

  11. I love that you share your process with all of us out here, even when you change your mind and have to rip it out. It helps all of us so thank you again.
    Your sewing area is spotless! Can't wait to see how you and Mickey mess it up.
    Love from Lake Michigan...

  12. Congratulations on the spool cabinet. I've been looking for one for many years, and have yet to find one that was not astronomically priced. Glad you did!

  13. I started (and LOVE LOVE LOVE) a spiderweb quilt because of your pictures. Your thinking out loud made me think out what *I* would like and, then I took my little girl and she changed my mind while I was choosing a solid. LOL! I love the minty green we chose and am so happy your pictures and great explanations made me MOVE on starting this. I wish mine would be done as soon as yours, but I'll get to enjoy working on it now and then. THANK YOU, again, Bonnie!~
    Lucy D (in IN)

  14. I agree with your opinion of opinions. It's nice to get them in case I've gotten myopic about a project but in the end I follow my own path. After all, it is MY quilt! It's a brand new week and I have 1 day to get ready for Quilt Colorado 2014! Tomorrow my mom, sister and I leave for Longmont via a couple of quilt shops in Wyoming. I'll be folding & tucking fabric with Jennie Rayment, paper piecing with Deb Karasik and laughing with Rob Appell. Fun, fun, fun!

  15. This is going to be a great quilting week. Our group that has quilted for 7 years for Salvation Army, Pregnancy Center and Homeless Shelter is getting together for Tuesday and Wednesday. Will be joined with a new teenage quilter plus two new to our group from the assisted living center. Everyone else is somewhere in between. Should be a blast.

  16. Anonymous9:03 AM EDT

    Hi Bonnie,
    I agree with you. It looks better with one color and the yellow is the best. Thanks for the blog and quilt cam.

  17. I'm glad you follow your muse and don't let others influence you into making something you aren't thrilled with! I love tht you share your thoughts with us as you work. Changing your mind on something you are making for you is your perogative. We are blessed that you share so much with us!

  18. Of course everyone has their opinion. (myself included) But I know you will do what's best. Your decisions on quilts always turn out great!

  19. An opinion is that..someone else's idea. You must follow your creative thoughts where ever they lead. Sometimes when asking for an opinion you might get an idea you never thought of and that would be a good thing!!!
    Loving what you are doing, keep it up!!!

  20. Anonymous10:13 AM EDT

    I agree w/Sundae quilter...geeze, giving your opinion is one thing but criticism of your choice is another...I have learned sooo much from Bonnie's way of quilting that I couldn't be critical of her choice..it's her quilt and her vision.
    Anne Marsaw famarsaw@aol.com16817

  21. You are my muse in many ways. Thank you for all the inspiration to get out of my box. This has been the best years of my quilting experience because of your guidance.
    Aileen in FL

  22. Anonymous10:33 AM EDT

    Love Cedar Cove too! New season starts on Sat nite! I love everything you create! You are my inspiration!

  23. Bonnie!! I was so happy to have someone I very much admire (YOU!) change direction to the point of getting out the ripper!...that was huge for me and I was glad you shared. I have to do this sometimes as my head can't always picture what the fabric will reveal. When I see and read all what others have put together and accomplish in what seems like record time and also seems like it always works out it actually discourages me and I feel like I'm struggling. You calmed my fears! It's not weak to rip! LOL!!!
    Be true to you...keep on keepin' on. :)!

  24. Bonnie, I'm so glad you keep putting yourself out there even knowing sometimes reading the comments is stressful. What I took away from that post about the green fabric choice was that it doesn't matter who we are or how much an expert we are, we should always feel free to stop and back up if we do not like where we are going on a quilt. It is not set in stone--it is fabric! Wonderful, beautiful, inspiring, squishy fabric!! Have fun with it. And I have much more fun with it since I've met you, Bonnie. Thank you.

  25. Love love LOVE the Spool Cabinet & so glad it came home with you!

    Oh! And, btw, ditto Sundae Quilter!

