Thursday, July 10, 2014

Galaxy-Gram! Trimming time!

Melissa, Scott and Kami left this morning on their way back to Texas.

The cabin already feels lonely with its contents down nearly by half.

Sadie is not quite sure what to do with herself!

This afternoon Pam and I headed over to West Jefferson for some shopping and a bit of girl time alone.

There are photos from our antique mall adventures coming in tomorrow morning's blog post, so stay tuned!

I am spending some time at the cutting table trimming down my spider web units. I haven't had a whole lot of time to work on them, but they are coming along and I really like them so far.

I really, really like them!

Just checking in from Buck mountain,


  1. Love the yellow centers :-)

  2. Bonnie, I am going to have to do something! Either stop visiting Quiltville or develop more self-control. I'm already working on Jamestown Landing and Tumalo Trail from the workshops in Bedford. Plus I'm doing the leader/ender challenge (lozenges) and I've still got my Blue Ridge Beauty quilt to be quilted. And now I see these spider webs and I want to start them right now!!! I have the perfect solid yellow for the centers and plenty of scraps. And since I'm definitely not stopping my daily visit at Quiltville and I'm not likely to develop better self-control at this late day, I guess I'm going to have another WIP!!! Oh well, there are worse problems I could have, so I won't complain!!!

  3. Anonymous2:21 PM EDT

    So glad to see "Cheryl in Friendsville"'s posting - I'm with ya, girl. Not about to give up following Bonnie Hunter - but not keeping up with all my BHWIP's! Not really a bad problem to have - still fun!

  4. I so LOVE Spiderweb quilt blocks! Every different colour I see used for kites I think is my favourite. Now it's zingy yellow! Glad you are fitting in a little sewing time amongst all the good family time. I've bought a fitbit and started to use it today. I can see it's going to be as addictive as visiting your blog!

  5. Anonymous3:49 PM EDT

    I love the spiderweb blocks. I see another leader/ender project starting. I'll have to keep myself L/E organized since that will make three going at once. :)

    Enjoy the rest of your family visit.

  6. Looking good! This is going to be a (nother!) great quilt!! : )
    Hey my inlaws are Scott and Melissa too. In Atlanta tho! Lol
    Thanks for the gorgeous pix lately of beautiful Buck Mtn and surroundings...just breathtaking, some of those views. And so verdant! Love

  7. I was thinking I'd make a pink one someday, but now I'm thinking yellow.

  8. I am close to finishing a spider web that has Royal blue stars and blue/green/purple strings....it is just beautiful. when it is quilted I will try to post a pic! Love your blog and your creativity!


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