Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Quilt-Cam 7/22/2014


I love this photo that was sent in by Kathleen in San Juan, Texas --

Working on Hexies
Kindle hooked into tv.
Kathleen in San Juan Texas

I just love seeing your work spaces, keep the photos coming!  And if you are quilting along with me during Quilt-Cam, include a photo of your set up showing your Quilt-Cam view.  We just might feature you here on another Quilt-Cam post!

I have a new view!

The whole clean up that brought about the Please Don’t Feed The Quilter post lead to me moving a couple things around and making room for  a cabinet along one wall that would fit all of my basic Singer class 15 sized machines.  I can swap them out as I need, and they’ll be flush with the cabinet!


1948 Singer 201-2  in cabinet, ready to roll!

I acquired the machine last fall.  The cabinet was going to be a “throw away” because it really is quite beat up, but the inside surface gleams, and with a bit of oiling down ((That dry dry maple just soaked up every treatment I gave it!))  I can see that this old piece has many good years left in it! 


Yes, it is once again a String Spider Web night!

Quilt in the background is simply a half log cabin, no pattern given.

The pattern for the String Spider Web is found under the Free Patterns tab at the top of the blog.

This will be a test run of this camera angle…I had to do some finagling to get the laptop camera to get as much of the sewing view as possible, but I think it’s going to work just fine!

Are you ready to sew?  Click the arrow on the screen below to start the feed!

Tomorrow I'm off for the wilds of Illinois!

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  1. Hi Bonnie! You always look so good & perky at 9:00 p.m.! I'm dragging at this point..Ha..Playing with my new to me Singer 503a named Moonlight...Love her......Debra in Ma.

  2. Bonnie, OMGosh, I couldn't wait to tell you. We got news this weekend, we're expecting our first grandchild. I was so excited I stayed up all night dreaming of baby quilts. And now I've been quilting like a bat of "Hades" trying to finish up UFO's and other promised quilts. I figure once the baby is born, I'll never sew for anyone else again. :) So it's now or never. LOVE Quiltcam. Thanks for your hardwork and for giving us so much of yourself. Take care.

  3. 1. Please estimate the yardage in a large long sleeve men's shirt
    2. Tell us if the magazine cover quilt will be in a book ? The directions in the magazine don't use the EZ angles so their are different sized squares.....I can't imagine making it that way!,,
    3. I have a pattern that uses 2.25 inch squares and another measurement to make a few half square triangle and a few quarter square triangles can I use the easy angle to make my 1/2 square triangles from the 2.25 inch squares?
    Thank you Colleen in California

  4. Hello Bonnie from the "fabric Piranhas"
    This past weekend till today, I have had three friends visiting me. We have been giggling and quilting up a storm. We are joining you tonight for quiltcam to end off our time together. One of the girls had to leave yesterday and we are hoping you can give a shout out to our friend "Lady Kathyrn" she is watching tonight too.

  5. last week I worked on hexies, this week I'm tearing apart hexies...decided against a diamond pattern, and going back to the flower pattern...thankfully only had a dozen done! Lynne in MN

  6. Hi Bonnie!
    It is 3 am down here at the bottom of Africa, my eyes are teary with all the yawning .....
    I should be sleeping, but I've been sewing and suddenly realised that it is almost time for Quiltcam! Yay!
    Enjoy your trip next week!
    Thank you for inspiring us with your enthusiasm and love of scraps.
    Best wishes,
    Carol in RSA

  7. Hi Bonnie,
    So glad I get to join you tonight! I am taming scraps tonight as I watch, and dreaming of all the great quilts I can make with them!
    Meg in Michigan

  8. How fun that you set up a new area to Quilt for QuiltCAM. I have some Fusible stuff to cut out for a Row by Row that I'm working on tonight. I can cut it out while I watch you.

  9. Anonymous9:14 PM EDT

    Hi Bonnie. I'm celebrating my 50th birthday, watching quiltcam and working on my Sister's Choice blocks. I'm using my Singer 99K. I love Quiltcam! Thank you!

    Lisa in Wisconsin (nrthwds2scrap@yahoo.com)

  10. Hi Bonnie

    Just got a Handiquilter Avante and am enjoying practicing pantos. Harder than itlooks! Love your work!

    Robin in Parkville MD

  11. Enjoying Quilt Cam with you tonight! I am machine quilting my plaid version of your pattern Blue Ridge Beauty and hope to finish it by the end of the month.
    Do you have any tips for quilting plaids? They seem to be more stretchy and I'm having some challenges.

  12. Oops having trouble with my internet. Hope to get back to the live feed soon

  13. No photos of my setup - the sewing room is a big fat mess. I am so excited. I will be in Champaign to see you and take a workshop this week. I have a couple of quilts from your patterns to bring for Show and Tell. Looking forward to finally meeting you.