    My quilt life began in 1977 and changed for the best the day I found you on "The Quilt Life." I love being part of this group and have learned so much from you! Watching you change your mind in the design process shows me that, even though you are Super-Human in many ways, :-) you can be human just like the rest of us!

    Keep on keepin' on and don't let the few get you down!

  26. Hi Bonnie
    thank you for all the you do. read you blog every time you post
    wow, people are upset because you changed your mind,? that is just sad. it is you quilt and your creative process, and yours to enjoy! I love seeing you work on all of you projects and it something doesn't work out you are good with it, makes me feel that I am not the only one who changes her mind. I am currently working on my version of Celtic solstice with very different colors than that you chose will send you a pic when it is done
    happy sewing to you

  27. I enjoy you sharing your designing processes! Creative inspiration needs to be fluid. Thank you for taking us along on your ride!

  28. You know I love you, Bonnie, but Andie MacDowell? LOL! Notoriously bad acting, hahahaha!

  29. Oh, Bonnie, I really understand the changing of the mind. Rarely do I complete a project without changing something - usually a color or a specific print. My friends call me "the queen of unsewing". For me, it's the process of getting to where I want to be! Are my finished quilts spectacular? Nope, but they are what I want them to be.

  30. Anonymous11:57 AM EDT

    I always find it funny when someone asks for an opinion with a couple of choices and the response is about equal for each! I think the comments about why someone likes one over another can be helpful, but otherwise I think I would be just as stuck as when I started...

  31. YES, I hope you can get a Barn quilt Block with one of your blocks. Maybe you can design a special one for Quiltvilla while you are catching up on deadlines. The choice to go antiquing was a good one. Nice that the Spool cabinet was still there for you. Have a fun week with Mickey!

  32. I would expect you to do no less. I am sure it will be spectacular whatever way you decide! Enjoy that massage!

  33. Bonnie - thanks for the laugh this morning!! I love that you told everyone that you didn't change your mind to mess up their plans!!! Love it!!! I think what you are creating is perfect - and did people forget that you had already thrown these pieces away???? Uh, now they are being used and you are again making magic and changing your mind is how it works!!!! If you hadn't already 'changed your mind' these webs would be still in the trash so..... win/win!!!

    And I miss the phones that plug into the wall - when the power is out, so are our cordless phones and sometimes THAT is when you need to call someone!!!!! Have fun making webs and enjoy your days on the mountain!!!!

  34. Changing up any design plans.. Is just being Creative!! I'm thinking your talented mom could design & paint a barn quilt block for you?!?!

  35. Hi Bonnie, thanks for encouraging us with all that you do! I always look at my projects as works in progress and know that even if some blocks don't make it into the quilt I'm working on now, it means that they are destined for a future project...the green blocks will land somewhere...sometime...don't stress too much on some opinions...there are many more that have positive intentions on your arrangements! :)

  36. I like the yellow too AND that you make it up as you go. I tend to do that too.

  37. Bonnie, I have a hand written 'sign' in my quilt room:


    Believe that with my whole heart...
    Smiles, JulieinTN

  38. You gotta do it your way, our opinion really doesn't count. Keep on keeping on... Have a great day,

  39. Hi Bonnie
    once again, as with the opinions posted when everything "fried" at your cabin, I was happy to see YOUR opinion regarding your changes to YOUR spider web blocks.
    Often I don't read the comments section of your posts when I can see the direction they are going. This time I read. :-)

  40. Hi Bonnie,

    I would love to come across a Spool Box! I have been wanting one for a long time. I think I first eyed one at the Quilt Patch while I was living in Northern VA. As for the Spider web blocks, I jumped on your band wagon when I saw your design. As for the color changes...that's your quilt!!!! As for mine, it's starting at pale yellow and working it's way out. No particular number of color..just spiderweb strings.

    From Savannah, where the "H's" are always tripled in the summer!!!

