Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Just Stay Put at the Cabin!


We had rain last night.

Delicious rain that settled the dust, cooled the air, and smelled SO wonderful ---

This is the cloud cover that still remained about 6:15 am as I headed out the door for my morning jaunt.

Oh, I love my morning time….especially in the summer.  In the winter, not so much as it is too dark and too cold to get out, but I will enjoy every early morning I can throughout the summer months.  Relish them.  Slow them down.  Take notice of everything around me, the feel of the breeze, the wild flowers that grow along the side of the road, and even the critters that stop to say good morning, like this little fella:


I had to zoom in on him, but he was sure bright eyed and alert!


Flowers ready to burst forth!

Yesterday was just a day to relax at the cabin.  Everyone was pretty worn out from the hiking we did the day before, so we were content to sit and rock on the front porch.  To read, to stitch, to just BE….


Four Hunter Women on the front porch!

Our only “Must Do” was to head over to Rick & Mona’s for dinner at their cabin about a 5 minute drive away.  Oh Boy!  Sadie got to have a visit with Beanie!  We all got ready, came out to wait for the men folk, and then laughed because we all matched wearing pink…WHAT!??  Too hysterical.

In the front is my niece Melissa, followed by my sis in law Pam, and yes, that is me, still working on that binding  ((2 sides left to go!  Every time I sit to stitch at it I end up feeling tired and go take a nap!)) and beyond me is my great-niece Kami.


It’s been so great having family here!



This is the back side of our friends Rick & Mona Oetting’s cabin….isn't it gorgeous?  What a setting!  they have quickly become such dear friends to us---when I thought we were just getting a cabin in the mountains, I never guessed we would also be getting such great friends in the bargain. 

And Sadie is so happy that we have befriended each other as well.  She’s got BEANIE!  Take a look:

Oh, the exuberance! Oh, the sheer joy of being able to run and play!  I think we can learn a lot from dogs, don’t you?

Today we are sad to see Scott, Melissa and Kami head down the mountain and make their way back toward Texas.  They’ll be stopping in Columbia to visit with our son Jason – cousins must see cousins when cousins are this close by!   We wish them safe travels and will see them over New Years when I teach for Fabric Fanatics back in Plano Texas. 

Myron and Pam are staying until Friday ---and then I have just a few days until friend Mickey Depre comes and Quilt Villa once again becomes a quilter’s paradise where NO BOYS are ALLOWED while we sew our brains out.

I can’t believe it’s Wednesday already!  Have a great one, y’all!

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  1. Loved the video of Beanie and Sadie! Yes, we should take a hint from the dogs and play every day. It is no wonder you have made such good friends with your neighbors because you are a friend to start with. It takes one to be one. I so much enjoy your posts each and every day.

  2. Would love to have somewhere to retreat to like your cabin. Peace away from it all sound idyllic. Enjoy it whist you can, especially with family around.

  3. Nice looking family --- but you know by now... I loved watching Sadie and Beanie. Noticed that Sadie outsmarted Beanie there, but was sweet enough too to let her Beanie Buddy stop for a quick drink!

    Such good times in the mountains. Sure makes you realize how hectic life can get when you finally slow down to realize that!

    Have fun,
    Smiles, JulieinTN

  4. loved the happy dogs video!! so wish there was somewhere i could turn my little wiener dogs lose. i see many dog videos on FB (ALL the TIME), but i could just feel the happiness of these two little pals.

  5. One of the many things I love about you Bonnie is your sunny outlook!

  6. Wonderful to see you relaxing and enjoying mountains and family in yoy magic cabin land.


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