Saturday, July 12, 2014

Quilts, Mountains and Long Hikes!

This is my little niece Emery Elizabeth– on the baby quilt I made for her!

This is one thing I love about the wonder of the internet.  I already feel like I know this sweet little thing because my sister Joy is keeping everyone up to date on the sweetness that is Emery via facebook.  I feel like I’m right there every day.

And it does tickle my heart to see that quilts are being used as they were meant to.

I want my baby quilts to be spit-up on, pooped on, crawled on and slept on and under.  I want to see them turned into blanket forts or an  island oasis.  I want it to be there through the whole childhood of a sweet little girl called Emery Elizabeth!


Hello Sweet Thing!

The free pattern for Emery's Stars is found under the Free Patterns tab at the top of the blog.

My friend Karen attended the Blue Ridge Quilt Festival this week and sent some photos of a huge accomplishment for someone named Carolyn!


Someone crazy enough to piece Pineapple Crazy from String Fling!


I love that the info tag is hand written!

I love the last line: “When I completed this quilt I had a real understanding of why Bonnie named her pattern “Pineapple Crazy”  HA!!  But I am also amazed that Carolyn pieced her top in 4 months when mine took a few years here and there as a take along project to complete.  You go girl!


First prize!  Well deserved, and well earned!


Driving the blue ridge!

The valley below is at 2400 ft, but where we were standing, it was 4356 – and there was more elevation to go:


They don’t call this the “Southern Highlands” without good reason!


Blue Ridge Parkway – back side of Grandfather Mountain in the distance.


View through the windshield.

Grandfather Mountain is a privately owned property – and I am sad to say that the prices for getting INTO the park are now outrageously expensive.  It would have cost our minivan full of 7 passengers $140.00 to gain entrance.  Two years ago, it was $18.00 per vehicle ---now it is $20.00 per person.  We passed on it.  There are enough places on the Blue Ridge Parkway that are free for the looking and free for the hiking. 


Can you see the face of the Grandfather resting?

Think of it as Abraham Lincoln taking a nap.  See the forehead, the nose, the lips, the chin? 

I wrote posts from Grandfather mountain with photos from our 2012 visit HERE.  There are a couple more photos HERE as well.

This morning I headed out for my morning hike and this was the view with the humidity hanging fairly thick:


Still so pretty, I never get tired of this!

I had walked my usual loop and was just on my way back to the cabin when I got a text from Mona with a photo of her and Beanie on their walk!  They were not far from me, so I changed direction, altered my plan, and walked more steps with my friend!


Beanie & Mona!!  Awesome!

Walking is always so much easier with a friend.  If you are trying or wanting to get into a walking regime, the buddy system is invaluable to keep you motivated on mornings where you could just as well roll over and go back to sleep.  Because I ran into Mona and Beanie and walked a while with them, I added an additional 4000 steps to my usual morning jaunt, bringing my total for this hike to over 12,000! 

There will be a nap.

There will be loads of sewing.

The Hubster leaves today for business in Poland and Germany.  I’m staying at the cabin to work on magazine deadlines and other projects until Monday morning….

Ahhhhh!  Solo Cabin Time!  I love it!

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  1. Beautiful mountains and quilts! Just got back myself from the trail.
    Hope your husband is into soccer: with the world cup final tomorrow and him being in Germany, he won't be able to escape the hype - and of course he better cheer for Germany ;-)

  2. That is right where we are headed again in a few weeks from florida. We go every summer. have fun :)


  3. Heaven! We loved our lake cabin so much that we sold our house and moved here! :) I totally agree about the baby quilts. The highest compliment to me is when I see them being used, not stored away in a chest somewhere.

  4. Such lovely views! And it is always so good to get out and walk with a friend, sweet visits and exercise at the same time. Enjoy the weekend Bonnie!

  5. My hubby and I were at Grandfather Mountain several years ago. Loved it. That is certainly a beautiful area.
    I have the binding almost finished on my CS, ready for the State show in a couple of weeks.

  6. Loved the mountain scenery pics!! and when you asked can you see Grandfather resting I was...Yep..looks like Abe Lincoln and then read your next line and laughed. !!haha! I live right at 5000 ft and the Bearlodge forest and hills are right out my door. I felt sad the price was so high to go into the forest there...man alive that is outrageous and not right.
    Wow on the Pineapple quilt..it's awesome!
    Happy sewing this weekend!! :)

  7. I absolutely agree about your attitude toward the baby quilts. Heck, for me, its all quilts. Use 'em! They're much more enjoyable over you than on the wall.

  8. I guess the owners of Grandfather Mountain are getting their wish......no people on their mountain....

  9. Thanks for the guided tour! No hiking for me due to a strained back. Emery will get lots of good use from her quilt. Safe travels to your husband today.

  10. Beautiful pictures--of baby, quilt and mountains. I had to laugh when I read how you want your quilts to be used. I started to put messages with my quilts for babies telling the parents that I expected them to use them the same way--otherwise, they would hang them on their walls!

  11. Oh what a sweet baby girl. Life is good, isn't it? These pictures are a treasure. She can look back on her baby days on Auntie Bonnie's gift. Hopefully, it will be on her big girl bed.

  12. Grandfather has a local's month (normally around April) where residents of the local counties can get in for a dollar. We have a vacation cabin in Boone and we like to take advantage of this each year.

  13. Thank you so much for the Blue Ridge pics and especially the Granfather Mtn. Our cousin has told us about the huge Highland clan gathering there every summer. One of these years we will make it and now I know what to look forward to!

  14. Part of Grandfather Mountain is now owned by NC State Parks.... entrance is of Hwy 105 in Boone.....they have hiking trails open and are working on camping areas....Admission is free..!! Or come see us at Mount Jefferson State Natural Area in West Jefferson.....

  15. Gosh, I just love those colors in Emery's quilt and so perfect for little Emery. Emery is so precious herself!!! Thanks for sharing, Rea

  16. There is nothing more gratifying than to see a quilt you have made being used. I would rather see it worn and faded from many washings...to me that is the greatest reward! imakejoy@aol.com

  17. Anonymous7:51 AM EDT

    Thank you for sharing another free pattern with us! I love that Emery Elizabeth now has her "own" quilt pattern - Emery Stars. It is such a sweet picture of her and I agree with you about how we can be so "close" electronically.
    Thanks for your lovely mountain views. All that green is so refreshing to look at!


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