  41. I am enjoying seeing your process and learning so much from you. When you looked at the layout with the pink , yellow and green and decided it wasn't working for you, can you articulate the reasons why? I am really trying to understand how you think so I can improve my color choices. I know it's very personal and hard to do but any thoughts would help. I don't always trust my choices but they are my choices. Thanks again for all you do for us.

  42. Anonymous8:40 PM EDT

    I liked your idea of the different colors of the spider web and I also like the ones with just the yellow. As you say, people have strong opinions. I am so glad you showed the picture with all three colors. I find I tend to like one colored center and I haven't thought about using other colored centers. Thanks for that. Regardless of what you have decided, it is your quilt and it will be fantastic. I'm making mine with black centers, as I hadn't seen or thought of the mulit centers so it's all good. Oh BTW, Road registration opened yesterday, sure would like you to come again and teach. Have a great time stitching with Mickey. Karen Jones in Corona, CA

  43. Anonymous9:40 PM EDT

    Bonnie, it has been years since i stayed with my original quilt plan!!! That is the fun of making, creating a unique quilt. I taught this Spiderweb quilt at my local quilt shop approx five years ago. My quilt used black and the strings were brights. Turned out cute. I encouraged all my students to think out of the box and gave then a few suggestions. The results were a gorgeous red white and blue, a darling Halloween with lime green and a Mary Englebright themed to name a few. So glad these students took the pattern and ran with it, it was fabulous! Your quilt will be gorgeous and I think you should call it "Out of the Box" You go girl!! Carolyn Barnett csbbobbin@yahoo.com

  44. Anonymous11:47 PM EDT

    Of course you Must change your quilt if you don't like the way it's turning out. That's the point of Design! To make something interesting and pleasing. I had a thought about the color combo problem...I did not think the colors worked either. If you have a 3-in-1 Color Tool by Joen Wolfrom you can use it to find out which pinks and greens will go with your yellow. It's really a good tool! Love your mountain photos!

  45. It's good to read about your design process. I don't think creative minds CAN go in a straight direction from start to finish, nor should they! I am an expert user of EQ, and I use the program to get started on an idea, but I rarely follow my coloring/fabric choices exactly as I laid out in the program. Too many alternative ideas pop into my mind as I proceed with the construction. A two-color quilt could turn into a scrappy multi-color; a nine-patch could substitute for a four-patch; borders develop. Opinions from others may offer ideas I hadn't considered, but other than that, I have the final decision, as you have stated as well. Please yourself and others will follow! I think those who may object are ones who are following your example exactly, and they are thrown when you go off in another direction.

  46. Hoorah for Bonnie! She knows her mind even if it changes and she sticks to her guns. LOL Love ya,

  47. Quilting is not a perfect craft. Those who want to be perfect, need to find another hobby. Today I'm off to a British friends to sew with her. I got her interested in quilting, lent her a machine, and now she has a new Viking and sewing away. I'm going to share Bonnie sewing with her, stripping away!

  48. Anonymous8:39 AM EDT

    Hope the positives outweigh the negatives! Thanks for reading ALL - and telling ALL - and helping us more hesitate ones along the way!

  49. Oh Bonnie...you have taught me to do just that. Listen to my inner voice and I can tell you it is very liberating. Thank You! I never have been one to buy kits because I like to do my own thing with a pattern. Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not but hey it is mine!

  50. Bonnie,
    I have never put my name on a do not call list. I think we pay $1 more a month to have an unlisted number. Only calls I get are from the bank I use and political calls.
    Love the flag pallet and your blog.

  51. Being asked for an opinion should never be interpreted as "tell me what to do"...an opinion is just another point of view, and it may give you more choices, but the decision is always yours!

  52. Love the barn quilt decor! The spool block is great too.
    I call my this or that method of design ITIS--"I'll Try It & See". While I think EQ has benefits, things don't quite work out when you get to the real thing, as you described! Keep at it, I'm sure you'll discover what the blocks want eventually!

  53. That should read spool BOX. Sheesh


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