Saturday, July 26, 2014

Galaxy-Gram! Sister's Choice All Day Long!

Day three of classes in Champaign, Illinois is full and fabulous!

What's not to like about a quilt full of scrappy nine-patches?

Our morning is spent playing with 2.5" strips, getting the units to measure the correct 6.5" for our block centers, and after lunch we will be making star points  surround them.

Oh the variety of scraps being sewn - and the memories behind them!

Here's a few photos to include you in our Sewing Saturday with the Illini County Stitchers of Champaign!


  1. I love getting a peek into your classes around the country. Waiting impatiently for your class list to be posted for New Year at Fabric Fanatics.

  2. I think, when I have a weekend and want to play, I will sew along with you when you are teaching a class and pretend I am right there with you all and create a project too!!!
    This is a fun block, makes a nice looking quilt that uses up a persons stash of scraps and why not sew with Bonnie and the girls!!!

  3. So many smiles! I am still smiling at the memory of the class I took yesterday. I see Dana in the group!

  4. HI, I recognize a face or two!
    I've been spending time in my sewing room and listening to your quilt cam. I've started with the beginning of 2013 and you were working on Sister's Choice, fun to see it now! It looks like everyone is having a blast.

  5. I have alreay put my name on a class for May 2015. And it's a 6 hour drive from home. Can't wait. I have - somewhere - a stack of Sister's Choice blocks that I won in a drawing. I'm sure they'll show up when I search for something else. :)

  6. What a bunch of HAPPY faces!! I just love following your classes. :)

  7. Thanks to Bonnie for an outstanding class! Thanks also to the Illini Country Stitchers for being such a friendly, welcoming group! I had a blast!

  8. Bonnie, I just had a thought.... long after you and I are gone, I wish the antique quilt collectors a lot of luck dating your quilts!! How do you do that anyway when a quilt has fabric from many many different decades? Just curious.

  9. Anonymous12:40 AM EDT

    Dating Bonnie's quilts will be easy because she is in a class of her own! :-)


  10. I know so many of those happy faces! Wish I could have joined you all today! Thank you for the great workshops, Bonnie!


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