  14. Thanks for sharing your time with us! I'm working on hexes tonight. I thought I had enough for my planned king-sized quilt. I counted last week and am still short - by 1000! Alas I'll keep sewing.


  15. Working on my Postage Stamp blocks. I have 72 blocks done, just 38 to go!
    Donna D., Hemet, CA

  16. Anonymous9:29 PM EDT

    Hi Bonnie,

    Jean here is WI. Working on piecing my Farmers Wife Quilt. What is a Chigger?
    In Wisconsin our summer enemy is the mosquito. Have you tried the Sage water yet?

  17. Finally I am getting to watch quilt cam on my nook. It is tempermental and does not always come thru. I also love doing string piecing especially for doll quilts that I do each year for a charity Christmas party.

  18. Hi Bonnie! Still at work so cant watch you tonight on quilt cam, bummer! I will watch when I get home! I finished my Spider Web quilt top...added a 2" inner border and then a scrappy piano key border, its so Awesome!

  19. Mary Ellen.....friends don't let friends go to a Bonnie Hunter workshop alone.....just sayin'!!!!!!! I was just in Raleigh last night working on my next String Fling pattern....can't wait to share with you Bonnie and Quiltvillians!

  20. Hi Bonnie, Thank you for Quilt Cam. I'm working on Pineapple Crazy. Hope to have it done by June 2015 when you come to the North East Crazy Quilters. I have 71 done!!! Melody in Erie

  21. Hi Bonnie! Headed to Hershey tomorrow for quilt Odyssey, won't be the same without you. I took on most every class you offered in the last two years! Have a safe trip Joyce one of the green shirt girls

  22. Hi Bonnie! Sewing tonight for the first time since I fell on my tailbone at the end of June. Happy to be sewing with you. Working on my four patches for my I Spy a Four Patch quilt. Mine will be an I Spy a Snowman, as I have so much snowman fabric to use!

  23. A few days ago you posted a picture of your collection of sewing machines... just how many do you have? I have a babylock serenade and just picked up a 1970's vintage brother as my back up. It sews beautifully. Happy sewing.

  24. Anonymous9:52 PM EDT

    Where will you be in IL? If you need a ride anywhere let me know! Laura

  25. Anonymous9:53 PM EDT

    Where will you be in IL? If you need a ride anywhere let me know! Laura

  26. Hi Bonnie. I am leaving tomorrow for Hershey where I will be missing you but am this year taking Kim diehl's classes three days as I did yours last year. A year with both you and Kim at the same time would be great. I have such a pile of scraps and will have more when I get back. Sandy from Maryland

  27. Tell about the quilt hanging on your long arm!! it is so pretty. Thanks for all you do. Working on bordering my quilt for the ultimate guild challenge that AQS has in the Grand Rapids Show.

  28. Cutting blocks for this years monthly quilt. Want it bed sized so need extra blocks -- more than in the original pattern :)

  29. I am working on 9 patch squares for your rick rack nines pattern. I am using up some some pretty hideous fabrics but rather than cut it smaller, I am hoping that due to sheer quantity, no one will notice 'ugly'. You inspire me. thanks!!

  30. so fun to be with you tonight have a great trip see you when you get back. there is a cool collar you would like to keep cool they sell them in places like walmart,walgreens and most truck stops they are a bandanna type collar with a little soil moist that absorbs water and they will keep you coll all day and just resoak in water when they dry.

  31. I am working on the LAST 23 blocks of PINEAPPLE CRAZY tonight of the 234. Well 5 at a time really and sewing on my 201 like you are. It is my favorite machine. I have been doing Spider Web blocks right with the Pineapple blocks the last while because I am getting tired of them and it helps to do both at once. Sew much fun!

  32. UGH! I Missed It!
    I'll have to catch it tomorrow…….

  33. Anonymous11:22 PM EDT

    If one has any spare fabric and a machine one can DIY as per instructables.com sew very useful neck cooler. Enjoy your blog, Karen abmask@tbwifi.ca

  34. Help! Can someone share with me how to connect my Kindle to my TV in my sewing room to get Quiltcam on a big screen. radquilter40@yahoo.com

  35. Anonymous6:00 AM EDT

    Great camera angle! :-)

  36. Hi!
    Just had to share. I am using a. Singer 201-2 which was my mom's machine. The latest publication date in the instruction book is 1947. It's a cabinet madel with French provincial legs. It is my favorite machine to use because it has a beautiful stitch and it just hums. I love the narrow presser foot for small quilts, but I did buy a foot with a 1/4" guide. This machine "lives" at our cottage, and I look forward to sewing on it every summer. My more modern machines can't compare to this gal!

  37. Hi Bonnie just wanted to say love your site. I recently bought a vintage singer 301 with cabinet for 30$ at a yard sale. It an late 40 or early 50 model. Love it still trying to get the timing right but it is in good condition all attachments with it too. Can't wait till it's running good. Keep up the good work patsy fro tennessee


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