Saturday, July 05, 2014

A North Carolina Mountain Fourth!

Between Wilkesboro and Boone, NC lies the sleepy little town of West Jefferson.

This little mountain town nestled in the Blue Ridge mountains of Western North Carolina is a bustling and hustling place – whoever is on their city planning and city council has worked really hard to make fun public events happen in West Jefferson, and happen often!

Last fall I attended ((on a whim and a chance because I didn’t know about it before hand)) an antiques fair that was very well attended and a lot of fun.

Last night we headed over to West Jefferson with a group of friends for dinner, and found that there was a 4th of July street fair in full swing!


Lots of folks gathered as the evening got busier!


Blue grass music filled the air!


My toes were tapping as I sang along!

The night was unbelievably cool.  If I didn’t know better, I would have guessed I was in Oregon, or Idaho, where temps fall quickly after the sun goes down.  There was blissfully NO HUMIDITY yesterday thanks to the hurricane sucking it all away – and what we were left with was a 4th to remember.  I’m sure many were wishing they had packed a sweater.  I was lucky that I did!


Don’t forget the street vendors!

Homemade ice cream turned by an old tractor engine.  FUN!


Funnel Cakes anyone?

((Notice the sweat shirts and sweaters!?))


It was a good thing I’d already eaten dinner…this could blow my gluten free status!


In front of the Ashe County cheese factory!
Cool enough to need a denim shirt!


Happy 4th, North Carolina!

We didn’t stay for fireworks.  Instead we took a long drive through winding roads, and up onto the Blue Ridge parkway just a bit.  The deer were out here and there, it was the most gorgeous evening.  We got home just as fireworks were starting to go off, their sounds ringing through the crisp mountain air.  It’s a good thing we got home when we did, Sadie was shaking to beat the band.  She HATES gunshots and other loud noises.

But from the front porch we could see fireworks in the sky in the distance.  They were fairly far away, but I’d rather be on my porch watching them that anywhere else in the world.

I’ve been a bit confused on the goings on here.  I thought relatives were arriving TOMORROW.  They are arriving TODAY..which means I need to get this place spiffied up a bit.  I spent yesterday sewing and making a mess ---not that that would surprise anyone, and it felt so good!

Have a great Saturday, everyone!  Don’t forget to stop over at Suzanne’s at http://coloradolady.blogspot.com for Yard Sale Saturday today!

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  1. Sounds like a perfect way to spend the 4th of July. Enjoy your time with family.

  2. I love to see you in the pictures Bonnie. You look like a teenager.

  3. Looks like a wonderful, relaxing day! And BTW, I love your sandals! it was so funny to see them because I saw another person at our 4th of July picnic wearing the same style and wanted to ask her about them, but didn't get a chance. They look so comfortable! Enjoy your company and downtime with your family!

  4. What a great 4th for you. Sadly we also have a furkid that is terrified of the booms and bangs of the fourth, so we stay home and try to comfort her.

  5. What a lovely way to spend the 4th! I'm glad you got to enjoy, and that the weather was cooperative. I blew my gluten free status on a flag-cookie dessert, but I've only been starting gluten free again, so I figure I'm inching closer and closer instead of going cold-tureky :-) Enjoy your time with family.

  6. Beautiful and very fun 4th. Now for cleaning for the relatives' visit, then the joy of sharing memories and fun with loved ones.

  7. Amazing views you have...very jealous!!!

  8. So happy for you Bonnie! I love your posts when they are so relaxed and focusing on your time with family. Nothing like family arriving to get you in gear to spiff up the place! Enjoy your time. Hugs, Allison in Plano, TX

  9. Your 4th of July sounds like my kind of day! I love to go to small festivals like this. You look so good! Enjoy your time with family at the cabin.

  10. Don't you just want to make that quilt on the sign? I love it!! Glad you had a fun, small town fourth...the very best!

  11. The nice thing about your confusion of guests' arrival time is that you really did relax and enjoy your sewing time without the pressure you might have felt about other stuff that needed to get done. I'll bet whatever doesn't get done before they arrive really isn't going to matter at all.

  12. Way to celebrate with your new Town folks! I stayed inside and sewed most of the day too. I sure was fun to do that. Had to take in a little hometown Baseball in the afternoon heat. Got a bit of Vitamin K, lol Too much on my neck and one leg. Note to self: don't cross your legs in the sun at a baseball game and wear a hat.

  13. Next time you are in West Jefferson..visit the Barn Quilt Store around the corner next to the headstone (like in grave yards)place.
    Gotta luv small towns....
    Linda in West Jefferson.....

  14. That's my town, Bonnie! Glad you visited the street fair. I wonder if you saw the Fundraiser Quilt along with the $1.00 chance tickets? If you missed it, you can check it out at ! I hope I run in to one day in Boone or WJ soon.

  15. Oops-the email for ashequilters.org didn't come through....scroll to see the quilt!

  16. We spent the 4th in Mountain View, Arkansas, in the Ozark Mountains and it was cool and glorious here, too! Sitting outside listening to mountain music played by all the locals on the courthouse square.
    Then today I found a Singer PENGUIN walking foot in an antique store here for a "song" !!! I am blessed !


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