Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Pixelation Elation!

If you missed Quilt-Cam last night, you  missed a fun one!

I have loved getting to know many of the quilters who sew along with me through their comments and emails, through photos and stories shared.

Some stories are bright and funny and make me laugh.

Some catch me off guard and we are faced with life’s difficult realities.

I have seen both women and men who have been blind-sided for lack of a better term by things we all wish we could avoid, things that no parent should ever have to go through – like the loss of a beloved child.

Whether that child is lost as a stillborn, or in infancy, or fully grown – the pain is insurmountable, or so it seems – but as quilters…we keep on quilting on.  It provides a healing outlet and gives us a place to focus our thoughts.


What you see here is a very special quilt made from a photograph, blown up and pixelated by computer ---a photograph of the son of one such quilter, a son who left this life far too early.

Jo has been working on this quilt for quite some time, with over 4,500 1/2 inch squares in a variety of neutral tones….

As a mother who has also buried a child, I can only imagine how her heart felt, and perhaps healed just a bit, while working on this  piece.


Squint.  Can you see the eyes, brows and nose taking shape?


Can you see him now?


Jo’s son, just a few months before his passing.

If you wish to read more about Jo’s process of making this quilt…visit her blog post HERE.  Be sure to follow the text – there are many other “before and during” links at the bottom of the post that will show you her process from start to finish…maybe even follow them in backwards order so you can see it come together from the beginning.

Thank you Jo!  Thank you for sharing your time with me on Quilt-Cam, and for sharing your story of your son and the making of this special quilt with me through email, and allowing me to share your story with my readers.

Heartfelt hugs of understanding ---

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  1. I've got tears in my eyes and a cyber hug for Jo after reading this. What an awesome tribute to her son!

  2. Thankyou Bonnie. It is a very special quilt for me and yes a difficult time. I really enjoyed making this project. I love quilt cam and your blog. I hope to meet up with you when you come to Australia. You can see it in person then...
    Thanks Myrna

  3. an unbelievable labor of love.....thank you for sharing.

  4. sandra email is sandy7827@aol.com8:11 PM EDT

    Thanks for posting this, I also lost my son on June 7, 2014. Since I'm a gardener I plan a memorial garden and maybe a quilt when winter get here for my son.
    My prays go out to anyone that is going though this.

    thanks Bonnie.

  5. Heartbreaking.
    I am always amazed at the strength of the loving heart faced with such unthinkable pain.
    I hope I never have to walk in your shoes.
    May God grant all of you mothers who have lost a child some peace.

  6. Luckily I have not lost a child but did loose a sister at a very young age of six. It was many years ago but it will always be fresh in my memory so I can relate in a way to Jo and feel for her. I also wanted to cry for her and my first reaction when I saw the picture of her handsome son was WOW!!! Fantastic job goes out to her with heartfelt wishes. What a terrific memory she has made.

  7. That is absolutely beautiful. What a wonderful way to remember a special son. I bet every moment in making it was filled with thinking about him. Very special.

  8. glenys azzopardi5:02 AM EDT

    Hi Jo you have done such an amazing job. So sad for you and the family, so special is your work. The love you have for your son John, so very special. Keep up the great work you are doing. Love you heaps. Glenys and the Wednesday craft ladies. In Australia. xxxxxxxxxxx and yes tears proud tears xx

  9. Anonymous7:10 AM EDT

    Your Pixelation piece is amazing, I hope all of ours turns out to be as good as yours. It's a wonderful tribute to John, one that will give you so many great memories of your much loved son. Jo has finished this piece in 3 weeks, we only commenced the Workshop on 25th June, 2014. Well done Jo, I hope to have mine finished before next Wed. See you then love Christine xxxxxxx

  10. What a wonderful tribute to your son, Jo


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