Thursday, July 10, 2014

Two Hunter Girls go Shopping!

Scott. Melissa and Kami left yesterday on their long trek back to Texas.

I really enjoyed having them here with us, and I KNOW they enjoyed the cooler temps and the lower humidity we have had thus far in July ---it beats Dallas all to heck in the summer months.

Pam and I decided to take an afternoon wander over to West Jefferson – she wanted to do some souvenir shopping, and I was on the lookout for more dining room chairs and a couple of bedside tables for the guest room up at the cabin – so where do we go?  My fave antique place to wander up here  ((out of those I have found..there may be more to discover yet!))

This is Main Street Antique Mall just outside of downtown West Jefferson – and you can spend hours in here just browsing.  In fact, we did…nearly two hours…oh boy!


A grouping of  antique oil lamps bring back the feel of an earlier time.

I use these at home when the power goes out.  I have a couple up here at the cabin for such an emergency, but luckily we haven’t had to use them yet.  I just love the feel of these vintage things!


Oh spool cabinet!  Where would I put you?!?

I hemmed and hawwed on this one….no where to put it.  Seriously.  It’s not exactly big enough for a bedside table…but…..who knows.


Now this is sweet flow blue!

Poor little container has lost its lid.  But I love the shape.  It’s only $12.00.  Baby, you are coming home with me!

There were a couple of machines…..take a load of this one, you don’t see these very often:


Looks like a desk at first glance until you see the feet shaped pedals!


Wilcox & Gibbs, 1868!

The price wasn’t bad for this amazing piece of history – $325.00.  But – my rules are…I must be able to sew on it.  This one sews SIDEWAYS, moving the fabric from left to right instead of front to back.  Not really great for quilting.  And the needles run about $10.00 a piece.  Not very great for quilting either.  But if you are interested in this sweetie, give them a call.


Singer 201, about $200.00

Already have one, don’t need another ((not at this price)) but it was a fun day of catch and release!

And there were quilts!


Fun half hexagon!


Feed sack lemoyne stars on screaming yellow!


Sweet scrappy 9 patch on burgundy resist!

Rolling Stars!


Burgundy whirly gigs!


Strawberry with great primitive fan quilting!


Early double Irish Chain!


Simple indigoes and double pinks in an album block variation!

It was a great day for quilt sightings, and it made me want to come back and sew so bad!

This morning that “sew so bad” feeling was rewarded by what was falling outside:


But I didn’t get rained out early enough – I had already headed out to get my fitbit steps in, got about 3,000 steps into my hike when the sky opened up and drenched me.  I had to call home to have someone come get me….so here I sit, still pretty damp, trying to get this posted.

Raining?  Oh yeah, it’s the perfect sewing day all right!

Love from Buck Mountain --

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  1. OMG...I would be so broke with a store like that close to me! You find such fabulous treasures to share with us every time you venture into an antique store. Love that blue bowl. I NEVER find treadle machines. Thanks for sharing your adventure.

  2. Love the 'catch and release' comment!

  3. Pretty sure that the treadle is a Wheeler and Wilson. Very cool old machine.

  4. Gee those places always look so interesting. Especially when I see MY ANTIQUE Wilcox and Gibbs machine!!! The lastest patent on mine was 1856. Did you notice the glass press foot?... she is my baby girl... Lorena (after the melancholy. Civil War tune...banned by both North and South - it was that sad!

    Smiles, JulieinTN --- Thanks for the antiquing trip!

  5. Anonymous11:08 AM EDT

    Love the half hexagon. Oh those colors. Love'm. Thanks for taking me antiquing this morning. You are the best! Goathillquilter. Sutton0161@sbcglobal.net

  6. Julie, Lorena is a favorite of mine too. I didn't know that it was banned. Was it by the armies or later?

  7. Anonymous11:11 AM EDT

    Love the half hexagon. Oh those colors. Love'm. Thanks for taking me antiquing this morning. You are the best! Goathillquilter. Sutton0161@sbcglobal.net

  8. How much for the thread cabinet? Beautiful items in this shop!!

  9. I have a spool cabinet exactly like that one. The lady I bought it from - a friend of hers had made a base/shelf assembly for it. Holds all my buttons. BTW - needles for the sideways machine (probably a WW4) are curved, no longer made, and I've seen them go for $35-$40 each!

  10. I could smell the rain!!! Best smell in the world (next to bread baking)! I'll need to revisit here next week if we hit the 106 they predict - not normal for eastern Washington this early in the summer!!! Thanks for sharing all the catch and release and the take home!

  11. What a fun shopping trip! I wish I had that spool cabinet - have been looking for one to use as a cash box at shows. I do have a machine and cabinet that is nearly identical to the Wilcox & Gibbs - and we paid $2 for it at an auction! Have fun during the rest of your time at the cabin!

  12. That spool cabinet would be just right on top of a small table next to a bed.

  13. Oh my, that spool cabinet looks just like mine, but mine's in nicer condition. My Aunt (who passed away at an early age from Alzheimer's gave it to me as she only had boys.) Do you remember how much they were asking for it?


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