Monday, July 07, 2014

Hanging in the Blue Ridge!


Here I am, stretched out, just enjoying the peacefulness of my front porch at the cabin --- I still can’t believe how cool it has been up here this week.  I don’t think temps got out of the 70s yesterday.

I’m just back from my walk ---and temps outside have climbed to 72, and I think the heat will soon be enveloping us again, but I’m glad that visiting family has had a chance to enjoy our spot in the mountains when the weather really was truly blissful.

A few photos were taken to capture our day:


Sadie and my sis in law, Pam!

We were watching Father of the Bride I & II with Steve Martin – what a crack up.  The guys were out exploring on four wheelers so we felt free to put on whatever chick flicks we wanted!  ((Yes, and nap when we wanted too!))


Rocking on the porch and binding a quilt!


Sadie at my feet, soaking up the last of the afternoon rays.


Family game of Farkle after dinner ---


Watching the sunset at the end of the day!

Don’t forget that this afternoon at 4pm Eastern  I’ll be on Pat Sloan’s American Patchwork & Quilting radio show!  It starts at 4pm on Monday, July 7th.  You can listen live HERE!  If you miss it live, it will be in the archives on Pat Sloan’s site HERE
And the family week at Quilt Villa continues!

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  1. This area is so beautiful! I've been in the area for three weeks...the whole area is beautiful! Very different than Perth, Western Australia!

  2. I too love living near the Blue Ridge and feel so very blessed that I have the mountains and valleys in my back yard and the ocean within a short driving distance. Who could ask for more? Have a great week with family and hopes that this wonderful weather lasts for a little while longer...
    Gail in Verona

  3. Dee Baylis8:26 AM EDT

    Looks amazing.. my daughter and I are just back from our morning walk, have to be out and walking before 7 to get the good temps here, otherwise it's in the 90's before you know it. Love the quilt and the family pics, thank you for always making us feel like we are part of the family too. Have a great week!

  4. Lorna in Mn8:56 AM EDT

    Looks like you know how to make the most of some time off work-continue to enjoy and keep pic coming. The area looks beautiful, never been there.

  5. Beautiful. What's the thing that looks like lipstick next to the thread and thimble?

  6. Don't you just love her girl Sadie!? Mercy how much I love dogs...especially large ones and like the relax!

    Looks like everyone is hav ng a grand old time at the cabin....good for you all!

    Smiles, JulieinTN

  7. Everyone in the sunshine, enjoy! My area of the USA (SE AK) is getting yet another day of rain with the temps in the upper 50s to low 60s. We're still waiting for summer to arrive.

  8. Bonnie, so glad you all are having a great vacation with DH's family. Have to admit I love to play FARKLE -- so many laughs and the young one's can join in.

  9. I tries to find your Podcast with Pat Sloan. Clicked on the link on your post and got to Pat Sloan's site. Unfortunately I couldn't find your show. Tried to follow the instructions on Oat's site but it didn't work out! Disappointing.

  10. What a fun and relaxing day! Your pictures just make me smile - glad you are having fun family time!


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