Thursday, July 10, 2014

From Susan, Stitched in Love and Bound in Friendship:

Every once in a while I get an email from a reader that deserves sharing.

Because we all live this life together – none of us can escape the things that this life brings. 

Either it has an impact on us because it happens to us personally, or it happens to someone we love and care about who is close to us.

In this case, the story involves Susan and her friend who remains nameless in her email.

She writes:

Hi Bonnie,
I'm a longarm quilter and Quiltville fan here in Punta Gorda, Florida. My customer and I took your classes when you were here, but she was way more ambitious than I was. This is her My Blue Heaven quilt, the last quilt she will ever make.
My friend is dying of widespread cancer, but wanted to take your class more than anything despite her fatigue and pain. I am always amazed with her quilts, but this one made me weep.
Too weak to finish it, I applied scrappy blue binding, and added a label for her (not shown in these photos). I have quilted dozens of quilts for her; many won ribbons in guild shows. Her husband is putting this one in our February show.
Thank you for your tireless travels and your uplifting spirit. I know you have some rabid fans, but I am just another quilter, like you, who loves the quilters as much as their quilts. No rabies here! Only sincere thanks for your taking this time of your life and giving it to us.
Love the blog. I hope the 4th finds you at home and happy.
A fellow quilting addict,
Susan Slaton
Thank you so much, Susan, for sharing your story with us.  It did make me weep, and I was so happy to have the both of you in my Punta Gorda workshop.
This story has reconfirmed so much to me.
Quilters are among the most giving and loving people that I know.  We take a licking and keep on ticking, even when we are dealing with illnesses ---terminal or not.  Our love for each other lives on in the quilts that stand as a testament to our friendships through the good times and the bad.
Thank heavens for quilty friends who see us through!

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  1. I hope my very last quilt is one of yours too (in many years, God willing). So glad folks find peace from quilting--we are so lucky to have that and each other in our lives!

  2. Amen! We reflect so much of our lives into our quilts as our ancestors did before us. I sure hope that the tradition carries on to the next generation. It is a journey worth taking.

  3. Very touching story, thanks for sharing. I have the last top that my Mom pieced. She was not a scrappy quilter so her sampler quilt has only four different fabrics. She finished piecing it two months before she passed away at age 91. Since she never learned to use a rotary cutter, I did all of her cutting for her - such good memories of our time together! It has been four years so it is time for me to get it quilted. I will do it by hand because that is what she would have done.

  4. Isn't this a beautiful quilt!? Love those Sunshine Colors...from The Sunshine State!

    Smiles, JulieinTN

  5. This brings me to tears. Nit muycg left to say.

  6. Wow!! This post should have come with a tissue alert!!! What a great friend to finish the quilt for her, and to share her story! What a blessing for you to know that not only are you changing the quilting industry but you are changing lives! I haven't seen one of your quilts yet that I don't just love, scrappy is my favorite, so I LOVE all of your stuff!!! Thank you for sharing the story also, and thank you for Quiltville and I so enjoy your facebook page where everyone has sort of become an online, 24 hour quilt guild!! Have a blessed day!!!

  7. You just never know how you touch others lives so it is always good to offer a smile and as much kindness as you can. Every life has a story. What a lovely feeling that she wanted to spend her last days doing what she loved, making a quilt with you Bonnie.

    Happy Sewing

  8. This story just reaffirms what I hav e learned through my quilting & the many friends I have made because of quilting.

  9. Very touching story. I'd like to thank both Susan and Bonnie for sharing. It's great that quilting can bring your friend much peace.

  10. a few sniffs and a couple of tears here too. I think quilters are among the kindest of women. They give me hope for a better society and people like you, Bonnie, who share your talents are so valued and very much appreciated.

  11. Anonymous7:01 PM EDT

    Quilters are among the most giving and loving people that I know. I wish that was true. Unfortunately I have found that to be so not the case. Anyway that is a pretty quilt and big. It reminds me of all the quilts given to the Katrina flood in the middle of the hottest summer and where are those quilts now?

  12. Tissue alert was definitely needed. Quilters are very special people. Special indeed...

    Giving, caring, sharing, loving.

    If quilters ruled the world, imagine what a great planet this would be.

  13. Such a moving post and what a treasure of quilt memories.

  14. Quilters are a strong breed, we always find a way to do what we love, quilt. This story deeply touched me and encourages me to persevere and continue to challenge myself. God Bless you Bonnie for giving us your knowledge, joy for quilting and just being. I also recently took 2 of your classes even though not physically able to quilt, but found a true wonder named Bonnie Hunter.
    Thank you so much for sharing this heart touching story.

  15. This is a very sweet sad story. I hope her friend gets to wrap up in this awesome quilt. Thank you for sharing this story of love.

  16. Anonymous9:51 PM EDT

    Very beautiful quilt and I will pray for her in her battle with cancer. Great friend to finish the binding. ;)

  17. Definitely a tissue alert...

    Loved the Quilt colors and I hope
    your friend knows we are all thinking and praying for her.

  18. Anonymous10:24 PM EDT

    Bonnie, Thank you for sharing such a touching and heartfelt story.

    Love your blog. It is my nightly tonic. Many thanks Malett

  19. Such a touching, beautiful story of friendship. I love quilters. They make the best friends. Yes, it brought tears to my eyes.

  20. What a sad story... but I choose to think of how happy it made her to make that beautiful quilt, working with all the gorgeous blue fabrics. And what a great friend she has, to help her get it quilted and finished.

  21. My prayers go out to Susan and her friend. I just finished a "My Blue Heaven" quilt, and will never look at it the same. Thanks Bonnie for touching so many lives in a positive and loving way.

  22. What a moving post, in so many ways. Thank you, Bonnie, for being an inspiration. Bless you Susan for finishing your friend's quilt and sharing her story through Bonnie. Quilters are an amazing group of people.

  23. What a stunning quilt and a very touching story! Big hug to you both...and of course to you too Bonnie!!:o))

  24. How wonderful that this quilter was able to take one last class doing what she loved even as she endured her pain. As a bonus it's a gorgeous quilt. Thanks for sharing the story with us.

  25. Anonymous4:47 AM EDT

    I am moved to tears by this message. The world of quilters is extraordinary in its endless support of those who need it - one absolutely beautiful quilt made even more special by its two makes and is a great testament to wonderful friendship - and an example of the peace to the soul that quilting can bring.


  26. Thank you for sharing this Bonnie. Quilters are the most amazing people. My Quilty friends are the best I've got!

  27. This story prompted me to ask about your brother. Have you any update news? Just curious.

  28. Such a lovely letter, and such a lovely statement about how you, Bonnie Hunter, are important in our lives. Quilting has just become part of us. Thank you for sharing this.

  29. Thank you for sharing this story. What a wonderful story of friendship, love and all through this connection we all have with quilting.

  30. This touches me, also... I spend many hours making quilts for friends, and the many hours are spent thinking about those friends, and how they touched my life....Thank you for sharing.


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